Thomas Lovelock yoa de Kintbury
In the name of God Amen
the Twentieth
Day of June in the ffourth Year of the raign of Our Sovraign
Lady Anne by the Grace of God of England Scotland ffrance
and Ireland Defender of the ffaith … Anno GB Dni
1705 I Thomas Lovelock of Templeton in the parish of
Kintbury in the County of Berks Yeoman being at this
time in good health of body and of sound and perfect
mind and memory, thanks be to Allmighty God for the
same, and calling to remembrance the uncertaine
Estate of this Transitory life, and that all flesh must
yeild unto death when it shall so please God to call, do
make constitute ordaine and declare this my last will and
testament in manner and form following Revoaking &
by these presents annulling all and every Testament and
Testaments Will and Wills by me heretofore made and
declared either by word or writing and this to be taken
only for my last Will and testament and none other
And first and principally I comend my soule  into the
hands of Allmighty God my Creatour hoping
through the mortal death and passion  of Jesus Christ
my Saviour to have full and free pardon & comission of
all my sins and to be made partakor of life Everlasting
and my body I commit to the earth to be Decently buried
at the discretion of Elizabeth my Wife if she be then
living otherwise in such Christian manner as my
Extor hereafter named shall think meet & convenient
and as touching the Disposition of such temporall Estate
Goods and Chattles which it hath pleased Allmighty
God to bless me withal (I having already peferred all
and every of my Children with marriage portions)
I do therefore give and bequeath all the Use Interest
profitt benefitt and Advantage thereof and of every
part thereof unto the said Elizabeth my well beloved
Wife for and during the term of her urall life. Item
I do give and bequeath unto all and either and every
of my Grand children the several and respective sums
of ffive shillings apeice of lawful money of England
to be paid unto them and all & either & either and
them respectively within one year next after my
decease & by the said Elizabeth my said Wife if she be
living otherwise by me Extor hereinafter named for and
upon the payment of which said severall and respective
Sums or Legacyes of ffive Shillings apeice to my said
Severall and respective Grandchildren, the severall and
respective receipts of the severall and respective ffathers
of them  and every of them shall be a sufficient Discharge
for Elizabeth my said Wife or my said Extor hereinafter
named either of the which shall pay the same. Item I do
give and bequeath unto my Eldest Son  Thomas Lovelock
the Sum or Legacy of Twenty pounds of lawfull money of
England. And further my will and meaning is and I
declare  that from and after the Decease of the said
Elizabeth my Said Wife  That all such Goods and Chattell
and all my Estate whatsoever as shall be then remaining
after the Legacys herein before by me given & bequeathed
my ffunrall Expenses and Such other Charges which
shall be expended in about the Execution of this my
last Will and testament paid and performed I do give
and bequeath to and amonges All and every my
Children both Sons and Daughter without any respect
to one more than another Equally to be divided
amongst them only the Twenty pounds herein before
by me given to my oldest son Thomas Lovelock over
and above the equall proportion of such remainder as
shall be after the decease of my said Wife , And I doe
hereby make and ordaine him the said Thomas
Lovelock my said son  of this my last Will and testament
whole and sole Extor. And for as much as I have severall
Bonds from severall of my Sons and Sons in Laws for
ffourty pounds apeice  with Interest, which said Bonds
I took of them and every of them onely to secure such
Interest as might grow due for the same during the
urall lives of use the said Thomas Lovelock  the testator
and the said Elizabeth my said Wife and the longest
liver of Us, But the principall to remaine in the hands
of those of my said Children who have the said severall
funds in their severall possessions I do therefore hereby
order and appoint and my Will is that all such Bonds
by me taken of my said Children or the husbands of
my said Children shall be redelivered after the Decease
of Us the said testator and Elizabeth my said wife
into the hands of those my said Children who gave
the same to be cancelled and made void according to the
true intent and meaning of this my said Will & testament
and I do hereby nominate and appoint my trusty and
well beloved son and son in Law John Lovelock and
Thomas Elgar to be overseers of this my last Will and testament
desiring them to see the same performed in every respect In
Witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal the
Day and Yeare first above written. The mark and seale
Thomas Lovelock the Testator Signed sealed & published
by the said Thomas Lovelock the testator to be his last
Will and testament in the presence of Peter Higgins John
Higgins Anne Higgins

Latin subscript appears to indicate that the Will was proven at Newbury
Newbery ) on the 18th of May 1711 before Robert Laggan LLB, an official
of the Diocese of Sarum.