Marriages and Deaths in British Columbia

The information provided below may very well not be the complete Lovelock record for British Columbia.

Subscription websites, such as Ancestry, findmypast, and The Genealogist, may add British Columbia information to their collections from time to time.


FamilySearch website has:

(Ly)1910 Oct 29 Frederick Charles Moore, 28, born Newport, England, bachelor, and Beatrice Lovelock, 25, born Swindon, England, spinster, parents James Christmas and Florence Emily Moore, and David and Susie Lovelock

(RCD)1919 Jul 24 William Lovelock, 56, born England, widower, and Alice Caroline Nuttley, 41, born England, spinster, parents William Lovelock and Elizabeth Dear, and James Nuttley and Elizabeth Dobson

FamilySearch website has:

(W)1912 Dec 5 Archie Alexander Evans, 31, born Wiltshire, England, bachelor, and Elsie Lovelock, 24, born Berkshire, England, spinster, parents George Evans and Rosella Harvey, and William Lovelock and Caroline Blake

1923 Sep 7 Sidney Jennings, 21, born Kendall, England, bachelor, and Irene Mae (sic) Lovelock, 19, born Sudbury, England, spinster, parents John Jennings and Jane Badley, and William Lovelock and Alice Nutley

(C)1927 Jul 6 Martine William Gehrke, 21, born Jasper, Alberta, bachelor, and Helene Maude Lovelock, 21, born Independence, Alberta, parents William Gehrke and Almedia Radel, and Thomas Bank (sic) Lovelock and Esther Jane Green


100 Mile House
FamilySearch website has:

1979 May 3 Jack Lovelock Evans, aged 62, born 23 Mar 1917 in Vancouver, parents Archibald Evans and Elsie Lovelock, wife Marrion Elizabeth Knox

Royal BC Museum website has:

1990 Mar 3 Mary Clementine Lovelock, aged 96 website has:

1972  Corine Lovelock (a baby)

FamilySearch website has:

1941 Feb 12 Priscilla Smelt, aged 82, widowed, born 20 Sep 1858 in England, parents Robert Piper and Sarah Lovelock, husband William Smelt

FamilySearch website has:

1959 Nov 6  May Tocknell, aged 77, widowed, born 31 May 1882 in Yorkshire, England, parents William Foster and Martha Lovelock, husband Charles William Alfred Tocknell
1967 Jan 28 Dorothy Lovelock, age 55, wife of Cecil William Lovelock, born 19 Feb 1911 in Kitscoty, Alberta, parents George Edward Clinton and Edith Emily Maggs

Obituary at '' website provides:

2013 Aug 24 Richard Lovelock, aged 68, brother of Miles, Fred, Thomas, Helen and Jean, father of Dean, Crystal and Jill (with Norma)

FamilySearch website has:

1985 Oct 18 Elsie Evans, age 97, widowed, born 22 Jul 188 in Reading, Berkshire, England, parents William Lovelock and Caroline Blake, husband Archie Alexander Evans

FamilySearch website has:

1982 Apr 19 May Lovegrove, age 90, born 25 May 1891 in Hook, Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, parents Thomas Shipway and Esther Lovelock, husband Frank Horace Lovegrove

Mission City
FamilySearch website has:

1948 Mar 2 John Edward Jones, aged 77, born 4 Feb 1871 in Australia, parents John Edward Jones and Elizabeth Lovelock

FamilySearch website has:

(TT)1937 Sep 23 Gertrude Charlotte Finnemore, aged 62, born 11 Jan 1875 in Farnham, England, parents Charles Lovelock and ... Gale, husband Charles Finnemore


FamilySearch website has:

(Be)1925 Sep 15 William John Lovelock, age 46, Single, born 19 Jan 1879 in England

1934 Aug 30 Albert Lovelock, age 88, widowed, born 1 Jul 1846 in England

1935 Jul 21 Lilian Annie Adams, aged 25, born 12 Jan 1920 in Vancouver, parents George Thomas Adams and Elizabeth Lovelock

1939 Nov 6 Elizabeth Lovelock, age 87, widowed, born 15 Dec 1851 in England, parents Henry George and Eliza Walker

1962 Jan 14 Walter Ellis, aged 82, widowed, born 29 Nov 1879 in Mount Forest, Ontario, parents James Ellis and Elizabeth Lovelock, wife Myrtle Selina Small

1967 Mar 16 Beatrice Moore, aged 81, born 12 Sep 1885 in England, father ... Lovelock, husband Frederick Moore

(Is)1968 Oct 13 Lionel Richter, age 80, born 6 Feb 1888 at Preston, Lancashire, England, parents Leonel (sic) Edward Richter and Mabel Jane Lovelock

(WR2)1971 Sep 2 Henry Charles Lovelock, age 83, husband of Mary Clementine Patey, born 1 Jun 1888 in Reading, England, parents William Lovelock and Ellen Maria De-Montier

(F)1972 Jun 27 Harry Lovelock, age 69, Single, born 3 Oct 1902

(WR2)1982 Oct 25 Dennis William Lovelock, age 59, husband of Dorothy Hastie Muir, born 28 Oct 1922 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, parents Henry Charles Lovelock and Anne Nicholls

Findagrave website has:

1997 Feb 24 Gary John Lovelock buried at Mountain View Cemetery and Crematorium

FamilySearch website has:

(Is)1965 Jan 22 Winifred Wiggall, aged 82, widowed, born 23 Jul 1882 in England, parents Lionel Edward Richter and Mabel Jane Lovelock, husband Richard Henry Wiggall
1982 Nov 24 William Stanley Thain, age 73, born 18 Jun 1909 in London, England, wife Muriel Winifred Elsie Maud Lovelock
1983 Jun 1 George Raymond Lovelock, 64, divorced from June Beverley Laura Harris, born 11 Sep 1918 in Oshawa, Ontario


Be   = Beckenham Tree
C    = Compton Tree
D    = Dowdeswell Tree
F    = Farnham Tree
Is   = Islington Tree
Ly   = Lyneham Line
RCD = Ropley, Crondall and Dogmersfield Tree
TT   = Tangley Tree
W    = Wallingford Line
WR2 = Wootton Rivers Tree 2