Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

Several members of the former Lovelock Mailing List which was hosted on the RootsWeb server, for discussion of family history for the Lovelock and related names, kindly offered to share the information on the Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates that they had collected over the course of their own research.

Birth, Death and Marriage certificates refer to certificates issued by civil country, state and county authorities as opposed to church or parish records. The earliest records of birth, death and marriage are typically church records. The civil authorities accepted responsibility for keeping these records at very different dates in different countries. For instance in England and Wales these arrangements applied from 1837; in New South Wales, Australia, from 1856; in New York State, USA - outside the City of New York - from as late as 1881.

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates are purchased at some significant cost to researchers and sharing their information will avoid unnecessary duplication and costs. Storing scans of certificates will also help to preserve an important part of personal family research in the longer term.

The tables linked to below list the certificates held by individual Lovelock researchers. If you have a shared interest in a particular individual, you can contact the holder of the certificate via this e-mail address:

Only a proportion of the Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates listed in the tables have as yet been uploaded to the Lovelock offline archive. These are indicated in the tables with a [U] beside the name of the person holding the original certificate.

You are most welcome to share details of your own Lovelock Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates for addition to our database using the same email link as above.

A most sincere thank you to all Lovelock researchers for sharing the certified fruits of their research.

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