Berkshire Lovelock Family Trees and Fragments


The following table summarises the Lovelock trees and fragments that have their origins in Berkshire. It includes links (in the 'Tree Name' column) to the corresponding Descendant Trees. There are also links for some of the trees, in the 'Progenitor' column, to the Lovelock Webtrees portal (LovelockTrees). Webtrees is a tool for dynamic visualisation of genealogy data on a Web site. Essentially, all the available data in the gedcom file is accessible, including not only direct descendants of the progenitor of one of the trees, but any individuals to which the descendants are related in any way. In addition, all aspects of the data can be examined, including source references, notes, etc. There are also links in the table to the corresponding gedcom file itself where one exists.
Berkshire within England

Note: the gedcom file at LovelockTrees is always our most up-to-date version of a tree so is recommended as your first port of call.

Tree Name
Number of Individuals
Aldermaston 23-Nov-18 Edward Loveluck, who was buried on 7 Mar 1701 at Sulhamstead Abbots, Berkshire aldermaston 198 89*
A Bucklebury Fragment
Gabriel Lovelock who married Sarah Wood in Croydon, Surrey in 1824

Beenham - Berks 03-Jul-18 James Lovelock, who was buried on 24 Mar 1800 at Beenham, Berkshire Beenham 167 78
John Lovelock  who married Elizabeth Oxlade in Bray, Berkshire, in 1774
The Brimpton Branch
See notes below this table.
Hungerford - Shalbourne 08-Oct-18 John Lovelock who married Sarah Dore on 29 Apr 1770 at Hungerford, Berkshire
hungerford 315
Lambourn - Sparsholt 25-Nov-18 John Lovelock who may have married a Jane or Jean, otherwise unknown, and Mary Drue on 1 Nov 1708, and who was buried on 10 Nov 1724 at Lambourn, Berkshire
lambourn 474
Shaw cum Donnington Tree 03-Jul-18
Edward Lovelock, who married Hannah Stockwell on 4 Sep 1692 at Shaw cum Donnington, Berkshire shaw-berks 223
25-Nov-18 Thomas Lovelock, who married Joane Unknown, and was buried in Fawley, Berkshire on 14 Jan 1708
A Thatcham Fragment
Edward Lovelock who married Elizabeth Downham on 1 Jun 1634 at Thatcham, Berkshire
Wallingford Berks Line 9-Oct-18
John Lovelock b abt 1740, who married Mary Whitwick at Wallingford, Berkshire on 15 Nov 1779 wallingford 1586 469

* = including variants

Details and Origins of Trees

Note: For details of revisions to the various trees, consult the What's New page.

The Wallingford Berks Line

(Previously known as the Reading and Oxfordshire Lovelock Line)
Note: Historically, Wallingford was in the county of Berkshire, although it is now in Oxfordshire.

This line was originally researched by Gwen Eastment (née Lovelock). Robert Sterry and John Lovelock are now the main contributors to research on this Line, which also stretches into Oxfordshire.
For more details of the Sterry connection, see Robert's Sterry Worldwide Web pages.

Details for Remaining Trees

Aldermaston. This tree was produced by Graham Lovelock by merging two previous Aldermaston trees (see below), together with a number of changes and additions (see entry in What's New file for 21-Mar-08). First version on Web site: 21 Mar 2008

Aldermaston Tree1 and Aldermaston Tree 2 were submitted by Graham Lovelock and first appeared on the Web site on 7 Jul 2005.

A Bucklebury Fragment was originally added to the 'Work in Progress' page of the website on 6 Nov 2012. The 'Lovelocks in Berkshire' data currently has a gap in the Bucklebury records in the period when Gabriel was apparently born, so there is no clear indication of the identities of his parents. There are believed to be no living Lovelocks who are part of this Fragment.

Beenham - Berks (previously known as the Berkshire - Cheshire - Lancashire Connection)
A tree with its origins in Beenham, Berkshire, which extends to Cheshire and Lancashire. Contributed by Graham Lovelock
First version: 15-Sep-05. Updated 10-Jul-06, 17-Sep-06, 31-Mar-08. See What's New file for details.

The Brimpton Branch There are a number of possibilities relating to the progenitors of this fragment, none of which may apparently be excluded by the existing evidence. They are :
1. That Thomas was the man baptised at Hungerford in 1774, which would be consistent with his age at burial.
2. That Sarah was the Sarah Lane born at Thatcham in 1785, and that she married Thomas at Kingsclere in 1805.
3. That said Thomas had previously married Martha Dopson in 1802, despite there being no apparent burial of Martha in our records.
4. That the man who married Martha Dopson was the Thomas baptised at Ramsbury in 1781.
5. That the Thomas baptised at Ramsbury in 1781 married Sarah Lane at Kingsclere in 1805, although this would not be consistent with his age at burial.
6. That Thomas and Sarah, the progenitors of this fragment, are an as-yet-undiscovered couple.
    [John Lewis believes 1. and 2. to be the case, and has incorporated the relevant information into his Kingsclere families database.]
Links to supporting Census entries elsewhere on the website are included at the end of the fragment, which was added to the website on 12 Nov 2012.

The Hungerford- Shalbourne Tree was produced with some help from Graham Lovelock, especially with census records which helped in constructing the later generations. The 'Burghfield branch', descendants of Thomas Lovelock (1813-1865) was added later, and was developed by Graham Lovelock with contributions from Robin Lovelock and James Loveluck. There is also a gedcom file available from the gedcoms page.
First version: 12 Sep 2006, Burghfield branch added 24 Nov 2007.

Lambourn/Sparsholt Tree: A preliminary version of this tree was first provided by Robert Sterry on 15 Jan 2004, and incorporated material from Gwen Eastment and Janet Hearle. A more complete version was provided by Graham Lovelock 10 Jan 2005, and in revised form on 24-Jan-05. This version also included additional material and corrections from Sian Davies, Michelle Lovelock, Nigel Gerdes, Michael Bousher and "Living Bowden".

Shaw cum Donnington Tree: This tree was submitted by John Lewis and first appeared on the Lovelock Web site on 13 Nov 2004. Later extensions were proposed by Graham Lovelock, Nigel Gerdes and John Lewis.

Swallowfield-Heckfield-Worplesdon Tree: This tree was formed by a merger of the Swallowfield/Heckfield Tree, which was originally submitted by John Lewis, who is descended from Thomas Lewington, son of Jonathon Lewington and Elizabeth Lovelock, and of the Worplesdon (Surrey) Tree, when a John Lovelock born 1765 or 1766 was identified as being common to both. The original trees first appeared on the website in 2004 and 2006 respectively. The combined tree first appeared on the Lovelock Web site on 3 Sep 2012.

A Thatcham Fragment: This Fragment begins with Edward Lovelock who married Elizabeth Downham on 1 Jun 1634 at Thatcham. Their great-grandson Francis, baptised at Thatcham on 8 Jul 1711, has been suggested by John Lewis as the progenitor of the Kingsclere Line. There is presently no independent evidence to support the suggestion. The Fragment was originally added to the 'Work in Progress' page of the website on 9 Jan 2013.