Updates to the Lovelock Gedcom File

Updated 22-Mar-03

This update covers all the comments in the discussion between Graham Lovelock and Robert Sterry on the Lieflock line, apart from a small number of comments for which there was no agreed conclusion.
This update also includes additional data on some Lieflock line branches, including:

Updated 4-Mar-03. Changes include:

Updated 16-Feb-03. Changes include:

This includes data from the IGI, the British Vital Records (BVR) CD-ROM and some Parish Registers
(mainly Easton Royal, Gt Bedwyn, Burbage and Ramsbury).
Much work has been done on eliminating duplicates and merging individuals into families, but this work is not complete.
Finally, Robert has added quite a lot of data from Gwen and Shaun Fitzpatrick, mostly Australian Lovelock descendants.
Note that, in order to protect the innocent, living individuals have been excluded from both the gedcom file and the Lieflock Line descendant report.