Proposed Link Between the Portsmouth and Ropley-Tidcombe Trees

The initial version of the Portsmouth Tree, contributed by Roger Hobbs, included a connection to the Ropley, Crondall and Dogmersfield Tree.

The connection relied crucially on the following identifications:
  1. That the James Lovelock who married Susannah Hick at St Mary's, Portsea on 13 Mar 1800 was the son  of John Lovelock and Sarah Dore baptised on 28 Jul 1771 at St Lawrence, Hungerford.
  2. That the above John Lovelock was the son of Noah Lovelock and Susannah (Ann) Finden/Findon, baptised 17 Jul 1737 at Ropley, and buried 11 Jun 1783 at New Alresford.

This would require that John Lovelock, baptised, and therefore probably born, in Ropley, moved to Hungerford, where he married and had a son James, but was buried in New Alresford (not far from Ropley, but quite some distance from both Portsmouth and Hungerford). Such moves would be very unusual for the time, and we have no information to suggest why they might have happened. However, more significantly, John and Sarah Lovelock at Hungerford had 4 more children after James, including Maria, the last child, who was baptised on 20 Jun 1784. If John had died and been buried in Jun 1783 the Hungerford Baptism Register would surely either have noted this in some way, or have simply recorded Maria as the daughter of Sarah? This clearly called into question the link proposed.

Whilst noting that substantial moves were not common at the time we have no supporting information either to show why a James baptised in Hungerford, and whose family were still there in 1784, would have been married in Portsea. It is possible that James had joined the Army or the Marines, but there does not seem to be any evidence of his enlistment.

James Loveluck had proposed that the same John Lovelock and Sarah Dore above were the progenitors of the Hungerford - Shalbourne tree, and that their son James married Lucy Unknown, based on baptism records for children of James and Lucy Lovelock at Hungerford. We later found evidence that James in fact married Lucy Doer at Burghfield near Reading in 1812, and that the couple returned to Hungerford shortly afterwards. This was incorporated into an update of the Hungerford - Shalbourne tree.

There is presently, in view of the above, no link between the Portsmouth Tree and the Ropley, Crondall and Dogmersfield Tree.