Tree of Jack Lovelock, New Zealand runner

Includes data supplied by Bob Chapman and Mary Lovelock

1 John Edward Lovelock Mining Engineer.
 + Sarah Leach
   2 John Edward Jones Lovelock b. abt 1866 Gloucester, England, d 20 Jun 
     Came to New Zealand abt 1893 aged 34 years. Lived in Reefton, New Zealand
     Mining Engineer/Farmer d: 20 Jun 1923 Fairlie, New Zealand. (cause - blockage of the 
     right coronary artery) bur: 22 Jun 1923 Fairlie, New Zealand
    + Olive Emma Griffiths b: abt 1885 Kumara, New Zealand, dau of Henry Griffiths
      and Eliza Unknown. d: 4 Jun 1906 Belgrove, New Zealand
      m.12 Sep 1904 Nelson, New Zealand. Aged 19 years.
    + Ivy Evelyn Harper b: 4 Dec 1883 Christchurch New Zealand
      d: 2 Oct 1963 Christchurch New Zealand (?) m.21 Dec 1907 Greymouth, New Zealand.
      3 Olive Harper Lovelock b.30 Sep 1908 Crushington, New Zealand
        (see also: Notes on Olive Harper Lovelock)
        d: 18 Sep 1996 Rotura, New Zealand
       + Brian John Rickman Butler b: 22 Sep 1919 Denedin, New Zealand
         son of John Butler and Evelyn Brickell
         m: 16 Jul 1942 Dunedin, New Zealand Family in Auckland/Taupo
      3 John Edward Lovelock b: 5 Jan 1910 Crushington, Reefton, New Zealand.
        Studied medicine at Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand. 
        Rhodes Scholar, Exeter College, Oxford University, studied physiology.
        Attached as doctor to British Army. Athlete in 1936 Berlin Olympics.
        (see also: Notes on John Edward Lovelock and Notable and Noteworthy Lovelocks)
        d. 28 Dec 1949 New York, New York, USA
       + Cynthia Wells James b: 8 Feb 1915 Brooklyn New York,
         dau of Warner James and Mary Rutherford d: 18 Feb 1979 New York
         m: 26 Mar 1945 London, England
         4 Mary Lovelock
         4 Janet Lovelock
      3 James Benjamin Lovelock b.1 May 1917 Temuka, New Zealand, 
        d. abt. 1 Sep 1943. Killed in action in WW2 during air raid over Germany 
        (Potsdam). Not married.
        (See also: Note on Flight Officer James Benjamin Lovelock)

See also the Notes on Ancestors of John (Jack) Edward Lovelock 1910-1949, NZ Athlete