The Will of John Lovelock late of the Parish
Ramsbury in the County of Wilts deceased.
This  is  the  last  Will  and  Testament  of me  John  Lovelock of  Ramsbury
in the County of Wilts yeoman who am (praised be God) in good health and of
sound  memory  and  understanding  first my  will and  desire is  that I  may
be decently buried and as concerning my wordly Effects which it hath pleased
God to bestow  upon me I give the same in manner  herein  after  mentioned
(that is to say) I do hereby give and bequeath unto John Lovelock son of my
Brother Thomas Lovelock one Shilling Also I give and bequeath unto Edward
Johnson of  Burbage in the  County of  Wilts  Innholder the sum of  fifteen
Pounds of good and lawful money of Great Britain and unto John Andrews
of  Ramsbury  aforesaid  Blacksmith  the  Sum  of  fifteen  Pounds of  like
lawful money To be paid to them or their respective Executors Administrators
or Assigns within Six Months next after my decease and as to all the rest and
residue and remainder of my real and personal Estate Moneys Goods and Effects
whatsoever and wheresoever I shall die possessed of or any ways intitled unto at the
Time  of  my  decease  (after  and  subject  to  the  payment  of  my  just  Debts
funeral  Expences  and  Legacies)  I  Give  devise  and  bequeath  the  same
unto James Stevens the Elder of Kinbury in the County of Berks Yeoman John
Stevens James Stevens and __________ Stevens Sons and Daughters of
the said  James  Stevens the  Elder  to  be  equally  divided  between  them
share  and  share  alike  I  do  hereby  make  Constitute  and  appoint
the  said  James  Stevens  the  Elder  Edward  Johnson  and  John
Andrews  joint  Executors  of  this  my  last  Will  and  Testament
And my further will is that they my said Executors or either of them
their or either of their Executors or Administrators shall not be charged
or chargeable with or Accountable for any more of my real and personal
Estate Moneys Goods and Effects that they respectively shall Acctually
receive or shall come to him and them respectively by Virtue of this my
Will nor with or for Any loss to which shall happen of the same real or personal
Estate Moneys Goods or Effects or any part thereof so as such loss happen
without their wilful default nor any one of them for the other or others of
them Or for the Acts deeds receipts or disbursements of the other or others
of them but each of them only for his own Acts deeds receipts or disburse-
ments And that it shall and may be lawful for them my said Executors
and each of them their and each of their Executors and Administrators
by and out of my personal Estate Moneys Goods and Effects to deduct
and reimburse him and themselves respectively for their trouble and all
Charges and Expences as they or either of them shall respectively sustain
Expend or be put unto for or by reason of this my last Will and Testament
real and personal Estate Moneys Goods or Effects or any otherwise
relating thereto In Witness whereof I the said John Lovelock have to
this my last Will and Testament Contained in one Sheet of paper set
my Hand and Seal this Twenty third day of March in the Year of our
Lord one thousand Seven Hundred and eighty
The Mark of  
John Lovelock   Signed sealed published and
declared by the said John Lovelock the Testator as and for his last
Will and Testament in the presence of Us who in his presence and att
his request And in the presence of each other have subscribed our
Names as Witnesses  
Jno Eyles  John Kimber Elder
John Kimber Juner

                                  This  Will was  proved at  Ramsbury on the 19
                              day of February 1790   Before the Revd   Edward
                            Meyrick Clk. A.M. lawful surrogate of the Revd &
                          worshipful the Official of the Dean of Sarum and by
                      Adcon of the Goods & Chels of the deced and so forth was
                    granted  to James  Stevens,  Edward  Johnson  and  John
                  Andrews the joint Exors within named being first duly sworn
              of the truth of the said Will to perform the same & pay the Debts
            and Legacies of the deced &c And to make a true Inventory & render
          a  just  account  when  required  saving the  Rights of all  Persons
Willm: Bousher Registr