Kent Lovelock Family Trees


The following table summarises the Lovelock trees that have their origins in Kent. The table includes a link (in the 'Tree Name' column) to the corresponding Descendant Tree. There is also a link, in the 'Progenitor' column, to the corresponding individual or marriage using the Webtrees tool (LovelockTrees), which allows you to browse the whole tree and provides more information than the Descendant Tree. There is also a link to the corresponding gedcom file where one exists.

Note: the gedcom file at LovelockTrees is always our most up-to-date version of a tree so is recommended as your first port of call.

Tree Name
Last Updated
Progenitor Gedcom
No. of Individuals
Total Lovelocks
Beckenham, Kent 17-Mar-2021 William Lovelock, born about 1804 in Beckenham, Kent, who married Sarah Brock Beckenham 180
Tonbridge, Kent
18-Jul-2019 Levi Lovelock, who married Maria Foreman at Tonbridge, Kent on 27 Jan 1793 tonbridge-kent 388
Sheerness Fragment
John Lovelock, who may or may not have been married to Maria Case


Origins of the Trees

Note: For details of recent updates and modifications to trees, see the What's New page.

Beckenham, Kent
This tree was compiled by Graham Lovelock, and was first added to the website, on the 'Work in Progress' page, on 19 January 2011.

Tonbridge, Kent
Based on the Kent Lovelocks descendant tree included in the Early Lovelock Fragments, which was derived from research by Gwen Eastment, with additions by Robert Sterry (in particular from Ancestral File). A gedcom file was produced from the descendant tree June 2008. This included a new branch provided by Graham Lovelock and Susan Bond, beginning with William Lovelock (1801-1879). Source references and additional entries supplied by Graham Lovelock, other contributions from Colin Borrot-Maloney, Nigel Gerdes and Graham Lovelock (NZ). Some female (non-Lovelock) branches of the previous version of the tree have been truncated.

Sheerness Fragment
This is a very small fragment, four of John and Maria's five children apparently disappearing without trace. Apart from the baptisms of the five children at Sheerness, two Census entries, one each in 1841 and 1851 at Bentham Buildings or Square in Minster, Kent, seem to be the only evidence of this family's existence. Any help to provide more details will be much appreciated.