Lovelock and Loveluck Records from India

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There are just a few Lovelock records associated with the sub-continent, and most of them arose in relation to the military service of one Lovelock or another.

The data below has been transcribed from the imagery available at Findmypast so bear in mind that it may not be the complete 'Lovelocks and Lovelucks in India' record.

For some of the entries below links to the relevant entry in the appropriate family tree on the Webtrees website are provided.

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Bareilly, Bengal

(WR2)1908 Mar 22 Henry Charles Gregory son of Arthur Charles and Annie Elizabeth Lovelock of Bareilly (Colour Sergeant 1st Royal Scots Fusiliers) (born 24 Feb 1908)

Calcutta, Bengal (St Pauls Cathedral)

(Is)1890 Apr 18 Arthur Reginald son of Arthur Samuel and Janette Alexandrina Lovelock (Chartered Accountant) (born 26 Feb 1890)

Murree Gallis, Bengal

(Ly)1905 Aug 4 Richard Lionel son of John and Alice Elizabeth Lovelock of Gharial (Sergeant Major, 1st Wiltshire Regt) (born 23 July 1905)

Port Blair, Bengal

(WR2)1909 Dec 5 Arthur Frederick son of Arthur Charles and Annie Elizabeth Lovelock of Port Blair(Colr Sergt 1st Royal Scots Fusiliers) (born 16 Nov 1909)

Quetta, Bengal

(E)1904 Nov 27 Dorothy Gladys Mary daughter of Frederick and Priscilla Margaret Lovelock (Sergeant 1st West Yorkshire Regt) (born 4 Nov 1904)

Ranikhet, Bengal

(WR2)1906 Jun 20 Kathleen Winifred daughter of Arthur Charles and Annie Elizabeth Lovelock of Ranikhet (Sergt 1st Royal Scots Fusiliers) (born 29 May 1906)

Kodaikanal, Madras

(GL)1918 Oct 17 Eric Burton Loveluck

Masulipatam, Madras

1811 Sep 29 Miles son of James and Rozenah Lovelock (born 19 Aug 1811)


1813 Dec 25 Thomas Miles son of James and Rose Lovelock (Gunner A Company Car. Eur. Vet.Bn.) (born 1 Nov 1813)

Vizagapatam, Madras

1815 May 14 Mary Miles daughter of James Lovelock, Private of the Carnatic European Veteran Bn by a Native Woman (born 27 Apr 1815)
1817 Aug 10 Letitia daughter of James Lovelock and Rosannah (born 9 Jul 1817)

Tanjore, Tamil Nadu (Madras Christ Church)

(GL)1908 Dec 21 Dorothy Courtney daughter of Edward Burton and Ethel Loveluck of Negapatam (Assistant Superintendent Indian Police) (born 14 Oct 1908)



Calcutta, Bengal (St Pauls Cathedral)

(Is)1888 May 24 Arthur Samuel Lovelock, Full Age, Chartered Accountant, Bachelor of Calcutta and Jannette Alexandrina Scott, Full Age, Spinster of Ballygunge, fathers Samuel Lovelock and George Scott, witnesses Reg. Murray, Frances M Murray and R C Maudsley

Colabah, Bombay

1844 Apr 2 Edward Lees Coffey, 26, Clerk in the Post Office, Bachelor and Sarah Lovelock, 22, Spinster, fathers Edward Coffey and William Lovelock, witnesses Ann Dunn and John Hyland Dunn


(Ly)1934 Nov 8  David Daniel Lovelock, 29, and Ivy Edith Carrier Bowles, 29, widow, fathers David Lovelock and Arthur Carrier
(H-S)1952         Edgar Charles Lovelock, 30, and Anne Mckenzie Donaldson, 21

Madras, Madras

1817 Dec 4 John Reynolds and Rose Lovelock

Vizagapatam, Madras

1830 May 4 Thomas Taylor (Widower) of the CEV Battalion and Mary Lovelock, witnesses Jerry (?) and E Sullivan, T and Paulina Koeffe


Bannu, Bengal (St George's)

(StP-M)1897 Nov 12 Walter R Lovelock, age 21, Private 3rd Rifle Brigade (Died 11 Nov 1897 of Dysentery)

Bareilly, Bengal

(WR2)1908 Oct 25 Henry Charles Gregory Lovelock Son of Arthur Charles Lovelock Colour Sergeant, 1st Royal Scots Fusiliers (Died 24 Oct 1908 of Infantile Convulsions)

Calcutta, Bengal

1751 Mar 28 John Lovelock Soldier in Capt Fenwick's Company
(Is)1903 Nov 18 Arthur Samuel Lovelock, Accountant, aged 51 (died 18 Nov 1903)

Jhansi, Bengal

1898 Dec 20 George Lovelock, age 36, Pioneer Sergeant, East Surrey Regt. (Died the same day of Tubercle of the Lung)

Kasauli, Bengal

1899 Oct 2 John Lovelock, age 24, Lce Corporal XVI Lancers (Died 1 Oct 1899 Enteric Fever)

Ranikhet, Bengal

1903 Aug 12 George Lovelock, age 25, Pte 5th Dragoon Guards(Died the same day of Abscess of the Liver)


1844 Feb 12 John Lovelock, age 28, Private in HM 62d Regiment

Madras, Madras

1817 Jan 27 James Lovelock, aged 46 (died 27 Jan 1817)

Fort St George, Madras

1810 Dec 4 Wm Lovelock of HM 59th Regt (Funeral)

Trichinopoly, Madras

1817 Sep 22 Letitia daughter of James and Mary Lovelock (died 22 Sep 1817)

Vizagapatam, Madras

1814 Feb 14 Thomas Miles son of James Lovelock Gunner of the Car. Eur. Vet.Bn.
1828 Sep 18 Miles Lovelock base born son of Rosannah a Portuguese Woman, aged 17

E        = Epsom Fragment
Ly       = Lyneham Line
GL      = Glamorgan Lovelucks
H-S    = Hungerford-Shalbourne Tree
Is       = Islington Tree
StP-M = St Pancras (Main) Tree
WR2   = Wootton Rivers Tree 2

  The Carnatic European Veteran Battalion was composed of soldiers who had completed their service in Regular Battalions but were retained in the Veterans Battalion in case there was a need for defence of the Presidency, in this case of Madras. The Battalion was established in 1811 and disbanded in 1842.