Copyright Notice for Genuki map of 
Counties of England, Wales and Scotland prior to the 1974 Boundary Changes

© 2000, Memory Alpha Systems, and is released under the following License:

  1. Anybody may print out up to THREE copies of this map for their personal use. This shall be deemed "Fair Use", and no obligation shall be due.
  2. Anybody wishing to print out FOUR OR MORE copies of this map, or to distribute copies to other people, is required to send a picture postcard of their locality, with their details (including email address) on the back, to:

    Riley H Williams
    6 Gillibrand House
    Lancashire PR7 1PB
  3. Receipt of the postcard shall be deemed full payment for as many copies of the map as may be desired, and also for copies of any future versions of the map in question. All postcards received will be acknowledged within 7 days.
  4. Anybody wishing to tweak this map for any reason shall send a copy of the tweaked map to me together with details of all tweaks made. This is simply so that I can keep track of any bugfixes therein.

(The reason for this licence is simple: A hobby of mine is collecting the said postcards, and this is one way of doing so.)