World War 1 Deaths

First World War (UK) Lovelock Army Deaths

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      Name                             Rank                                                   Regiment                                                                                               Date of Death

 LOVELOCK, A E               Private                                                London Regiment                                                                                   8th Aug 1918

 LOVELOCK, A S               Rifleman                                             King's Royal Rifle Corps                                                                       20th Sep 1917

 LOVELOCK, C                  Private                                                 Bedfordshire Regiment                                                                          27th Mar 1918

 LOVELOCK, C                  Private                                                 Wiltshire Regiment                                                                                28th Jan 1917

 LOVELOCK, C                  Driver                                                  Royal Field Artillery                                                                              1st Oct 1917

 LOVELOCK, C                  Private                                                 Norfolk Regiment                                                                                  17th Mar 1918

 LOVELOCK, C H              Private                                                 Royal Berkshire Regiment                                                                     28th Oct 1916

 LOVELOCK, C S              Gunner                                                 Royal Garrison Artillery                                                                         31st Jul 1917

 LOVELOCK, E A              Pioneer                                                Royal Engineers                                                                                      2nd Jun 1918

 LOVELOCK, E C              Gunner                                                 Royal Garrison Artillery                                                                         13th Oct 1918

 LOVELOCK, E J               Rifleman                                              King's Royal Rifle Corps                                                                        16th May 1918

 LOVELOCK, F                  Rifleman                                              King's Royal Rifle Corps                                                                        22nd Jul 1918

 LOVELOCK, F A              Acting Bombardier                              Royal Field Artillery                                                                               8th Aug 1915

 LOVELOCK, F G              Serjeant                                                Middlesex Regiment                                                                               28th Sep 1920

 LOVELOCK, F H              Private                                                  Royal Fusiliers                                                                                        18th Jul 1916

 LOVELOCK, G                 Private                                                  Middlesex Regiment                                                                               19th Aug 1915

 LOVELOCK, G                 Private                                                  Yorkshire Regiment                                                                                23rd Nov 1918

 LOVELOCK, G A             Private                                                  Hampshire Regiment                                                                               21st Aug 1915

 LOVELOCK, G E             Private                                                  Wiltshire Regiment                                                                                  18th Oct 1916

 LOVELOCK, G H             Private                                                  Royal Fusiliers                                                                                        29th May 1917

 LOVELOCK, G H             Private                                                  Wiltshire Regiment                                                                                  1st Jun 1916

 LOVELOCK, G W H        Rifleman                                               Rifle Brigade                                                                                           3rd Jun 1919

 LOVELOCK, H                 Trooper                                                6th Dragoon Guards (Carabiniers)                                                           27th Oct 1915

 LOVELOCK, H G             Private                                                  Middlesex Regiment                                                                               1st Jul 1916

 LOVELOCK, H G             Gunner                                                 Royal Field Artillery                                                                               4th Dec 1917

 LOVELOCK, H W            Lance Serjeant                                     London Regiment                                                                                    7th Oct 1916

 LOVELOCK, H W            Regimental Serjeant Major                  London Regt (Prince of Wales' Own Civil Service Rifles)                     28th Sep 1918

 LOVELOCK, J                  Corporal                                               East Surrey Regiment                                                                              24th Aug 1918

 LOVELOCK, J                  Private                                                 Hampshire Regiment                                                                               24th Nov 1917

 LOVELOCK, J A              Private                                                 Grenadier Guards                                                                                     10th Sep 1916

 LOVELOCK, J F               Private                                                 London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)                                                        19th Aug 1916

 LOVELOCK, J R              Lance Corporal                                    Royal Berkshire Regiment                                                                      26th Aug 1914

 LOVELOCK, J T              Private                                                  Lancashire Fusiliers                                                                                25th May 1916

 LOVELOCK, K                Lance Corporal                                    Wiltshire Regiment                                                                                  4th Nov 1916

 LOVELOCK, L                Private                                                  Royal Welsh Fusiliers                                                                              15th Feb 1917

 LOVELOCK, S J              Rifleman                                              London Regiment (Queen Victoria's Rifles)                                           9th Sep 1916

 LOVELOCK, S J              Private                                                 Royal Fusiliers                                                                                         25th Apr 1915

 LOVELOCK, T                Lance Corporal                                    Royal Berkshire Regiment                                                                       1st Jul 1916

 LOVELOCK, T H J         Serjeant                                                Royal Berkshire Regiment                                                                       2nd Apr 1918

 LOVELOCK, T J             Private                                                  Royal Welsh Fusiliers                                                                              9th Jun 1918

 LOVELOCK, V R           Private                                                  Wiltshire Regiment                                                                                  8th May 1918

 LOVELOCK, W              Rifleman                                               King's Royal Rifle Corps                                                                        15th May 1915

 LOVELOCK, W C E       Private                                                  North Staffordshire Regiment                                                                 21st Mar 1918

 LOVELOCK, W G          Lance Corporal                                     Wiltshire Regiment                                                                                  27th May 1918

 LOVELOCK, W J           Trooper                                                  2nd Life Guards                                                                                      13th May 1915

 LOVELOCK, W J           Private                                                   Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regt.)                                         3rd Oct 1918

 LOVELOCK, W R          Private                                                   London Regiment                                                                                    5th Sep 1915

 LOVELOCK, W R          Private                                                  Royal Fusiliers                                                                                         23rd Apr 1917

 LOVELOCK, W S          Rifleman                                               Rifle Brigade                                                                                            23rd Apr 1917


First World War (UK) Lovelock Air Force Deaths


 LOVELOCK, A A G      Airman 2nd Class                                Royal Flying Corps                                                                                 31st Jul 1917

 LOVELOCK, E C          Corporal                                               Royal Air Force                                                                                      1st Apr 1918


First World War (UK) Lovelock  Navy Deaths


 LOVELOCK, H G         Air Mechanic 1st Class                        Royal Naval Air Service                                                                         22nd Mar 1917

 LOVELOCK, W C         Lance Corporal                                     Royal Marine Light Infantry                                                                   10th May 1918

 LOVELOCK, W J          Private                                                   Royal Marine Light Infantry                                                                   13th May 1918


First World War (UK) Lovelock Merchant Marine Deaths


LOVELOCK, R               Deck Hand                                           Mercantile Marine                                                                                   18th Apr 1915