Wiltshire Lovelock Family Trees


Wiltshire within England

Based largely on the pioneering work of the late Gwen Eastment, and using the "Lovelocks by Parish" collections, we have built up a number of Lovelock trees and fragments for Wiltshire. The following table summarises the most substantial of these and includes links (in the 'Tree Name' column) to the corresponding Descendant Trees. There are also links, in the 'Progenitor' column, to the corresponding individual using the Webtrees tool (LovelockTrees), which allows you to browse the whole tree and provides more information than the Descendant Tree. There are also links to the corresponding gedcom file.

Note: the gedcom file at LovelockTrees is always our most up-to-date version of a tree so is recommended as your first port of call.

Tree Name
No. of Individuals
31-Jan-2021 An unidentified Lovelock whose son John Lovelock was born between 1772 and 1776 and married Sarah Clifford in Cholderton in 1796.
Collingbourne Kingston
17-Mar-2021 John Lovelock who was born between 1749 and 1750 and buried in 1823 at South Tidworth, Hampshire. Collingbourne Kingston
Richard Lovelock who was buried on 24 Nov 1760 at Easton Royal.
wilts-trees1 3717
31-Jan-2021 An Unknown Lovelock whose family included at least two children - a son named John and a daughter named Ann. Luckington-Dowdeswell
Lyneham 31-Dec-2020
Abraham Lovelock  who was buried on 3 Jan 1703 at Wroughton. wilts-trees2 1360
Lyneham 2 6-May-2020 Hannah Lovelock  whose son William was baptised on 17 Mar 1816 at Lyneham. wilts-trees2 54
6-May-2020 Thomas Lovelock who was buried on 16 Jan 1695 at Ramsbury.
wilts-trees2 63
31-Dec-2020 John Lovelock who was buried on 20 Apr 1835 at Shrewton.
wilts-trees2 121
Tangley *
(formerly the Hampshire Line)
29-Dec-2020 John Lovelock who married Elizabeth Cruse at Tidcombe, Wiltshire on 18 May 1761. wilts-trees1 687
6-May-2020 John Lovelock who married Agnes Deademan on 24 Sep 1599 at Warminster.
wilts-trees2 28
Wiltshire-Cornwall Tree 11-Dec-2019 Robert Lovelock who was born in 1749 or 1750 at Easton Royal.
wilts-cornwall 95
Wootton Rivers 29-Dec-2020 Thomas Lovelock who married Sarah Brown on 3 Mar 1760 at Overton. wilts-trees1 240
Wootton Rivers 2
31-Dec-2020 John Lovelock who was buried on 28 Mar 1749 at Wootton Rivers.
wilts-trees2 166 76
Wroughton/Tidcombe 3-May-2020
John Lovelock (of Woolston) who married Elizabeth Wilde on 14 Oct 1697. ropley-tidcombe 686

* Note: Although the Tangley Tree can be considered as a Hampshire Tree it has also been included in the Wiltshire Trees because it contains links to the Lieflock Line.

** Note: Includes Spicer-Lovelocks

Note that the figures, which correspond to data as of the date indicated, are approximate and may change as the tree is modified or added to. The number of entries can differ significantly from the number of Lovelocks, depending on how many female branches are pursued. Thus, the number of Lovelocks in a tree is probably a better metric than the total number of entries. The statistics are for descendant trees of the progenitors, which do not include, for example, ancestors of spouses.

Dynamic Browsing of the Wiltshire Trees

You can browse the Wiltshire Trees through the Lovelock Webtrees portal. Webtrees is a tool for dynamic visualisation of genealogy data on a Web site. Essentially all the available data is accessible, including not only direct descendants of the progenitor of one of the trees, but any individuals to which the descendants are related in any way. In addition, all aspects of the data can be examined, including source references, notes, etc.

There are three Webtrees databases for the Wiltshire Trees
(clicking a link will open a new browser window on the Webtrees site, and take you to the individual at the top of the corresponding tree):

Details for the Different Trees

The Lieflock Line
The most complete tree which we have built up is The Lieflock Line, starting from Richard Lieflock (Lovelock), who was probably born about 1680 and died in 1760, and extending to this century. This tree builds on a number of fragments, in particular for Burbage, Easton Royal, Great Bedwyn and Milton Lilbourne, but also includes additional data from Robert Sterry, and from Gwen Eastment and others concerning Australian Lovelock emigrants, together with numerous other contributions on specific branches.

The elaboration of the Lieflock Line has been the subject of extensive correspondence between a number of people, and you will find some of the details in the Update History of the Lieflock Line. However, this update history only covers the period up to March 2005, after which details of updates to the Lieflock Line, and all other trees, can be found on the What's New page, or in the Log Files for less recent updates.

Details for the Remaining Trees

Cholderton: This tree was originally added to the website under the title of the 'Stinchcombe Gloucestershire Tree', but subsequent analysis of Parish Register data showed that the presumed progenitor of that tree had been baptised in West Cholderton Parish in Wiltshire, so the name was changed to reflect that.

Collingbourne Kingston: Some of the material in this tree was originally contained in the Cholderton Tree, but subsequently determined to be a separate branch of Lovelocks.

Luckington-Dowdeswell Tree: This present tree is predicated on the assumption that Abraham Lovelock, who was formerly presented as the progenitor of a Dowdeswell Tree, was in fact a great-great-grandson of the Unknown Lovelock at the head of the former Luckington Tree. The Tree was first added to the website on 25 February 2019.

The family of the Unknown Lovelock who headed the former Luckington tree included at least two children - a son named John and a daughter named Ann. We do not know when they were born, although John's Will, in which they are named, is dated 2 August 1707 and was probated on 7 November 1707. The Tree was actually a combination of two Fragments based in Gloucestershire - the Bitton Fragment and the Tormarton with West Littleton Fragment - with substantial additional and earlier data from Wiltshire records, which came to light as a result of the availability of the Will of John Lovelock, the son of John above, who died at Bitton in 1771. The Luckington tree was first added to the website on 28 October 2014.

Lyneham: This tree first appeared as Fragment 15 of the updated collection of Lovelock family tree fragments and was later extended using data from Catherine Lovelock and material from Susan Lovelock, in particular links to Wroughton, Etchilhampton and Bishops Cannings fragments. In Nov 2004, the Nevada Lovelocks tree, previously a separate tree including information from Chris Knight, Richard Dowd and Jack Lovelock, was connected to the Lyneham Line, via Daniel Lovelock who was baptised on 3 Mar 1793 at Compton Bassett.

Lyneham 2: On 13 December 2002 James added a first version of this tree as Fragment 16 of the updated collection of Lovelock family tree fragments. This version included material provided by John Gough and Samuel Lovelock.



Tangley Tree: This tree (previously known as "The Hampshire Line") was first included in the original compilation of Lovelock family tree fragments as Fragment 10.


Wiltshire-Cornwall Tree: This tree was provided by Leonard Robert Lovelock and Jeremy Lovelock. The first version was added to the Web Site on 18 January 2006, and was updated on 11 July 2006 to include additional material. See the What's New Log file from 2006 for details.

Wootton Rivers:

Wootton Rivers 2: From information provided by Kathleen Pearson, a tree was constructed which on 26 December 2003 was first included as Fragment 19 of the updated collection of Lovelock family tree fragments and known as the Marlborough Tree. Research by Alyson Lovelock showed that the progenitor of the tree was a member of the Wootton Rivers 2 fragment, and on 11 February 2012 the two were merged.

Wroughton/Tidcombe: This tree was first added to the Web Site on 5 October 2004; an updated version was provided on 30 November 2004. There is also an annotated version of this tree (PDF format) which includes comments and supporting evidence. Prompted by a query from Charlotte Huggins a link between the Wroughton - Tidcombe (Wilts) and Ropley, Crondall and Dogmersfield (Hants) trees was discovered, and so a gedcom file that includes both trees was created by James Loveluck on 16 July 2013.