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The purpose of this Web Site is to collect together family history information concerning families with the Lovelock name, and related versions of it.
Such collections of information, which are not restricted to a single family, are often referred to as One Name Studies; however, neither this Web
Site nor the name Lovelock have been registered with the
Guild of One Name Studies.


The Web Site is very much a collective effort, and many people have made contributions. As far as possible I have tried to acknowledge the
individual(s) concerned, in specific instances, but no doubt I've made some omissions for which I apologise.

For those who are interested, there is an
 overview of the origins and evolution of the Web site, with an indication of the major contributors.

How the Material is Organised

Navigating the Web Site

In order to structure the information, it has been organised into six main sections, which are shown in the menu bar which can be found in
most cases at the top of each Web Site page. Each of these main sections is divided into a number of sub-sections, which are displayed in
roll-down menus, revealed by hovering your cursor over the main section items in the menu bar. Clicking on items in the roll-down menu will
take you to the corresponding Web Site page.

Following is a brief description of each of the main sections:


Apart from providing this Introduction, this section is a bit of a catch-all for material which doesn't fit easily anywhere else. It includes:
  • What's New:                        provides details of recent changes to the Web site and links to logs of changes made in previous years
  • Useful Links:                        provides links to family history information sources and Web Sites of interest to Lovelock family historians
  • Mailing List:                         provides information on how to subscribe to the Lovelock Mailing List 
  • Search:                                a tool for searching for information on this Lovelock Family Web Site
  • Additions and Corrections:  what to do if you find we have missing or incorrect information

News & General

This section includes links to:
  • Information about the 'Lovelocks Alive!' gathering held in Hungerford in June 2004
  • The different editions of the 'Lovelock Lines' Newsletter
  • Documents on the origins of the Lovelock name, together with a note on several variants
  • Lovelock distribution - a collection of tables, maps and charts showing how the distribution of Lovelocks throughout the UK has changed through
    the years, using data obtained from census returns for the years 1841 to 1901
  • Notable and Noteworthy Lovelocks - some information about Lovelocks who have made their name in a number of areas
  • Other Matters of Interest - some odds and ends of information relating to individual Lovelocks or the Lovelock name
  • Some collections of photographs of places associated with Lovelock family history, including photographs of a number of gravestones

This section contains records of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from Parish Registers and other sources, including the LDS IGI, etc. There is
also a large collection of Census entries. Much of the material is organised by individual county, mainly the English counties, although there is
also a section for general source material covering more than one county.

There are in addition smaller collections of data for Australia,
Canada, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, the USA, and the West Indies.

Trees & Fragments

A large number of Lovelock family trees have been constructed, and these are generally grouped according to the county in which they have
their origin, although some of them ultimately straddle several counties, and in several cases more than one country.

LovelockTrees: This Web-based genealogy software (Webtrees) allows you to browse databases corresponding to each Lovelock family tree.
This gives access to much more information than that included in the descendant trees, including details of data sources, etc.

Gedcom Files  Gedcom files for many of the Lovelock trees can be downloaded from this section. Gedcom files will only be useful to you if you use a genealogy
software program. Gedcom files use a program-independent data format to represent family history data. This enables family history information
to be shared between genealogy programs. 

Work in Progress  This section provides a home for material which is somewhat tentative or incomplete. It is also used to pose questions about possible connections
and for 'missing persons' or 'strays' who don't seem to fit into any of our current trees.

Please don't hesitate to contribute!


Site Policy

Most of the information on this Web Site has been obtained from public documents available in published form, at historical archives
and on-line. Some information has been supplied by private individuals about their own families. The privacy of living persons is
respected. Information supplied by individuals about their own relatives who may still be alive will not be publicly displayed on this
website. The note on
Site Policy contains a more detailed statement.


Additions and Corrections

 We welcome additions and corrections to the data on this Web Site. If you can contribute any please use our Mailing List to advise us,
or alternatively use one of the contact addresses at the bottom of the page of our Webtrees tool.