Gloucestershire Lovelock Family Trees


This is a collection of trees which begin in Gloucestershire. There are links, in the 'Progenitor' column, to the corresponding individual using the Webtrees tool (LovelockTrees), which allows you to browse the whole tree and provides more information than the Descendant Tree. There are also links to the corresponding gedcom files.
Gloucestershire within England

Note: the gedcom file at LovelockTrees is always our most up-to-date version of a tree so is recommended as your first port of call.

Tree Name
Last Updated
Progenitor Gedcom
Number of Individuals
Total Lovelocks
A Shipton Moyne (Glos) and Derbyshire Tree 25-Nov-18 Thomas Lovelock b abt 1778, who was buried in 1830 at Shipton Moyne shipton-moyne
194 48
Dowdeswell (Glos) tree
23-Nov-18 Abraham Lovelock, who married Elizabeth Roberts on 12 May 1771 at Dowdeswell

Origins of the Trees

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A Shipton Moyne (Glos) and Derbyshire Tree
Based on data provided by Alan Whitaker, also includes contributions from Judy Flack, Steve Tanner and Paul Whitaker
Dowdeswell tree
One branch of this tree (descendants of Henry Loveluck b 1781, d 4Q 1863) was previously known as the Shoreditch - Queensland (Aus) tree, an initial version of which was included in the Early Lovelock Fragments,and an expanded version provided by Robert Sterry 10-Nov-2001, compiled by Gwen Eastment based on information provided by Ben Lovelock and Mary Jane Lovelock. It was extended to an earlier generation, with origins in Dowdeswell, Gloucestershire, by Graham lovelock in April 2009, and now includes other branches.

For some time this page also included two Fragments, which further research has now revealed are parts of a Tree with its roots in Wiltshire:

Tormarton with West Littleton (Gloucestershire) fragment
This fragment was based on the family of John and Sarah Lovelock, who baptised 6 children at St Mary Magdalen, Tormarton with West Littleton, Gloucestershire, between 1765 and 1777. This fragment was incorporated into the Luckington Tree (a part of the Wiltshire Lovelock Family Trees collection) on 28-Oct-14.
Bitton, Gloucestershire fragment
This fragment was also incorporated into the Luckington Tree (a part of the Wiltshire Lovelock Family Trees collection) on 28-Oct-14.