The Will of Constant Lovelocke of the
              pish of Kintbury in yeCounty of Berks & Diocese of Sarum
 In the Name of God Amen I Constant Lovelocke of the Parish
of Kintbury in the County of Berks Do make & declare this my last Will
and Testament as followeth And as for my Worldly Estate I give and
dispose of them as followeth Imp: that is to say I do give devise and
bequeath unto my two Neices Sarah  &  Mary Bance Three Guineas
between them and for the Money to be Equally to be divided between
them Item my further will is and desire that my Sister Ann Bance
shall take to her own use out of my household Goods two of the best
Pewter Dishes Item my further will is that my Sister Mary Lovelocke
Shall have everything else belonging to me and I do hereby Appoint my
Sister the Sd Mary Lovelock my Sole Executrix of this my Will Dated
This 2th day of March 17345
Constant Lovelocke her mark
Witness Tho: Faithfull,Thos: Boxwell Jun.Ann Dore her mark
March the 22th 17345 I acknowledge the within written will to be my last
only upon a further consideration I give unto my brother Thomas
Lovelock one shilling and no more and this said shilling to be paid by
my Sd Executrix my Sister Mary Lovelock. Constant Lovelocke
her mark. The other side and this both was signed sealed & delivered
in the presence of Tho: Faithfull, Tho: Boxwell Jun, Ann Dore
her mark.
                       This will was proved at Newbury the 5th of July 1735
                    before the Revd John Nourse Clerk Master of Arts
                 Lawfull Surrogate of the Revd & Worshipfull Charles
             Naylor Clerk Doctor of Laws Chancellr of the Diocese of Sarum
          and Adcon of the Effects of the said Constant Lovelocke deced was
     by him granted to Mary Lovelocke the Executrix within named being
  first sworn to the truth of the said Will to perform the same and
Exhibite an Invty& Accot when Lawfully required
                              Tho,ffrome Notay Pubb Actay &c