Births, Marriages and Deaths in Ontario

The information provided below may very well not be the complete Lovelock record for Ontario.

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Flos Township, Simcoe
1891 Jun 15 Glena Isabel daughter of William James Lovelock and Agnes Dixon

Niagara Falls, Welland
1911 May 16 Violet May daughter of William T Lovelock and Harriet Ryder
1913 May 22 Edward Earl son of William Lovelock and Harriet Ryder of 4 Brock Avenue, Niagara Falls, Rigger

(F)1908 Jun 3 Walter Jno son of Wm and Emma Eliza (nee Atkins) Lovelock of 107 Eldon Avenue, Oshawa, Plasterer
(F)1912 Jul 5 Edward son of William Lovelock and Emma Eliza Atkins

Toronto, York
(Mx)1891 Jun 26 Viola Irene daughter of Henry Lovelock and Margaret Sinclair


(C)1918 Jun 13 Charles Robin Gray, 38, machinist born Norfolk England, of Guelph, son of George Gray and Hannah Dennis, married Gertrude Henrietta Lovelock, 27, widow born Middlesex England, of Guelph daughter of Fred Chester Buck and Emma Caroline Brown, witnesses George and Mrs George Allen of Guelph

St Catharines, Lincoln
(RCD)1923 Dec 15 Albert George Ward, 30, operator, born England, of Niagara Falls, son of William Joseph Ward and Emma Mead, married Emily Eliza Ward, 29, widow, born England, of St. Catharines, daughter of James Cain and Susan Lovelock, witnesses Harry Marten of St. Catharines and Helen Cain of Niagara Falls

1908 Mar 18 John Eland, 21 born England, of Cartwright, Farmer, married Mary Jane Bridge, 21 born Liverpool England, of Cartwright, daughter of Thomas Bridge and Henrietta Proctor, witnesses William J Lovelock and Mary Denyer both of Lindsay

Niagara Falls, Welland
1910 Aug 15 William Lovelock and Harriet Ryder
(RCD)1923 Jul 24 Harry Edward Ward, 32, painter and decorator, born London England, of Niagara Falls, son of John Edward Ward and Henrietta R Burgess, married Margaret Searle, 35, born Bagshot Surrey England, of Niagara Falls, daughter of John Searle and Rosa Lovelock, witnesses Joseph John Riley of 68 Erie Ave, Niagara Falls, and Mrs. A. Poole (Toole?) of 109 Victoria Ave

(F)1927 Aug 20 John Lovelock, 21, Trimmer born Leytonstone, England, of 238 Olive Ave, Oshawa, son of William Lovelock and Elizabeth Atkins, married Mabel Reynard, 17, Goodyear Chain Maker of Bobcaygeon, Bowmanville, daughter of Thomas Reynard and Abigail Freeman, witnesses Walter Lovelock of Oshawa and Elsie Yeo of Bowmanville

Sarnia, Lambton
1901 Nov 5  Hermon Deering, 22, and Edna Maud Lovelock, 19, parents Joseph Deering and Amelia Martin, and James Lovelock and Elizabeth Dalmer

1909 Nov 10 Charles Lovelock, 29, and Florence Mackenzie, 20, parents James Lovelock and Lizzie Balmer, and Norman Mackenzie and Mary Donagshy

Toronto, York
1873 Feb 13 James Ellis, 29, son of Thomas and Mary, and Elizabeth Lovelock, 29, daughter of William

(Mx)1877 May 23 Henry Lovelock, 26, born Hampshire England, of Toronto, son of William and Jane Lovelock married Margaret Sinclair, 25 born County Monaghan Ireland, of Toronto, daughter of John and Margaret Sinclair, witnesses Edward F Clarke and Elizabeth L Carlisle, both of Toronto

1923 Jun 23 Leslie Ellwood Morrison, 22, shipper, born Ontario, of 285 Symington Ave., son of William Morrison and Elizabeth Porter, married Lily Helen Hayward, 22, clerk, born England, of 773 Euclid Ave., daughter of Albert Hayward and Lily Lloyd, witnesses Violet Hayward of Toronto and Stephen Lovelock of Oshawa

Widder Station
1873 Sep 30 William Lovelock, 28, Railroad Conductor, born England, of Toronto, son of William and Jane, married Eleanor Bishop, 22, born Canada, of Stratford, daughter of William and Elizabeth Burrows Bishop, witnesses Alfred Bishop of Stratford and John Walker of Widder Station


Ontario (Township and County not stated)
1927 Apr 12 Lovelock child of Charles Clifford Lovelock and Mabel Louise Colby

Port Hope, Durham
1919 Jul 24 Sarah daughter of John Lovelock, age 36 (born Quebec)

St Thomas, Elgin
1913 Jun 23 William son of William Lovelock and Mary McKay, age 0
1919 Feb 3 Lovelock daughter of William Lovelock and Mary Ann McKay
1921 Oct 11 George McKay son of William Lovelock (born Kent, England) and Mary Ann McKay (born 7 Jul 1921, buried 13 Oct 1921)

Thedford, Lambton
1892 Jan 2 Annie Watchers Lovelock, age 41

York, Newmarket
1921 Feb 18 William Thomas son of William Lovelock and Kathleen Doyle, age 47

Parry Sound, Parry Sound
1910 Nov 9 James Caleb Whitchel son of Caleb Whitchel and S Lovelock, age 76

Collingwood, Simcoe
1930 Apr 1 William son of John Lovelock, age 49 (born England 19 Jan 1881)

Toronto, York
1877 Jun 18 Jane Lovelock
1924 Apr 4 Harry son of William and Jane Lovelock, spouse of Margaret, age 72 (born Surrey, England 29 Oct 1852, buried 5 Apr 1924 Mount Pleasant)
1924 May 24 Louise Cable daughter of George Lovelock, age 73
1926 Sep 6 Richard Owen Cable son of Frederick Cable and Louise Lovelock, age 35
1932 Dec 26 Margaret Lovelock daughter of William and Margaret Sinclair, age 82 (born Ireland 17 Mar 1850)
1936 Jul 9 Jane Lovelock, age 91

Mount Forest, Wellington
1878 Jun 20 William Lovelock, age 68 (born England)
1926 Mar 7 James Charles Ellis son of James Ellis and Elizabeth Lovelock, age 49

(Mx)1925 Dec 6 Frances daughter of William Lovelock and Jane Sherwood, age 90
(Mx)1927 Apr 30 Elizabeth Ellis daughter of William Lovelock and Jane Sherwood, age 85

1937 Nov 27 Lily Dianne daughter of Stephen Lovelock and Florence Slinger Baxter, age 1

1935 May 4 George Willis son of George Willis and Sophia Lovelock, husband of Anne Willis, age 85

F     = Farnham Tree
Mx   = Monxton Tree
RCD = Ropley, Crondall and Dogmersfield Tree