Variants on the Lovelock Surname

Information compiled by Robert Sterry from research by Gwen Eastment and Janet Hearle


William Lovelake 1279 Hundred Rolls, Essex  
J. Loveloc 1283 Subsidy Rolls, Surrey  
Loveloc, I 1283 Subsidy Rolls, Suffolk  
Loveloker (Walter) 1297
Maker of Lovelocks ie curls or plaits of hair, sometimes beribboned/ decorated with leaves - if false, they were fastened with adhesive powder (also mentioned in 1497)
"Dictionary of British Surnames", Routledge and Kegan P., 1959, London, P.H. Reamey
Loveloc, Wm 1327 Subsidy Rolls, Essex ditto
Loveleke, Wm 1464 William of Hyppingscombe, Forester for Sir John Seymour Administration of Forest of Savernake (Wiltshire)
Liveluck 1632 Hampshire  
Lovelacke 1560 Berkshire (also in 1592)  
Lovelake 1560/1569 Berkshire  
Lovelocke 1591/92 Berkshire/Wiltshire Ernest Weekly, "English Surnames", Murray, London, 1917
Livelocke or Livelock 1632 Hampshire  
Loveluck 1690 Berkshire  
Loveleck 1663/1690 Essex/London  
Lovelocker   Through Middle English, an occupational name; also a term of affection.  
Lovelich - M.E. Middle English As above = "lovely" Ernest Weekly, "Surnames", Murray, London, 1917
Lovelok   Variant occurring in "Piers Plowman".  
Loveloch 1700/1800 Wiltshire Ernest Weekly, "Surnames", Murray, London, 1917
Lovflok 1700 Wiltshire ditto
Lieflok 1700 Wiltshire ditto
Liflok 1700 Wiltshire, Easton Royal ditto
Loveluck 1700 Wales ditto
Leflok 1724 Wiltshire, Easton Royal ditto
Luflock 1730/1750 Easton Royal, Wiltshire ditto
Lovelack 1757 Hampshire and Wiltshire; meaning "dalliance"/from "Laker": a fun loving person. ditto
Levluk     ditto
Loveloch 1816
Glamorgan and Loveluck
Lovelock 1822 Becoming used as the common form "English Names- Sources and Significance", Bardsley, Chatto/Windus
Lovelocks   Sometimes alternative for "Dandy": a wearer of pendant locks - common during pre 16thC and during 16thC. Could also be of French origin.