A collection of John Lovelocks born about 1740

by Robert Sterry 9-Oct-05

Bishops Cannings
1746 Nov 1 John LOVELACK Father: Thomas LOVELACK Mother: Jane  [However, this John is already placed in the Lyneham tree]

Bishops Cannings
1772 Apr 20 John Lovelock & Joanna Willis [This is on the Lyneham line. As they were baptising children between 1772 and 1785 not a likely candidate.]

Bray St Michael
Burials 1813-1835(BTs); 1813-1888 (Berkshire Burial Index 2002)
1827 Aug 26 John Lovelock, Marlow, Co Bucks, 84 years

Bray is roughly 8 miles by road from Marlow. The age fits John baptised at Hambleden in 1746. However, there is a very suitable John to match this burial who married an Elizabeth Oxlade in 1774 and baptised children at Bray between 1775 and 1793. This is therefore not likely to be the same John who married Mary Whitwick as they were also baptising children between 1779 and 1793.

Collingbourne Kingston
Marriages 1720-1746
1770 Dec 10 John Lovlock, bachelor and Rachel Nutley, spinster, both of this parish (Banns Nov 18, 25 and Dec 2) Both put their marks.Wit: Thos Weakam, John Meell, John Gale [John and Rachel were baptising children between 1771 and 1781 at Collingbourne Kingston so not a likely candidate. In 2012 made head of the Collingbourne Kingston Tree.]
1771 Sep 30 John Lovlock of the parish of Tangley in the county of Hants, bachelor, and Elizabeth Obriant of this parish, spinster (Banns Sep 8, 14 & 20) Both put their marks. Wit: Thos Weakam, John Thurmon [On the Tangley Tree. Baptising children from 1772-1778 at Tangley. Not a likely candidate.]

Easton Royal
Baptisms 1580 -1871
1739 Dec 25 John s of Richerd Liflok and Elisebeth his wife bp December 25 [But this John is already placed on the Lieflock tree]
children between 1779 and 1793.

1743 Apr 17 John s. Abra & Anne Lovelock
Currently placed on the Lyneham Line, but we don't have a marriage or burial for him.

Great Marlow

1773 Sep 26 Martin Lovelock of the parish of Hambleton & Ann Lappeth spinster of this parish. By banns. Wit: John Lovelock
Martin Lovelock and Ann baptised their children at Hambleden between 1774 and 1798.

There is a likely baptism for the Martin above, in Hambleden in 1748, the son of Thomas Lovelock and Elizabeth. He indeed had a brother John baptised at Hambleden in 1746 who might have been the witness to his marriage. This John could conceivably have been born abt 1740 and later married Mary Whitwick.

1770 Apr 29 John LOVELOCK & Sarah DORE by Banns (Baptising children at Hungerford until 1784. Not a likely candidate]

1760 Jan 2 John Lovelock of Rodmarton & Anna Powell

1762 Jul 25 John Lovelock & Anne Maidment

Baptisms 1678-1922
1739 Oct 21 John son of Thomas & Mary Lovelock [This is possible but at least 40 miles by road to Wallingford. It's also the John that James Loveluck thinks is a likely candidate for the John he is searching for to head his line]

Reading St Mary
Baptisms 1538 -1812 [PRs]
1739 Jul 2 John the Base born child of John Lovelock & Elizabeth Woolfe [The one that was previously thought to be correct for the Wallingford Line]

Reading St Mary
1766 Apr 27 John Lovelock and Martha Bazesley [This is more likely to be the marriage of John bp 1739 s. John L and Elizabeth Woolfe]

1823 Apr 9 John Loveluck, Sparsholt, aged 84
This John is likely to be the one baptised in 1738 at Wroughton on the Lyneham line. This John may be the one who married Christian King at Sparsholt in 1761 and baptised children there from between 1762 to 1769.

Baptisms 1731-1907
1746 Dec 14 John son of Leonard and Mary Lovelock [This John is on the Wroughton/Tidcombe Tree but no descendants identified. But about 45 miles by road from Tidcombe to Wallingford.]

Marriages 1732-1992
1761 May 18 John Lovelock of Tangley & Elizabeth Cruse. Thomas Cruse witness. (On Tangley Tree. Baptising children between 1761 and 1778 at Tangley. Not very likely)

Wootton Rivers
Baptisms 1728-1943
1740 Jul 18 John Son of John Lovelock & Mary his Wife Baptized. [About 45-50 miles from Wallingford]
1748/49 Feb 2 John Son of Thos Lovelock & Mary his Wife (of Easton) Baptized. Already placed in Lieflock line]

Wootton Rivers
Marriages 1728-1837
1765 May 6 (Banns Apr 21, 25; May 5, 1765) John Lovelock, Taylor & Elizabeth Bromham, spinster, both of this parish. Both put  their marks. Witnesses: John Bromham, Thomas Spackman

1740 Apr 24 John s. John & Elizabeth
There is a burial at Wroughton which may be this John : 1741/42 Mar 18 John Lovelock, but this could obviously be another John since no age is given.

Baptisms 1606-1837
1738 Apr 5 John Lovelock, s John & Grace [Already placed in Lyneham Line] 
1744 Apr 4 John Lovelock, s John & Eliz [About 50 miles from Wallingford. Already placed in Wroughton/Tidcombe tree but no descendants shown.]

Can we find a suitable first marriage - assuming John who married Mary Whitwick married twice - for a John Lovelock say between 1760 and 1779 in Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire?