Lovelocks who were Chelsea Pensioners

Date of Birth**
Date of Enlistment
Date of Discharge
Medical Report if reason for Discharge
Lovelock Family Tree
Benjamin Lovelock
Sparsholt, Berkshire
11 October 1843
20 October 1862
Service in India, including the capture of Mooltan, the Battle of Goojerat, and during the Indian Mutiny. Included in the Indian Mutiny Medal Roll (British Forces) 1857-1859.*

Worn out by long service in a tropical climate, affection of the Liver.
Transcription data at Findmypast says Benjamin was invalided to England on 5 Apr 1858.

Charles Lovelock
March 1819
St Chisel, Winchester, Hants
15 February 1836
9 June 1845
Trade - Tailor; enlisted for a bounty of 3 (worth 370 in 2020)

Scrofulous ulcer on the neck.

Charles Lovelock October1861
Northampton, Northants
15 January 1881

19 January 1893

11 January 1893

22 January 1897
Next of kin listed:
Grandparents Thomas and Ann Burton
Uncles - George, John, William and Thomas Burton
Aunts - Ann Comberpatch, Bessie Goodman, and Georgina Burton.

Charles Lovelock

(same man as above)
Blackheath, Middlesex
27 January 1900
16 February 1901
Discharged in consequence of his own request, his services not being further required.
Received the sum of 5 as South African War Gratuity.
Next of kin listed: wife Ellen Jane of 31 Whitworth Rd, Northampton, and Gwendoline Violet of the same address.

Charles Lovelock

(actually Alfred Charles)
June 1874
Shinfield, Reading, Berks
9 December 1892
28 September 1893
Trade - Dairyman
Discharged on payment of 18.
Next of kin listed: Parents - James and Jane, Brothers - Fred and Harry, and sister Emma, Perdu Farm, Mortimer, Nr Reading

Charles Lovelock 1834
Great Bedwyn, Wilts
26 March 1855
29 August 1876
Service in China, Mauritius and India.
15 entries in the Regimental Defaulters Book, 2 of which resulted in Courts Martial.
In possession of 4 good conduct badges, and the China medal with Canton clasp.

Charles Lovelock July 1879
St Marys, Reading, Berks
28 September 1897
29 September 1911
Reached the rank of Colour Sergeant.
Exemplary conduct: no entries in the whole of fourteen years.
Queens S A medal and 5 clasps - present at the Relief of Ladysmith.
Kings S A Medal and 2 clasps
Received 12 War gratuity.
Service in South Africa (twice) and East Indies.
Next of kin listed: parents Henry and Sophia, brothers William, Henry, James, Edward, Francis and Frederick at 111 Elm Park Rd, Reading (entry crossed through and a note 'wife with husband' added).
Married Annie Elizabeth Gregory at Aldershot 2 September 1905, Albert Lovelock and Mable Gregory being witnesses.
Children Kathleen Winifred (born 29 May 1906 at Ranikhet, baptised 20 June 1906 at Ranikhet), Henry Charles Gregory (born 24 February 1908 at Bareilly, baptised 22 March 1908 at Bareilly, died 24 October 1908) and Arthur Frederick (born 16 November 1909 at Port Blair, baptised 5 December 1909 at Port Blair).

Charles Frederick Lovelock
September 1879
Grafton, Wilts
5 February 1898
5 March 1912
Reached the rank of Lance Sergeant.
Service in India and South Africa.
His mother, unnamed, was listed as next of kin , at 4 Stone Bridge Lane, St Martins, Marlborough.
Apparently given permission to remain in South Africa upon discharge.

Daniel Lovelock April 1862
Winterbourne Bassett, Wilts
10 November 1880
19 June 1899
Reached the rank of Colour Sergeant.
Service in South Africa and India.
Next of kin listed: Parents - George and Mary, Brother George.
Married Elizabeth Sprules at Winterbourne Bassett 17 March 1894, witnessed by J E Camille and E Lovelock.

Daniel Englefield Lovelock
July 1879
Lambeth, Surrey
13 September 1897
12 September 1909
In possession of 2 good conduct badges.
Service in Malta and East Indies.
Next of kin listed: mother Louisa at 37 Dawlish St, Lambeth.
[At 37 Dawlish St, Lambeth in 1911 Census]

David Lovelock 1849 Hurstbourne, Andover, Hants
27 May 1867
11 February 1869

Hypertrophia Cordex (?)

Edward Lovelock 1820
St Anne, London, Middx
17 January 1840
26 April 1861
After reaching the rank of Sergeant was tried by Court Martial in 1848 and convicted of Disgraceful Conduct and reduced to Private. Eventually reached the rank of Sergeant Major.
Service in the East Indies (India).

Edward Lovelock 1873
Greyfriars, Reading, Berks
3 March 1892
10 July 1894
Invalided back from service in India.
Next of kin listed:
Parents - Henry and Sophia
Brother - William
Sister - Mary, all of 20 Bridge Street, Reading

V.D.H (Mitral Regurgitant)

Edward Lovelock November 1878
Lyneham, Wilts
19 January 1899
12 December 1903
Tried and convicted by Court Martial for Drunkenness on Duty.
Service in South Africa.
South Africa Medal with 2 clasps.
Next of kin listed: father William at Lyneham, Wilts.

Edwin Charles Lovelock 1852
Whitechapel, Middx
6 August 1870
23 August 1881
Service in Zululand. Received gunshot wounds in the forearm, arm and abdomen at the Battle of the Ngogo.
Effect of wounds permanent and will probably prevent working as a labourer.

Edwin James Lovelock December 1862
St Giles, Reading, Berks
21 March 1882
19 March 1894
Trade - Brickmaker.
Service in Gibraltar.
Next of kin: Father - James of Laddondown, Callow, Berks

Ernest William Lovelock
May 1882
Lyneham, Wilts 23 January 1901
22 January 1913
Next of kin listed: father Thomas, brothers George, Thomas, Charles and John at Lyneham, Wilts.

Fred Lovelock
November 1872
Basingstoke, Hants
13 April 1892
11 April 1904
Service in South Africa.
Queens S A medal and clasps.
Kings S A Medal and clasps.
Next of kin listed: mother Maria, brothers William and Henry, sisters Maggie, Ada and Nellie, at Basingstoke.

Fredrick Lovelock 1853
Winnall, Winchester, Hants
19 August 1870 26 March 1881
Service in Malta.
Brights Disease

George Lovelock June 1809
St Bartholomew Hyde, Winchester, Hants
14 January 1825
6 April 1857
Reached the rank of Sergeant.
Service in Canada.
Tried and convicted three times by Courts Martial, for absence without leave, desertion, and desertion and disgraceful conduct.

Impaired constitution from age and service.

George Lovelock 1824
St Cross, Winchester, Hants
21 December 1842
22 May 1865
Service in the Ionian Islands, Malta, Jamaica, North America, Greece, and the Crimea.
In possession of 4 good conduct badges, 7 times recorded in the Regimental Defaulters Book.

George Lovelock June 1847
Chersley, Staines, Middx
8 December 1866
14 April 1885
Service in India.
Next of kin: Mother - Maria in Richmond, Surrey (crossed out), Aunt - Marie Humphreys.
Pension of one shilling and one penny per diem.

Palpitations, probably aggravated by long service.

George Lovelock August 1863
Chonell (?), Wootton Bassett, Wilts
30 June 1881
26 October 1894
Court martialled for 2 days' desertion.
Service in East India.
Next of kin: Father - George, Brother - Daniel
Married Mary Ann (sic) Davis at Broad Hinton on 21 December 1889

George Lovelock December 1873
Kensington, Middx
22 November 1892
13 January 1899
Address: 4 Childs Place, Earls Court Road
Trade - Butcher
Court martialled for 2 months' desertion.
Service in Gibraltar and South Africa.
Next of kin: Brother - William, like George in the Middlesex Regiment

George Albert Lovelock
Aug 1882
Tottenham, Middx
14 March 1910
2 June 1913
Next of kin: Gerald Palmer Lovelock at 16 Loxwood Rd, Tottenham.

George Allan Lovelock March 1882
St Maurice, Winchester, Hants
16 March 1901
6 June 1901
Discharged in consequence of his not being likely to become an efficient soldier.
Next of kin: father -Thomas, brother - William at 15 Elm Rd, Fulflood, Winchester, and brother - Thomas, like George in the Rifle Brigade.

George Henry Lovelock
March 1879
Bermondsey, Surrey
24 June 1899
16 August 1911
Service in South Africa and India.
South Africa 1899 Medal with clasps.
Kings Medal and clasps.
Next of kin: father - Edward at 198 St James Rd, Bermondsey.

Henry Lovelock October 1839
Marlborough, Wilts
8 January 1858
28 September 1861
1 entry in the Regimental Defaulters Book, in possession of 1 good conduct badge.
Chronic Bronchitis, probably due to constitutional predisposition, not aggravated by vice or intemperance.

Henry Lovelock April 1868
Islington, Middx
23 February 1887
22 February 1899
Reached rank of Corporal.
In possession of 2 good conduct badges.
Service in India.
Next of kin : Mother - Fanny Davis at 94 Gifford Street, Islington

Henry Lovelock December 1858
Hartley Row, Odiham, Hants
7 December 1876
6 December 1888
Trade - Bricklayer
Service in Malta and India.
Next of kin: Father - Richard of Hartley Row, Hants
Married Martha Simpson at Basingstoke on 3 November 1885

Henry Lovelock
Clerkenwell, Middx
9 May 1876
10 January 1882
Trade - Carman
Conduct: Bad - Insubordination
17 entries in the Regimental Defaulters Book, 3 of which resulted in Courts Martial.
Wounded at Ingogo, Transvaal.

Gunshot wound leading to amputation of upper third of left thigh.

Henry Lovelock
September 1870
Winterbourne Bassett, Wilts
17 November 1888
22 January 1902
Service in India and South Africa.
Received 6 5s War Gratuity and 20 Gratuity for Distinguished Conduct in the Field.
Mentioned in despatch dated 2 April 1901 for special and meritorious service in South Africa.
Distinguished Conduct Medal 29 November 1900
Next of kin listed: father George and mother Mary, brothers Daniel and George, sisters Annie, Jane, Fanny, Emily, Sarah and Eliza at Winterbourne Bassett.

Henry James Lovelock March 1873
Wootton Rivers, Wilts
4 April 1891
8 April 1891
Next of kin: Mother - Charlotte Bishop of Axford, Nr Marlborough, Wilts, Brother Thomas Lovelock of Wootton Rivers, Wilts.
Unfit due to small chest measurement (31 inches)

James Lovelock 1827
Nango, Africa
[now in Senegal]
24 April 1845
23 February 1857
Service in Africa and the West Indies.
Hair black and woolly, complexion black.

Worn out, old age, appears 30 years older than age. Feeble on his limbs.

John Lovelock 1770 Sparsholt, Winchester, Hants 3 September 1794

24 October 1816 Reached rank of Colour Sergeant.

John Lovelock April 1865
Kingsland, Shoreditch, Middx
15 July 1885
28 February 1899
Trade - Plasterer
'Stoppages of Pte Lovelock to be made payable to Mrs Louisa Lovelock (nee Hopkins), c/o Mrs C Phillips, 6 Lascelles Road, Cathall Road, Leytonstone, Essex'
Court martialled for 15 months' desertion.
Service in Gibraltar, Malta and India.
Next of kin: Father - William Lovelock at 2 Fords Park, Canning Town, Essex

John Lovelock Nov 1869
St Georges E, Middx
12 November 1890
7 November 1902

Service in Malta and India.

John William Lovelock
April 1874
West Ham, Essex
25 August 1892
24 August 1904
Trade - Bricklayer
Service in Malta, Gibraltar and Egypt.
Next of kin: mother - Caroline Phillips at 2 Eagle Terrace, Norman Rd, Leytonstone, Essex. Brother Stephen and sister Caroline.

Joseph Lovelock
September 1879
Willesden, Middx
31 December 1897
15 August 1902
Trade - Greengrocer
Service in Gibraltar and Malta.
Discharged as being incorrigible and worthless.
Next of kin: mother - Hannah at 138 Carlton Vale, London (had been at 3 Bowyer Rd, Fulham).

Samuel Lovelock November 1864
Challow, Wantage, Berks
24 February 1886
23 February 1898
Service in Malta, Bermuda, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Next of kin: Father - James at Latten Down Brick Kiln, Wantage, Berks

Thomas Lovelock 1809
Easton, Wilts
8 June 1825
31 Dec 1841
Service in the West Indies, Bermuda, and North America.
Court martialled for an unspecified offence, reduced from Corporal to Private.

Chronic Catarrh and deafness, not aggravated by vice or misconduct.

Thomas Lovelock 1830
Appleshaw, Hants
15 October 1857
30 July 1860
Father - George of Appleshaw, Sister - Elizabeth at 4 Sussex Place, Southsea, Portsmouth
Suffering from mental imbecility which first became apparent to his comrades in February 1860 on his return from Darjeeling where he had been invalided for an ulcer on the leg. While on the march down he was said to have suffered from sun-stroke.

Thomas Lovelock October 1875
Camberwell, Surrey
25 June 1894
6 August 1896
Trade - Wheelwright
Discharged on payment of 18 under para 1142 R.W. for Pay 1896
Next of kin: Parents - Thomas and Charlotte of Longland Parade, New Eltham

Thomas Lovelock Oct 1837

20 September 1860
21 March 1882
Trade - Groom
In possession of 5 good conduct badges
2 entries in the Regimental Defaulters Book, once for sleeping on post, both resulting in a Court Martial.
Service in the East Indies.
Next of kin: Sisters - Catherine and Ann
Married Sarah Gould in Camden Town, Middx on 15 August 1876

Thomas Lovelock
May 1881
Weeke, Winchester, Hants
1 January 1900
31 December 1911
Service in South Africa, Egypt and India.
Queen's South Africa medal with 2 clasps.
Next of kin: Father - Thomas at 15 Elm Road, Fullflood, Winchester.

Thomas Robert Lovelock March 1862
Bermondsey, Surrey
20 February 1882
19 February 1894
Trade - Carpenter
Reached the rank of Sergeant, reduced to Corporal on conviction at Court Martial of being drunk on duty, re-attained rank of Sergeant, reduced to the ranks on conviction at Court Martial of drunkenness on duty.
Service in Gibraltar and the East Indies.
Next of kin: Parents - Robert Thomas and Mary, Brother George all of 32 Neckinger Street, Bermondsey, Surrey

Walter Frederick Lovelock
February 1866
Bermondsey, Surrey
15 April 1885
17 April 1902
Service in the Mediterranean (twice), Egypt (twice), and South Africa.
Next of kin: Mother - Mary Lovelock at 3 Neckinger Street, Bermondsey; Brothers - Thomas, George, Francis, Charles and Arthur; Sisters - Alice, Annie and Letitia.
Entitled to the Queen's South Africa medal with 5 clasps - present at the relief of Ladysmith.
Awarded the King's South Africa medal with 2 clasps.
Was apparently married, but no details given.

William Lovelock 1782
Ramsbury, Wilts
18 April 1805 24 April 1820
Apparently discharged on St Helena, so was there whilst Napoleon was in exile.

Chronic rheumatism

William Lovelock March 1858
St Pancras, Middx
19 September 1879
14 September 1891
Trade - Brass finisher and gas fitter
Service in the Mediterranean and Egypt.
Next of kin: Father - J Lovelock of 15 Belmont Street, Chalk Farm, Haverstock Hill

William Lovelock March 1860
Hook, Basingstoke, Hants
9 January 1878
16 March 1880
Trade - Brickmaker
Service in South Africa.
In possession of 1 good conduct badge.


William Lovelock August or October 1862
Colchester, Essex
16 December 1881
15 December 1893
Trade - Carter
Apparent age on enlistment only 18 years, but 37 years 4 or 6 months on 23 April 1900.
Died 20 October 1900.
Wife Elizabeth of 25 Andover Road, Winchester, Hants
Court martialled for striking his superior officer being in the execution of his office.
Service in India and Burma.
Next of kin: Mother - Anne Lovelock of Winchester.

William Lovelock December 1864
Tovil, Maidstone, Kent

20 March 1900
19 March 1901
Trade - Plumber

William Lovelock February 1865
Stoke Newington, Middx
28 January 1884
25 January 1896
Court martialled for an absence of 4 days.
Service in East India and Burma.
Next of kin: Parents - Thomas and Emma Lovelock of 76 Tewkesbury Road, Seven Sisters Road, Stamford Hill, London, Brothers - Thomas (older), John, Henry and George (all younger), Sisters - Mary, Anne, Caroline, Emma and Eliza

William Lovelock February 1867
Islington, Middx
8 February 1886

24 April 1900
31 January 1898

23 April 1901
Service in India - NW Frontier
Frontier medal with 2 clasps.
Next of kin: Mother - Fanny Lovelock of 94 Giffard Street, Islington
Next of kin: Wife - Mrs W Lovelock at 6 Hermes Street, Pentonville.

William Lovelock December 1867
Peckham, London 13 September 1900 21 December 1908
Musician - employed in the band during the whole of his service.
In possession of 4 good conduct badges.
India medal of 1854 with clasp for Hazara 1888.
Another preceding period of 12 years service undated.
Died on 24 Oct 1951 at 52 Sandgate High Street, Folkestone as a Retired Above-ground Coal Miner.

William Lovelock January 1872
Hemel Hempstead, Herts
8 July 1891
5 July 1912
Trade - Carpenter
Attained the rank of Staff Sergeant.
Service in Egypt, South Africa (twice), Somaliland and Mauritius.
Queen's South Africa medal with 2 clasps.
African General Service medal with clasp for Somaliland.
Received 4 16s War Gratuity for Somaliland and 15 War Gratuity for South Africa.
Next of kin: Father - Thomas at 30 Herbert Street, Hemel Hempstead.
Awarded a pension of 30 pence per diem for life.

William Lovelock
April 1875
Hurstbourne, Andover, Hants
29 March 1898
28 March 1910
Service in the East Indies, Aden and Somaliland.
African General Service medal with 2 clasps.
Next of kin: Father - John at The Firs, Ball Hill, East Woodhay, Newbury.

William George Lovelock
October 1884
Islington, Middx
7 August 1902
25 November 1902
Next of kin: Father - George at 22e Beaconsfield Buildings, St Pancras.

William Henry Lovelock August 1868
Denmark, Diss, Norfolk
31 August 1886
30 August 1898
Service in Gibraltar and the East Indies.
Next of kin: Mother - Sarah-Ann at Thorpe, Norwich, Norfolk

William Henry Lovelock June 1868
St Pancras, Middx
8 July 1886
5 March 1894
Court martialled October 1889 for desertion when under orders for foreign service. December 1889 declared illegally absent and struck off strength. In custody of civilian police December 1889 for assaults. Court martialled February 1890 for desertion and striking his superior officer. Appointed Lance Corporal February 1891, awarded good conduct pay February 1892, promoted to Corporal January 1893.
Service in East India.
Next of kin: Father - Edward John, Mother - Mary Ann at 54 Charlton Street, Euston Road; Brothers - Edward John and Alfred Robert (older), Frederick James, Augustus Charles, Walter Richard and Francis Ernest (younger); Sister - (older) [not named] at 20 Cleveland Street, Euston Road.

William Henry Lovelock July 1872
Stepney, Middx
30 December 1891
28 August 1896
Service in East India and Hong Kong.
Next of kin: Father - George Lovelock of 1 Liddia Street, Whitehorse Lane, Stepney, London

Dysentery, not aggravated by vice or intemperance.
William Henry Lovelock June 1872
Bushton, Wootton Bassett, Wilts
8 April 1892
24 November 1892
Next of kin: Richard Lovelock, Mother - Eliza Lovelock, Brothers - John, Charles, Albert, Tom, Fred and Arthur, Sisters - Annie and Fanny.


* Also included in the Indian Mutiny Medal Roll (British Forces) 1857-1859, were an Alfred Lovelock, a James Lovelock and a Thomas Lovelock. (Source: The Families in British India website at Transcription data at Findmypast indicates that Alfred, a member of the 6th Dragoon Guards (Carabineers), died of Cholera at Delhi on 4 Aug 1857. The same source records that James received a Slight Wound at Lucknow on 10 March 1858, and that Thomas was a member of 37th Foot (North Hampshire) regiment. The latter two seem not to have survived to become Chelsea Pensioners.

** Based on the age declared at Enlistment

Key for Tree Abbreviations

Be        = Beckenham
C         = Compton
F         = Farnham, Surrey
Fr        = Froyle
HtoH    = Hampshire Suffolk Rutland Herefordshire (aka Hampshire to Herefordshire)
Is        = Islington
L         = Lieflock
Ly        = Lyneham
L-Aus    = Lambeth and Australia
L-S       = Lambourne-Sparsholt

RCD      = Ropley, Crondall, Dogmersfield (Hants)
Step     = Stepney
StP2     = Second St Pancras
StP-M   = St Pancras Main
To       = Tonbridge, Kent
TT       = Tangley (formerly the Hampshire Lovelock Line)
W        = Wallingford (formerly the Berkshire Lovelock Line, or Gwen Eastment Lovelock Line)
WR2     = Wootton Rivers Tree 2