GRO Records for England and Wales

The UK General Register Office (GRO) is part of Her Majesty's Passport Office and oversees civil registration in England and Wales. The Office maintains the national archive of all Births, Marriages and Deaths dating back to 1837.

Births, Marriages and Deaths from July 1837:

A large number of transcriptions of Lovelock Birth, Marriage and Death events registered with the GRO were provided in the very early days of this website by Malcolm Lovelock and Robert Sterry. The database which was constructed at the time also included information provided by Gwen Eastment, John Dixon, and Alison Turner. However, not all Lovelock events available at the time were extracted, and although every effort was made to avoid errors, complete accuracy could not be guaranteed in the transcription of such a large number of extracts from films, some of which were in poor condition.

The records were made available as an Access Database, an Excel spreadsheet (with separate worksheets for births, marriages and deaths) and in HTML format as separate pages for births, marriages and deaths.

Since those early days all of the records that were extracted have been duplicated on the Free BMD website, and in recent years the advent of the GRO Online Indices of Births and Deaths has provided yet another easily consultable resource for those two categories. We have taken the opportunities now presented to effect some automated extraction of Birth, Marriage and Death records which will have eliminated the majority of the errors and uncertainties resulting from the early use of the films, and to present them as Excel spreadsheets for downloading with separate worksheets for each decade from the 1830s to the 1980s:

GRO Lovelock Births
Using the GRO Online Index means that mothers' maiden names are usually now available for the years before Jul-Sep 1911. Where the 'Mother's Maiden Name' column in the spreadsheet is completely blank this indicates that the entry is not included in the GRO Online Birth Index. Where the column includes '-' this indicates that although the entry is included in the GRO Online Birth Index the mother's name is not quoted. This MAY indicate an illegitimate birth, but may also be an error in the GRO Index.

GRO Lovelock Deaths
The GRO Online Index provides ages at death for the years before 1866 which were not previously available. The Index also provides full Given Names for Deaths up to 1957, which is not the case with the Free BMD Index.

GRO Lovelock Marriages
The spreadsheet provides details of Lovelock marriages from the Free BMD transcriptions up to 1983. There are later records on Ancestry and Findmypast, but extraction of those details is not susceptible to an automated approach, so they remain available through the links below.

In addition we have extracted Birth, Marriage and Death records for the major variant surname LOVELUCK. These are also presented as Excel spreadsheets for downloading:

GRO Loveluck Births
There are three worksheets covering the years 1837-1899, 1900-1983 and 1984-2007.

GRO Loveluck Marriages
There are also three worksheets of Marriages, again covering the years 1837-1899, 1900-1983 and 1984-2007.

GRO Loveluck Deaths
As for Births and Marriages there are three worksheets, once again covering the years 1837-1899, 1900-1983 and 1984-2007.

Post-1983 Records:

Transcriptions from the data at the, or The websites have been undertaken by Sue Lovelock and others of all available Lovelock and Loveluck entries from 1984 to 2007. The transcriptions are accessible through the links in the table below. Once again every effort has been made to avoid errors but complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed when transcribing such a large number of entries. Each link will take you to other tables containing the Birth, Marriage and Death data (as at 1 Sep 2018) for the particular year listed in the table. Births are recorded in alphabetical order of the first names of the individuals; Marriages are recorded in month order, and alphabetically within each month according to the first names of the Lovelock spouse; Deaths are recorded in month order, and alphabetically within each month according to the first names of the individual. Loveluck entries in all cases follow the Lovelock entries and the individuals' names are in bold.

Births, Marriages and Deaths 1984 - 2007:


Births 2007 - 2019:

The UK General Record Office has added information on Births from 2007 to the third quarter of 2019 to their Online Index. The data from each year is accessible through the links in the table below.The Birth entries are recorded in alphhabetical order of the first names of the individuals within each quarter.


Deaths 2007 - 2018:

The records of Deaths from 2007 to 2018 presently available on the above websites are probably far from complete. However the data that was available from or at 23 Oct 2019 was transcribed and may be accessed here: Lovelock and Loveluck Deaths from 2007 - 2018 (Note that there are only two Loveluck deaths recorded as at 23 Oct 2019). Where the deceased left a Will there is a link to our page of extractions from the UK Find a Will website.

Deaths 2007 - 2019 (GRO Online):

In November 2019 the UK General Record Office added information on deaths up to a point in that year to their Online Index of Deaths. This is differently detailed to the information referred to in the previous paragraph so all of those entries are duplicated to ensure as complete a picture as possible. This additional data may be accessed here: Additional General Record Office data for deaths in 2007-2019

Online Sources:

FreeBMD: To quote from the FreeBMD Web site: "FreeBMD is an ongoing project, the aim of which is to transcribe the Civil Registration index of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales, and to provide free Internet access to the transcribed records." Since the records referred to at the head of this section that Malcolm and Robert extracted were compiled the amount of data available on the FreeBMD Web site has increased enormously, and is continually evolving. In addition, a large number of digital images of the GRO indexes are available on the Free BMD site.

Currently, Free BMD record coverage is incomplete in only a very few places from 1975 onwards, images and data for most births, marriages and deaths being available up to Oct-Dec 1983 (Free BMD's original planned end-date). From 1984 to 1992 (their revised end-date) there are:

46 Lovelock birth entries in 1984, 41 in 1985, 39 in 1986, 36 in 1988 and 42 in 1989
33 Lovelock marriage entries in 1984, 40 in 1985, 38 in 1986, 36 in 1987 and 30 in 1988
30 Lovelock death entries in 1984, 35 in 1985 and 31 in 1988
as well as:
one Loveluck birth entry in 1984, one in 1985, two in 1988 and four in 1989
one Loveluck marriage entry in each of 1984 and 1985, three in 1986 and two in each of 1987 and 1988
two Loveluck death entries in 1985 and one in 1988
but no other data as at 22 March 2021.

Others: Indexes of GRO records for various periods are also available on the Ancestry subscription web site, on the familyrelatives pay-per-view site, or on the Findmypast website on either a subscription or pay-per-view basis.