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The purpose of this page is to provide a home for material which is somewhat tentative or incomplete.
It may also be used to pose questions about possible connections, or about 'missing persons' or 'strays' who don't seem to fit into any of our current trees.


[Problems and solutions equally welcome.]

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The 'live' topics for us at the moment are:

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Extending established Trees and Fragments back in time

All Family Trees have to start somewhere, and it is often not as far back in time as living members of the trees would like. Lovelock and Loveluck Family Trees are no different in this respect, but sometimes there are tempting glimpses of what 'might have been'.

Please follow
this link to read about the theories and associated research that apply to attempts to extend some of our trees and fragments back in time.

Proposed Trees and Fragments


This section describes projects which have helped or will help to fill some of the gaps in our records. Volunteers were sought to help with the work of extracting or transcribing records, and are still sought where the projects are incomplete.

Statistical Analyses

Although on-line sources now provide access to relatively large amounts of genealogical data, we have not embarked on any large scale analyses of any of that data as it affects or refers to Lovelocks. A start has been made, however, and the results of reviews of Adult and Infant Deaths, of Registered Births, and of National Probate Calendar data can be accessed here.

Suggestions for other analyses are most welcome, and these can be submitted through the Lovelock Mailing list:
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A potential addition to the Crime and Punishment page?

Marty Lovelock has asked if anyone can help regarding the following potential addition for the Crime and Punishment page for which he has not been able to verify the details of the crime. What he does have is family oral history concerning Thomas Charles Lovelock (of the Luckington-Dowdeswell Tree) born 1868, son of Thomas Charles and Sarah (nee Croucher). He was christened as Thomas Francis Albert but known by family and appeared in census documents as Thomas Charles. He is reputed to have been accused of embezzling, along with a fellow accountant, 250,000 from the Bank of England and running off to Australia to avoid capture, not to be heard of again.

This theft would have occurred after 1901 when he was still listed in the Census as a victualler, presumably in the Tally Ho Public House which his mother had inherited on his father's death. Marty's family know the pub was sold to a brewery some time before 1916, so they assume that Thomas then worked at the Bank in some accounting capacity as he had been schooled in that field.

Here's the dilemma: Marty is unable to identify that such a theft took place. He has searched the British Newspaper Archives from 1900 and found no reference, but wonders if the Bank may not have publicly acknowledged such activities. Thomas does not appear in the 1911 census so it seems quite possible that he had left the country, yet Marty is unable to find him among the passenger lists which he is able to search (but then, as a fugitive, he may have adopted an alias or possibly departed from a port on the Continent). Marty can also not find a record of him entering Australia.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to solve this family mystery?