Lovelocks among the Civilian Dead of World War 2

The following are listed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as Civilian casualties of enemy action in World War 2.

Name Date of death
Place of death
Estimated Birth Year Next of Kin named in the Record

David John Lovelock 15 Oct 1940
Morley College, Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth, London

abt 1891 Wife, S Lovelock of 40 Colwyn House, Cosser Street
Henry James Lovelock 22 Oct 1940
Whiteley's Stores, Queensway, London

abt 1886
Wife, E S Lovelock of 21 Cambridge Gardens, North Kensington, London
Herbert Harry Lovelock 6 Oct 1944
Hurstwood Park War Emergency Hospital, Haywards Heath, Sussex

abt 1913
None named; home address 22 Chatsworth Way, West Norwood, Surrey
Kenneth George William Lovelock 23 Jan 1947
27 Featherbed Lane, Addington, Surrey

abt 1913
Wife H Lovelock of 27 Featherbed Lane, Addington, Surrey
Reginald Russell Lovelock 11 Mar 1941
'SS Southgate' at sea

abt 1889
Wife Meda Lovelock of 17 Treeside Road, Southampton, Hampshire PT
Celia Louise Capon
20 Jan 1943
270 Sangley Road, Lewisham, London abt 1908
Husband Henry Arthur Capon, mother Louise Lovelock, both of 270 Sangley Road, Lewisham, London, daughter of the late Stephen Arthur Lovelock
Jenny Kirby
14 Mar 1944
37 Benwell Road, Islington, London

abt 1874
Husband William Hansel Kirby of 37 Benwell Road, Islington, London, daughter of the late Charles and Jane Lovelock
Nellie Scudder
17 Apr 1941
32 Oakley Square, Mornington Crescent, St Pancras, London
abt 1896
Husband Albert Victor Robinson Scudder of 32 Oakley Square, Mornington Crescent, St Pancras, London, daughter of Mary Ellen Spicer Lovelock of Newton Hall, Main Road, Ashingdon, Rochford, Essex and of the late George James Spicer Lovelock
* Legend :

H-S = Hungerford Shalbourne Tree
L-D = Luckington-Dowdeswell Tree
PT = Portsmouth Tree
To = Tonbridge Tree
W = Wallingford Line
WR = Wootton Rivers Tree