Notable and Noteworthy Lovelocks

[With acknowledgement to Malcolm Lovelock, who provided quite a lot of additional information.]

Among the most well-known Lovelocks are:

  • John Edward (Jack) Lovelock (1910 - 1949):  Jack was a New Zealand runner who won a gold medal in the 1936 Olympics for the 1500 metres,
    which he ran in 3m 47.8s. See the Web page Jim and Jack Lovelock for more details, together with photographs.
      Jack appears in "Jack Lovelock Line - NZ runner" on the Lovelock Trees and Fragments for Other Count(r)ies page. There are also a
      number of hypothetical links to various Lovelock branches, but the evidence is not conclusive - see the notes on:

                                              Ancestors of John (Jack) Edward Lovelock 1910-1949, NZ Athlete.
       Early versions of some Lovelock trees and fragments also postulated links to Jack Lovelock, for example: