Hampshire Lovelock Family Trees and Fragments


Hampshire within England
The following table summarises the Lovelock trees with their origins in Hampshire. It includes links (in the 'Tree Name' column) to the corresponding Descendant Trees. There are also links, in the 'Progenitor' column, to the corresponding individual using the Webtrees tool (LovelockTrees), which allows you to browse the whole tree and provides more information than the Descendant Tree. There is also a link to the corresponding gedcom file, if one exists.

Note: the gedcom file at LovelockTrees is always our most up-to-date version of a tree so is recommended as your first port of call.

Tree Name Last
Progenitor Gedcom
No. of Individuals
Total Lovelocks
A Baughurst Fragment 17-Dec-2014 Francis Lovelock who married Ann Dovey Marshall in the church of St Lawrence at Reading, Berkshire on 20 May 1806.   53 21
Compton 4-Mar-2021 Unknown LOVELOCK (sons Thomas b 1763/4 and Christian b 1767/8, both buried at Compton) compton 492
Froyle 23-Jan-2021 John Lovelock (married Elizabeth Cooper 9 Feb 1771 at Froyle, Hants) Froyle 114 42
Hampshire-Suffolk- Rutland-Herefordshire 31-Jan-2021 Thomas Lovelock (married Lydia Carter 21 Nov 1771 at Twyford, Hants) hants-hereford 221
Kingsclere 4-Mar-2021 Francis Lovelock (married Ann Payne 8 May 1743 at Kingsclere) kingsclere 805
Monxton 31-Jan-2021 Richard Lovelock, born in 1773 or 1774, who married Mary Munday at Amport on 15 Dec 1795. monxton 80 29
Portsmouth 31-Jan-2021 James Lovelock (married Susannah Hick 13 Mar 1800 at Portsea) portsmouth 204
Ropley, Crondall, Dogmersfield 3-May-2020 Noah Lovelock b abt 1701 (married Ann Finden 29 Oct 1730 at Bradley) ropley-tidcombe 1371
(previously called The Hampshire Line)
29-Dec-2020 John Lovelock (married Elizabeth Cruse at Tidcombe, Wilts, 18 May 1761) wilts-trees1 687
(now included in the Hampshire-Suffolk-Rutland-Herefordshire tree above)
? Frederick Lovelock (Naval Officer, born about 1850 at Wesmill) hants-hereford 19 15
A Wherwell Fragment - SEE THE NOTE BELOW 8-Jan-2015 John Lovelock of Longparish who married Mary Emmins at Wherwell on 4 Dec 1731   23 14

Details and Origins of Trees

Note: For details of recent updates and modifications to trees, see the What's New page.

A Baughurst Fragment In the 1851 Census Francis' place of birth was recorded as 'Baughurst, Hampshire', but our 'Lovelocks in Hampshire' data does not include any Baughurst entries at all to confirm this. It is believed that there are no living Lovelock descendants of Francis. The fragment was first added to the Web Site on 12 January 2014.

Compton Tree: This tree begins in Compton, Winchester. The first version of the tree was provided by Graham Lovelock and Robin Lovelock on 15 September 2006 and was updated on 30 September 2007. A gedcom file for the tree was produced and added to the Web Site on 5 October 2008, and this included additional material provided mainly by Graham and Robin Lovelock, together with a contribution from Jim Martin concerning the family of Eleanor Rosina Nicholls LOVELOCK and William WILLIS.

Froyle, Hants, tree
This tree was contributed by Graham Lovelock, and was first added to the Web Site, on the 'Work in Progress' page on 2 February 2010.

Hampshire-Suffolk-Rutland-Herefordshire Tree The initial version of this tree was constructed in September 2005 by Nigel Gerdes and Graham Lovelock; a gedcom file for the tree was first produced in March 2007, and was considerably enhanced by Robin Lovelock in September 2007.

Kingsclere Tree: This tree was submitted by John Lewis and it was first included in the updated collection of Lovelock family tree fragments as Fragment 18. The tree was later updated to include further contributions from John Lewis, and from Nigel Gerdes and Graham Lovelock. Note that John Lewis has proposed an extension of this line back 4 generations to Edward Lovelock and Elizabeth Downham, who had 3 children baptised in Thatcham, Berkshire between 1636 and 1641.

Portsmouth Tree: This tree is based on one submitted by Roger Hobbs in March 2006. However, the proposed connection to the Ropley, Crondall and Dogmersfield Tree is not included in this tree, since evidence for this connection is lacking - see the Note on the Proposed Link Between the Portsmouth and Ropley Trees. This version of the Portsmouth Tree also includes contributions from Shirley Rush (via Jeremy Lovelock) and Graham Lovelock.

Ropley, Crondall, Dogmersfield Tree: This tree was first submitted by Mary and Roger Perry (via Graham Lovelock), was later updated to include the branch of James Ephraim Lovelock, and additional information provided by Alison Vickery, Daphne King, Colin Borrott-Maloney and Chris Knight was also incorporated. Prompted by a query from Charlotte Huggins a link between the Ropley, Crondall and Dogmersfield (Hants) and Wroughton - Tidcombe (Wilts) trees was discovered, and so a gedcom file that includes both trees was created by James Loveluck on 16 July 2013.
A Variant of this tree was provided by Mike and Alison Turner

Tangley Tree: This tree (previously known as "The Hampshire Line") was provided by Graham Lovelock and was first included in the original compilation of Lovelock family tree fragments as Fragment 10.

Wesmill Tree: This tree was first included in the original compilation of Lovelock family tree fragments as Fragment 6.
Note that, following a suggestion of Nigel Gerdes, this fragment has been included in the Hampshire-Suffolk- Rutland-Herefordshire Tree

A Wherwell Fragment The Wherwell Marriage Register records that the progenitor, John Lovelock, was 'of Longparish' at the time of his marriage to Mary Emmins, and his age at death indicates a birth in 1708 or 1709. Our 'Lovelocks in Hampshire' data does not include any Longparish entry to confirm this. There are no living Lovelock descendants of John. The fragment was first added to the website on 8 January 2015. On 12 July 2020 the Fragment was merged into the Tangley Tree following a review which determined that Gladys May Mitchener, a sixth generation descendant of John Lovelock, had married a George Lovelock from the Tangley Tree.