Lovelocks Alive 2004

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3-Dec-04: There is now a separate Web page for Lovelock Lines.

: Report on the Lovelocks Alive 2004 gathering from Family History Magazine (reproduced with permission), provided by Graham Lovelock

: Since many people were not able to attend the Lovelocks Alive 2004 event, the organising committee has proposed to produce a "Lovelock Lines Newsletter" which will include a number of articles derived from the presentations at the event. Yann Lovelock has volunteered to edit the newsletter. Please send any contributions to Jeremy Lovelock.

24-June-04: Lots more photos now available! Because of the large number of images, there are three separate pages of thumbnails. Click on the thumbnails for full sized images:
18-Jun-04: The first batch of photos of the event. I believe these were all taken by Anthony Hill.

Thanks to an energetic Planning Group, the Lovelocks Alive 2004 gathering was held on Saturday 12th June 2004.

The following material is now mostly redundant except as a historical record of how the event was organised.


The Planning Group met in Hungerford on Friday 11 July 2003 and following an inspection of the facilities at The Bear Hotel agreed that this would be the perfect venue for our Lovelock Family History Gathering in the following year.

The Bear Hotel is run by the International Hotel Company Jarvis, details of which can be found on their Website: 

The Hotel was once owned by Henry VII and Henry VIII and during the coaching era was a popular stopping point for coaches traveling from London to Bath. There are 41 comfortable bedrooms, many of which overlook the River Dunn.

The cost per person of the event was 40 (equivalent to 56 in 2015 and still a bargain!) and included:


We had to restrict numbers attending the event to 75 people, the capacity of the Meeting Room.

Local Information and some Photos

Here is some information about The Bear Hotel and The Rose of Hungerford canal barge:

and some photographs (taken by John Lovelock, descriptions courtesy of Jeremy Lovelock):

Finally, here are some photographs provided by Jeremy Loveluck 20-Mar-04 of some Wiltshire places of interest in connection with Lovelock family history. Click on the thumb-nails to get the full-size image.

The Planning Group for the Gathering

Many thanks to:

John Lovelock - Event Coordinator
Janet and Jeremy Lovelock - Bookings
Graham Lovelock - Excursion