Who's Who? 

The purpose of this page is to try to identify people in photographs which have been provided by relatives, or perhaps possible relatives.
Such information as is known about any of the individuals shown accompanies the photographs.

Arthur Lovelock and the 2nd St Pancras Tree

Bill Lovelock (Wilfred M. Lovelock) provided the following photographs with this note:

James Lovelock and family

"I have 3 photos of an Arthur Lovelock", says Bill. "He does not appear in the 'Family Photo' above as being a son of James Lovelock, but perhaps he was a cousin. My Auntie in Essex (who died in 1998) immediately identified him as "Uncle Arthur" in the photo below left, with two of James Lovelock's sons who were actually her true uncles."

The other two photos below are obviously of the same Arthur Lovelock as an older man posing with his new bride.

               Arthur Lovelock Arthur Lovelock with Bride Arthur Lovelock and Wife
Arthur Lovelock with Alexander George Lovelock and
 Frederick Richard Lovelock
(from the 2nd St Pancras tree)
Arthur Lovelock and Bride Arthur Lovelock and Bride

Members of the Bethnal Green Tree?

Bob Hossack provided the following photograph with this note:

"The lady at the far left back row is Jessica Lovelock (b.1890, Bethnal Green) and the lady kneeling in front of her is Minnie Lovelock (b.1880, Haggerstone). They were the sisters of Ellen Lydia Lovelock, who was my great grandmother. Ellen's eldest son Frederick Peter Ingarfield was my grandfather and his wife, Betty (Ellen's posthumous daughter-in-law), is the lady in the middle holding the arm of the young man in the dark jacket (who is Betty's brother). So, I know the names of the three standing on the left and the one kneeling on the left, but the three standing to the right, and the two girls kneeling next to Minnie, are a mystery to me. I'm guessing they are Lovelocks, but can't be sure."

                                                                           If you can identify any of the other five people please let us know.

Jessie plus Minnie plus ...?