Lovelock Mailing List

The Lovelock Mailing List, which is hosted on the RootsWeb server, exists to facilitate discussion of the family history of 'Lovelock', 'Loveluck' and related names. To join the List, just send a message with just the word "subscribe" (without the quotes, and be sure to use lower case only) in the message subject and body to:


To unsubscribe, send a message to the same address with just the word "unsubscribe" (without the quotes, and again lower case only - the Rootsweb server is very picky!) in the message subject and body.

To subscribe/unsubscribe in digest mode (in which messages are not sent individually, but are collected until a certain number have accumulated) send your message to the address


                                                                                 Mailing List Archives

The messages to the Mailing List are archived on the Rootsweb server. This link will take you to the archives, which are grouped according to year and month. The archives can be searched for particular names or topics, and begin in April 2000.