Update History for the Lieflock Line

The original collection of Lovelock fragments collected together by Robert Sterry, and based on the research by Gwen Eastment and Graham Lovelock, contained a fragment labelled "Fragment 10 bis". Robert subsequently produced an extended version of this fragment, which became known as the Lieflock line, after the progenitor Richard Lieflock (Lieflock being one of the variants on the Lovelock name).

In April 2000 Graham Lovelock provided some comprehensive Notes on the Lieflock Line. Graham also provided some Notes on Sources.

Robert Sterry provided some Comments on Graham's Comments on the Lieflock Line (also version in Word format).

Graham Lovelock in turn provided a Response to Robert's Comments on Graham's Comments on the Lieflock Line

I have now updated my database to take into account these comments. Updates are reflected in a note on Lieflock Line Actions which is based on the above notes, with annotations (in blue) describing the changes I have made to my database in response to the different comments (last updated 22-Mar-03).

Subsequently, further additions and corrections have been made to the Lovelock database, and the current state of affairs is always reflected in:

An update to The Lieflock Line was made on 8-Jun-04 and includes the following changes:
An update to The Lieflock Line was made on 25-Aug-04. This update resulted from extensive cross-checking of the previous version of the database against the "Lovelocks in Wiltshire by Parish" file. A number of points were discussed by email during July and August 2004, and the resulting consensus was incorporated in an update of the gedcom file and the corresponding version of The Lieflock Line. One important change is the linking of a substantial part of a previously isolated Wootton Rivers tree into the Lieflock Line, with the identification of the John Lovelock who married Elizabeth Hillier at Preschute 10 Aug 1813 as the son of John Lovelock and Elizabeth Hancock, bap. 31 Aug 1788 at Wootton Rivers.

An update to The Lieflock Line was made on 30-Nov-04. This was a minor update which included details concerning the children of George L (bap. 14 Jun 1815 at Gt Bedwyn) and his second wife Eliza Fisher II including data provided by Jean Gilmore and Graham Lovelock, together with some minor corrections and additions.

Updated 31-Jan-05. Additional details concerning the family of Thomas Lovelock (bap 6-Dec-1761 at Tangley) and Ann Hull (identification of surname also new), including 3 additional children. This follows an extended discussion between Graham Lovelock and Robin Lovelock.

Update 9-Mar-05: