The colony of Queensland was established in 1859. [New South Wales is the oldest established Australian colony, established in 1788. Tasmania became a separate colony in 1825 followed by South Australia [1836], Victoria [1851], Queensland [1859] and Western Australia [1887]. In 1901 the six colonies became a Federation of States of the Commonwealth of Australia. Two additional Territories were created in 1911: the Australian Capital Territory & the Northern Territory.]

Civil registration began in Queensland on 1 March 1856. The civil registration records are held by the Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, part of the Queensland Department of Justice and Attorney-General. They can be accessed from there online free.

Currently the on-line BMD Indexes for Queensland cover the following years:

- Births 1829 and 1914
- Marriages 1829 and 1929
- Deaths 1829 and 1929

These records also include early church records prior to civil registration: baptisms and burials 1829-1856 and marriages 1839-1856.

The indexes up until 1914 can also be accessed on both microfiche and CD produced by the Queensland Registry. The Queensland Pioneer Index covers the period 18291889; the Queensland Federation Index covers the period 1890 and 1914. The CDs were produced using the Digger database software.

The indexes on fiche/CD give an exact event date. Online indexes give only the year of registration. It should also be noted that the registration year may differ from the actual birth and death year if they were registered late. Online death indexes include some notes (birthplace, age etc.) that are not on fiche/CD. Indexes do not say where the event took place, except that 'B' in a registration number means 'Brisbane'. [Reference: Queensland Research Tips by Judy Webster]

The index provides a registration number which can be used to order copies of the original certificate through the Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. There is no transcription service as in NSW.

The Lovelock extractions below were completed by Robyn Hand and Robert Sterry in the main.

Births 1829-1914

Date of Birth Family name Given name Father's given names Mother's names Reg No
13-Nov-1866 Lovelock Elizabeth George Mary Shanehan 1866/C107
24-Jan-1869 Lovelock Mary Anne George Mary Shanahan 1869/C31
10-Dec-1870 Lovelock Patrick James George Mary Shanaghan 1871/C21
08-Feb-1873 Lovelock George George Mary Shannaham 1873/C39
29-Aug-1874 Lovelock William William Susannah Maria Ann Warman 1874/B17920
09-Jun-1875 Lovelock Martha George Mary Shanahan 1875/C59
18-Mar-1876 Lovelock Emmeline Lever Hugh Collins Mary Ann Gibbs 1876/B20551
31-Aug-1876 Lovelock Emily Lucindia William Susannah Maria Ann Warman 1876/B21201
05-Jan-1877 Lovelock Edith Marmaduke Isabella Theresa Walker 1877/C3969
29-Mar-1878 Lovelock Ethel Hugh Collins Mary Ann Gibbs 1878/B23359
14-Jun-1878 Lovelock Henry Edward Matilda Henley 1878/C4195
16-Jul-1878 Lovelock Henrietta Victoria Marmaduke Isabella Theresa Walker 1878/C4236
23-Jul-1878 Lovelock Sylvia Selina William Susannah Maria Ann Warman 1878/B23751
02-Dec-1878 Lovelock Catherine George Andrew Mary Shanahan 1879/C98
29-Jan-1880 Lovelock Margaret Edward Matilda Henley 1880/C4658
12-Feb-1880 Lovelock Marmaduke Albert Marmaduke Isabella Theresa Walker 1880/C4711
04-Jun-1880 Lovelock Hugh William Susannah Maria Ann Warman 1880/B26336
24-Feb-1882 Lovelock Robert William Susannah Mary Ann Wanman 1882/B29092
13-Jul-1883 Lovelock Walter Edward Edward Matilda Henley 1883/C6418
24-Jul-1883 Lovelock Henrietta George Mary Shanahan 1883/C1489
15-Jan-1885 Lovelock Alice Edward Matilda Henley 1885/C7231
07-Jul-1885 Lovelock Susannah William Susannah Mary Ann Warman 1885/C7308
27-Apr-1887 Lovelock Ernest William Susannah Maria Ann Warman 1887/C8503
30-Nov-1887 Lovelock Alfred Edward Matilda Henley 1887/C8513
27-Dec-1889 Lovelock Edward Edward Matilda Henley 1889/C9424
09-Dec-1890 Lovelock Annie Evelyne William Susannah Maria Ann Warman 1891/C3960
07-Apr-1892 Lovelock Edward Henry Mary Ann Colins 1892/C1452
19-Jul-1893 Lovelock Myra Austin Peter Elizabeth Ann Austin 1893/B52959
21-Jul-1901 Lovelock William Robert William Florence Annie Jones 1901/C3419
02-Sep-1901 Lovelock Phillis Mary George Paul Agnes Cheffins 1901/C432
26-Dec-1903 Lovelock Noel Ernest William Florence Annie Jones 1904/C11157
27-Dec-1904 Lovelock Florence Agnes George Agnes Cheffins 1905/C335
09-Aug-1905 Lovelock Horace William Florence Annie Jones 1905/C3341
25-Dec-1906 Lovelock Gloria Alice William Florence Annie Jones 1907/C3419
02-Jun-1907 Lovelock Pheobe Alice Henry Edith Caroline Maud Corder 1907/C4382
02-Dec-1907 Lovelock Frances Isabel Marmaduke Albert Frances Catherine St.Clair 1908/B16213
21-Jul-1908 Lovelock Walter Leslie Walter Edward Eliza Jane Dark 1908/C3247
30-Dec-1909 Lovelock Benjaman Edward Henry Edith Caroline Maud Corder 1910/C10988
12-Jun-1910 Lovelock Cecil Edward Walter Edward Eliza Jane Dark 1910/C3617
21-Jul-1911 Lovelock Monica Annie William Florence Annie Jones 1911/B26382
21-Aug-1912 Lovelock Harold Henry Walter Edward Eliza Jane Dark 1912/C4053
18-Mar-1914 Lovelock Dorothy Edith Henry Edith Caroline Maud Corder 1914/C12985
15-Dec-1914 Lovelock Thelma Eliza Walter Edward Eliza Jane Dark 1914/C4649
Lovelock Benjamin Harle

Marriages 1829-1929

Date of Marriage Family Name Given Names Spouse Family Name Spouse Given Names Reg No
24-Dec-1861 Lovelock Henry William Phillips Elizabeth 1861/B182
1872 Lovelock Mary Jane Bedgood Elias 1872/B3641
13-Feb-1874 Lovelock William Warman Susannah Maria Ann 1874/B4267
18-Jul-1874 Lovelock Hugh Collins Gibbs Mary Ann 1874/B4434
9-Jun-1875 Lovelock George Shanahan Mary 1875/C21
22-Jun-1875 Lovelock Diana Sanderson Frederic 1875/B4794
22-Mar-1876 Lovelock Marmaduke Walker Isabella Theresa 1876/B5123
20-Aug-1877 Lovelock Edward Henley Matilda 1877/B5723
30-Jul-1887 Lovelock Mary Ann Little James 1887/B11627
11-Jan-1889 Lovelock Elizabeth Mazengarb Albert 1889/C420
12-Apr-1890 Lovelock Mary Anne Anderson Charles Joseph Hhart 1890/C414
4-Dec-1893 Lovelock Alice Maud Muller Frederick 1893/C1223
5-Nov-1900 Lovelock George Paul Cheffins Agnes 1900/C94
3-Oct-1900 Lovelock William Jones Florence Annie 1900/C841
3-Feb-1904 Lovelock Catherine Flannery John 1904/C391
20-Jun-1906 Lovelock Henry Corder Edith Caroline Maud 1906/B4691
28-Aug-1907 Lovelock Walter Edward Dark Eliza Jane 1907/C1128
29-May-1907 Lovelock Marmaduke Albert St.Clair Frances Cathrine 1907/B5649
24-Mar-1913 Lovelock Stephen Harry Lowe Ellen Martha 1913/C1538
23-Aug-1913 Lovelock Benjamin Harle Muller Martha 1913/B13698
1919 Lovelock Annie Evelyn Maile Henry Vincent 1919/C2925
1919 Lovelock Elwyn Robinson Thow Clan Erquhart 1919/B24219
1920 Lovelock Myra Austin Renton John William 1920/B26843
1922 Lovelock Alfred Howells Jessie 1922/B30010
1924 Lovelock Idris English Eliza Emily 1924/C2006
1925 Lovelock Ettie Standring Edward Augustus 1925/C3016
1928 Lovelock William Robert Pocock Elsie May 1928/B3032
1929 Lovelock Henrietta Victoria West Herbert Charles 1929/C1752

Deaths 1829-1929

Date of Death
Family Name Given Name Father's Given Name Mother's Names Reg No Notes
Lovelock Henry Henry Lovelock Elinor Robins 1873/B7678
Lovelock Emmaline Lever Hugh Collins Lovelock Mary Ann Gibbs 1876/B10688
Lovelock Henry

Father of Henry William Lovelock
Lovelock Ethel Hugh Collins Lovelock Mary Ann Gibbs 1878/B12393
Lovelock Sylvia Selina William Lovelock Susannah Maria Warman 1881/B14423
Lovelock Hugh Collins Henry Lovelock Mary Jane Collins 1882/B14904
Lovelock Robert William Lovelock Susanah Maria Whiman 1884/C4318
Lovelock Martha George Lovelock Mary Shannon 1886/C1099
Lovelock Edward Edward Lovelock Matilda Henly 1889/C1819
Lovelock Edward Henry Lovelock Mary Jane Collins 1892/C1452
Lovelock William Henry Lovelock Mary Jane ---- 1892/C1570 Mary Jane: born England aged 43 years
Lovelock Alice Edward Lovelock Matilda Henley 1895/B28326
Lovelock Susannah William Lovelock Susannah Maria Ann Warman 1896/C1519
Lovelock Mary Jane Hugh Collins Diana Collins 1897/C2487 Mother of Henry William Lovelock
Lovelock Ernest William Lovelock Sussanah Maria Ann Warman 1904/C1265
Lovelock Marmaduke Henry Lovelock Mary Jane Collins 1904/B4850
Lovelock George John Lovelock Eliza Wright 1904/C771
Lovelock Horace William Lovelock Florence Annie Jones 1905/C1216
Lovelock Walter Leslie Walter Edward Lovelock Eliza Jane Dark 1908/C1082
Lovelock Mary James Shannon ---- 1909/C802
Lovelock Henry William Henry Lovelock Mary Jane Collins 1914/C1311 Husband of Elizabeth
Lovelock Isabella Theresa Matthew Walker Jane Halliday 1917/C1013
Lovelock Hughie William Lovelock Susie Warner 1919/C1537
Lovelock June Frank Roy Lovelock Rose Anastasia Nolan 1919/B29618
Lovelock William William Lovelock Ellen Wallace 1919/C1688
Lovelock Eliza Jane Andrew John Dark Emily Jane Leffen 1920/B32823
Lovelock Albert George

Lovelock Elizabeth John Phillips Mary Williams 1921/B34940
Lovelock Unice Benjamin Harle Lovelock Martha Muller 1922/B36592
Lovelock Peter John Henry Lovelock Ann Dunne 1926/B49177 Born 10 Jan 1859
Lovelock Gordon Aubrey Idris Lovelock Eliza Emily English 1928/B5318
Lovelock Walter Edward Edward Lovelock Matilda Henley 1929/B9003 Age 46
Lovelock Susannah Maria Ann William Henry Warman Sylvia Taylor 1929/B9733
Lovelock Matilda
Henry Henley Lovelock
Margaret Ellen

Age 74
Lovelock Marmaduke Albert
Marmaduke Lovelock Isabella Theresa

Lovelock George Paul
George Lovelock Mary

Lovelock Patrick James
George Lovelock Mary

Lovelock Agnes
Charles Thomas Hill Cheftns Lovelock Mary

Lovelock Edith
Marmaduke Lovelock Isabella Teresa

Lovelock Frances Isabel
Marmaduke Albert Lovelock
Frances Catherine

Lovelock Stephen Harry
Peter James Lovelock Elizabeth Ann

Lovelock Benjamin Harle
Peter John Lovelock Elizabeth Ann
Born 1 Jul 1988
Lovelock Stephen Harry

Age 66
Lovelock Elizabeth Ann
Benjamin Austin Lovelock Elizabeth
Born 23 Jul 1861
Lovelock Edith Caroline Maud
Charles Abraham Corder Lovelock Sarah Ann

Lovelock Margaret
Edward Lovelock Matilda

Age 79
Lovelock Emily Lucindia
William Lovelock Susannah Maria Ann

Lovelock Vera Belle
James Norman Boyd Lovelock Jessie Isabel

Lovelock Henry
Edward Lovelock Mathilda

Lovelock Olwyn June
Alfred Lovelock Jessie

Lovelock Martha

Margaret Anne
George Lovelock

Age 16, buried in Mitchell, sister of Helen, David and Catherine
Valma Mary

Born 27 Jan 1931, buried in Mitchell, wife of Ronald Stanley
Malcolm Peter

Born 24 Oct 1945, buried in Mitchell
12-Oct 1996
Lovelock Brian Dennis

Age 24, buried in Mitchell, husband of Ann, father of Ben. Sarah and Aaron
6-Feb 1998
Ronald Stanley

Born 1 May 1933, buried in Mitchell, husband of Valma Mary
Alanna Zoe Lee
Terry Lovelock

Born 7 Oct 1997, buried in Mitchell, sister of TJ, Felicity and Breannah
Lovelock Edward (Ted) David Francis

Born 25 Dec 1933, buried in Bethania, related to Verlie, Zoe,Rob, Breanna and Cody