Gedcom Files

Gedcom is an acronym standing for Genealogical Data Communication. The specification for Gedcom files was originally developed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as an aid to genealogical research. Gedcom files will only be useful to you if you use a genealogy software program.

What are Gedcom Files?

Gedcom files use a program-independent data format to represent family history data. This enables family history information to be shared between different genealogy programs. Most modern genealogy programs can export the data from the program database as a gedcom file, which can be imported into a different genealogy program. The gedcom format is supposed to be a standard (the latest version of the standard is 5.5) which defines how the data is formatted in the file. Unfortunately, many software programs do not adhere rigorously to the standard, and have their own extensions to it. This means that it is not always possible to share all the information between different programs. However, most of the basic information is usually imported and exported correctly between programs. When we generate the gedcom files for this Web site we use an option of our genealogy programs which is supposed to produce files compatible with the gedcom 5.5 standard. Please let us know if you have problems importing any of the gedcom files on this website.

What use is a Gedcom File?

The short answer is that the gedcom file can contain much more information than that included in a descendant tree.

The family trees which are, for instance, presented in the Lovelock Family Trees Overview section of this website display basic information about the descendants (and spouses of descendants) of the progenitor of the tree; the information includes the name and dates of birth/baptism, marriage, death/burial for each descendant (and the descendant's spouse) where available.  However, when one does family history research one collects much more than this basic information, including:
Genealogy software programs are able to store all this information, and are able to export it to a gedcom file in order to share it with other family historians, who may be using a different genealogy program.

Available Gedcom Files

The following table lists the available Lovelock gedcom files with a short description of what they contain. Further details concerning some of the files are provided below the table. In most cases a gedcom file contains a single tree; however for historical reasons this is not the case for the Wiltshire and Middlesex trees, for which the gedcom files contain several trees, as described below.

To download a gedcom file, right click on the corresponding link in the left hand column of the table below, and select a folder to save the file to.

Note that the latest update information concerning the different files is provided on the What's New page.

Gedcom Name

(right click on the link in the column below to download the desired gedcom file)


Wiltshire Trees 1 This gedcom file contains the following trees:
- The Lieflock Line
- The Tangley Tree (see footnote)
- The Wootton Rivers Tree
Wiltshire Trees 2 This gedcom file contains the following trees:
- The Lyneham Line
- The Ramsbury Tree
- The Shrewton Tree
- The Warminster Tree
- The Wootton Rivers Tree 2
- The Lyneham Tree 2
Wiltshire Extras This gedcom file contains a collection of Wiltshire tree fragments and isolated families, which had not been connected to any of the established Wiltshire trees listed above at the time maintenance of the file was terminated. 23-Oct-2006
Wiltshire and beyond
This file consists of the aggregate of the above three gedcom files, as they were on 29 Sep 06. Since that date the file has not been updated. Any new or modified data will have been included in one or other of the top two files above.
Wiltshire - Cornwall Descendants of Robert Lovelock b abt 1749/50 at Easton Royal, Wilts, who married Jane Taye on 15 Oct 1815 at Budock, Cornwall. 18-Jul-2019
Collingbourne Kingston
This tree begins with John Lovelock born between 1749 and 1750, and buried in 1823 at South Tidworth, Hampshire.
Ropley - Tidcombe
This gedcom file contains the following trees:
- The Ropley - Crondall - Dogmersfield Tree
- The Wroughton - Tidcombe Tree
This tree starts with an unidentified Lovelock whose son John Lovelock born between 1772 and 1776 married Sarah Clifford in Cholderton in 1796. 18-Jul-2019
This tree starts with an unidentified Lovelock with children John and Ann who were born some time before 1707. 18-Jul-2019

Aldermaston The progenitor of this tree is Edward Loveluck, bur 7 Mar 1701 at Sulhamstead Abbots, Berks. 18-Jul-2019
Beenham- Berks The progenitor of this tree, James Lovelock, married 9 Nov 1760 at  Beenham, Berkshire; the tree extends into Cheshire and Lancashire. 18-Jul-2019
Bray-USA A tree which begins with John Lovelock and Elizabeth Oxlade who married in Bray, Berkshire, on 5 Dec 1774. 18-Jul-2019
Hungerford - Shalbourne A tree which begins with John Lovelock who married Sarah Dore on 29 Apr 1770 at Hungerford (Berks) with links to Shalbourne (Wilts/Berks) and beyond. 18-Jul-2019
Lambourn - Sparsholt This tree begins with John Lovelock, who may have married a Jane or Jean, otherwise unknown, and Mary Drue on 1 Nov 1708, and who was buried on 10 Nov 1724 at Lambourn, Berkshire. 18-Jul-2019
Shaw cum Donnington Descendants of Edward Lovelock and Hannah Stockwell who married at Shaw cum Donnington (Berks) on 4 Sep 1692. 18-Jul-2019
Descendants of Thomas and Joane Lovelock, who were buried at Fawley, Berkshire but whose origins and place of marriage are unknown. 18-Jul-2019
Wallingford Berkshire Tree Gwen Eastment's, Robert Sterry's and John Lovelock's Line. Mostly Berkshire but also extends into Oxfordshire and as far as Australia. 18-Jul-2019

Wiltshire Trees 1 This gedcom file contains:
- The Tangley Tree (see footnote)
This tree begins with an Unknown LOVELOCK who had sons Thomas born 1763/4 and Christian born 1767/8, both buried at Compton. 18-Jul-2019
Progenitor John Lovelock, married Elizabeth Cooper at Froyle on 9 Feb 1771. 18-Jul-2019
Hants - Suffolk - Rutland - Herefordshire A tree which begins with the marriage of Thomas Lovelock to Lydia Carter at Twyford, Hants on 21 Nov 1771 and extends through Suffolk, Rutland and Herefordshire, and on to New Zealand. 18-Jul-2019
Kingsclere Descendants of Francis Lovelock and Ann Payne who married on 8 May 1743 at Kingsclere, Hants. 18-Jul-2019
This tree begins with the marriage of Richard Lovelock and Mary Munday at Amport, Hants on 15 Oct 1795.
Portsmouth This tree is based on a gedcom file submitted by Roger Hobbs in March 2006. However, additional material is included, but Roger's proposed connection to the Ropley, Crondall and Dogmersfield Tree is not. 18-Jul-2019
Ropley - Tidcombe
This gedcom file contains the following trees:
- The Ropley - Crondall - Dogmersfield Tree
- The Wroughton - Tidcombe Tree
London & Middlesex

Islington Descendants of Thomas Lovelock and Sarah Unknown 18-Jul-2019
Lambeth (London), Australia & NZ
Descendants of Stephen Lovelock and Elizabeth Jones of Lambeth.
This gedcom file contains the following trees:
- St Pancras (main) Tree
- Bethnal Green Tree
New Brentford Descendants of William Lovelock and Sarah Unknown 18-Jul-2019
Descendants of William Lovelock, born 1804/5 Stepney, Middlesex.
2nd Stepney
Descendants of William Lovelock and Jane Unknown 18-Jul-2019
2nd St Pancras
Descendants of Richard LOVELOCK and Mary UNKNOWN
Richard LOVELOCK and Mary COOPER

Farnham, Surrey
Descendants of Stephen Lovelock born abt 1782/3 at Farnham, Surrey. 18-Jul-2019

Shipton Moyne and Derbyshire Descendants of Thomas Lovelock & Mary Saunders, married 16 Jun 1799 at Shipton Moyne, Glos. 18-Jul-2019
Other Counties

Beckenham, Kent Descendants of William Lovelock born about 1804 in  Beckenham, Kent 18-Jul-2019
Bridgwater Fragment (Somerset) Descendants of Charles Lovelock, married Catherine Player at Glastonbury 7 Feb 1725 18-Jul-2019
Hambleden-Tasmania Descendants of Thomas Lovelock and Elizabeth Willis, marr 1 Oct 1738 at Hambleden, Buckinghamshire 18-Jul-2019
Tonbridge, Kent
Descendants of Levi Lovelock, married Maria Foreman at Tonbridge, Kent 27 Jan 1793 18-Jul-2019

Note: Although the Tangley Tree is mainly based in Hampshire, it is included in the Wiltshire Trees 1 gedcom file because there is a link (by marriage) between this tree and the Lieflock Line.

Details and Update Histories

Note: As of March 2005 update details can be found on the What's New page, or in the Log Files for each year back to 1998.

Wiltshire Trees 1 and Wiltshire Trees 2

These files contain a collection of Wiltshire Lovelock trees, together with the Tangley (Hants) tree, which is included because of a link (by a marriage) to the Lieflock Line. A list of the trees in each of the gedcom files is provided in the table above.

Wiltshire (and beyond) gedcom file

Note: as mentioned above, as of 29-Sep-06 this file is no longer maintained.
This gedcom file covers mainly Wiltshire Lovelocks, but not exclusively so. Some trees in the file extend to other counties and even other countries (in particular Australia and New Zealand); the file also includes the Tangley (Hants) tree as at 29-Sep-06. All of the constituent trees have been modofied since that date, some of them extensively so. We keep the file accessible for purely historic reasons.

Updated 31-Jan-05. Additional details concerning the family of Thomas Lovelock (bap 6-Dec-1761 at Tangley) and Ann Hull (identification of surname also new), including 3 additional children. This followed an extended discussion between Graham Lovelock and Robin Lovelock.

Updated 30-Nov-04. Changes include the following:  I also added some burial events for various individuals from the NBI 2nd edition, extracted by Robert Sterry. There are undoubtedly other changes and additions which I hadn't noted.

Updated 26-Aug-04: This update resulted from extensive cross-checking of the previous version of the database against the "Lovelocks in Wiltshire by Parish" file. A number of points were discussed by email during July and August 2004, and the resulting consensus was incorporated in this version of the gedcom file. One important change is the linking of a substantial part of a previously isolated Wootton Rivers tree into the Lieflock Line, with the identification of the John Lovelock who married Elizabeth Hillier at Preschute 10 Aug 1813 as the son of John Lovelock and Elizabeth Hancock, bap. 31 Aug 1788 at Wootton Rivers.

Update of 8-Jun-04: This update includes a number of additions and corrections made between March 2003 and June 2004. In particular:

Details of previous updates are also available

Wiltshire - Cornwall gedcom file

This file was generated mainly from material provided by Leonard Robert Lovelock, Graham Lovelock and Jeremy Lovelock.

Wallingford - Berkshire gedcom file

This line was originally researched by Gwen Eastment (née Lovelock). Robert Sterry and John Lovelock are now the main contributors to research on the Berkshire Lovelock Line, which also extends into Oxfordshire.
For more details of the Sterry connection, see Robert's Sterry Worldwide Web pages

For details of more recent updates, see the What's New page.

Updated 16-Feb-05: This version includes details of baptisms which were omitted from earlier versions due to compatibility problems between different genealogy programs.
Updated 7-Jun-04 to the latest version provided by Robert Sterry.

Lambourn - Sparsholt gedcom file

A preliminary version of this tree was first provided by Robert Sterry on 15 Jan 2004, and incorporated material from Gwen Eastment and Janet Hearle. A more complete version was provided by Graham Lovelock 10 Jan 2005, and in revised form on 24-Jan-05. This version also included additional material and corrections from Sian Davies, Michelle Lovelock, Nigel  Gerdes, Michael Bousher and "Living Bowden".

Swallowfield - Heckfield (Berks) gedcom file

This file was contributed by John Lewis and contains Lovelock and related families from Swallowfield and Heckfield in Berkshire. There is a corresponding Swallowfield - Heckfield Tree.

Shaw cum Donington (Berks) gedcom file

This file contains contributions from John Lewis and Nigel Gerdes (gedcom files) and from Graham Lovelock (descendant chart) together with additional information provided by email. It includes Lovelocks mostly from Berks, including Shaw cum Donington, Thatcham, Speen, Lambourn and Bucklebury.

Aldermaston gedcom file. This tree was produced by Graham Lovelock by merging two previous Aldermaston trees, together with a number of changes and additions (see entry in What's New file for 21-Mar-08). First version on Web site: 21-Mar-08

Beenham - Berks gedcom file (previously known as the Berkshire - Cheshire - Lancashire Connection)
This tree has its origins in Beenham, Berkshire and extends to Cheshire and Lancashire. Contributed by Graham Lovelock
First version: 15-Sep-05. Updated 10-Jul-06, 17-Sep-06, 31-Mar-08. See What's New file for details.

Hungerford - Shalbourne gedcom file

This tree was produced by James with some help from Graham Lovelock, especially with census records which helped in constructing the later generations. It begins with John Lovelock who marr Sarah Dore 29 Apr 1770 at Hungerford (Berks) and extends to Shalbourne (Wilts/Berks) and beyond.

The Ropley, Crondall and Dogmersfield (Hants) gedcom file

The initial version of this gedcom file was provided by Mary & Roger Perry in Oct 2004, and the corresponding descendant tree for Noah Lovelock (b. abt 1701, Hants) was added to the Web site 13-Nov-04.

For details of more recent updates, see the What's New page.

13-Feb-05: Updated to included details of marriages, which had been inadvertently omitted from the previous version.
31-Jan-05: Extended to include the branch of James Ephraim Lovelock. Some of the information was provided by James E. Lovelock himself in a letter forwarded to the Lovelock mailing list on 23-Jun-03 by John Lovelock and was extended in a subsequent email discussion involving John Lovelock, Mike & Alison Turner and myself to the identification of James' grandfather as James Lovelock bap 1 Jul 1832 at Winchfield, Hants. Nigel Gerdes (email off-list 2-Jan-05) independently reproduced these details and made the connection of the latter James Lovelock as the son of Richard Lovelock (bap 9 Jul 1791 at Crondall Hants) and Hannah Hounson in the original gedcom file.
31-Jan-05: Source references for many of the BMD events were added using data in the "Lovelocks in Hampshire" file.
Corrected name of spouse of David Lovelock (bap 30 Nov 1806 at Dogmersfield) to Lucy VICKERY (instead of VICKNEY) and added details of birth and baptism, as provided by Alison Vickery.

Ropley - Tidcombe gedcom file

This gedcom file was created 16-Jul-13 following the discovery (prompted by a query from Charlotte Huggins) of a link between the Ropley, Crondall and Dogmersfield (Hants) and Wroughton - Tidcombe trees. The gedcom file includes both these trees.

Kingsclere Line gedcom file

This gedcom file was produced by a merge of a file provided by John Lewis 15-Sep-05 and one provided by Nigel Gerdes 28-Aug-05, together wiith some additional data provided by Graham Lovelock 14-Jul-05. The latter also includes some data provided by Dee Allhands.

Hants - Suffolk - Rutland - Herefordshire gedcom file

The initial version of this tree was constructed in Sep 2005 by Nigel Gerdes and Graham Lovelock, and later incorporated the previously existing Westmill Tree. A gedcom file for the tree was first produced in Mar 2007, and was considerably enhanced by Robin Lovelock in Sep 2007.

Portsmouth gedcom file

This file is based on a gedcom fle submitted by Roger Hobbs in March 2006. However, the proposed connection to the Ropley - Crondall Tree is not included in this version, since evidence for this connection is lacking - see the Note on the Proposed Link Between the Portsmouth and Ropley Trees. This version of the Portsmouth gedcom file also includes contributions from Shirley Rush (via Jeremy Lovelock) and Graham Lovelock.

Compton gedcom file

This tree begins in Compton, Winchester, Hants. The first version of the tree was provided by Graham Lovelock and Robin Lovelock 15-Sep-06 and it was later updated 30-Sep-07. Graham Lovelock produced a gedcom file for the tree 27-Sep-08, which was added to the web site 4-Oct-08, and this included additional material provided by Graham himself and by Robin Lovelock and Jim Martin.

Froyle gedcom file

Progenitor James Lovelock, b Long Sutton, Hants, marr. Harriet Ingasfield at Froyle 21 Jul 1834. This tree was provided by Graham Lovelock. The gedcom file and a descendant tree (linked to the Work in Progress page) were first added to the web site 2-Feb-10.

Lambeth, Australia & NZ gedcom file

The initial version of this gedcom file was submitted by Mary Pipe on 5-Feb-05, with contributions from Robert Sterry, Marion Herbert, Diane Snowden and Ken Medlycott. The corresponding Lambeth And Australia Tree was added to the Web site on 11-Feb-05.

Middlesex gedcom file

This gedcom file includes three trees which have their origins in London or Middlesex. See the entry for 27-Jan-08 on the What's New page for details.
Note: this gedcom file previously included the Shoreditch - Queensland (Aus) tree (descendants of Henry Lovelock b 1781, d Oct-Dec 1863), which is now one branch of the Luckington-Dowdeswell tree.

A Stepney tree

This tree was provided by Graham Lovelock.
First version on the Web site: 15-May-08

A Second Stepney tree

This tree was also provided by Graham Lovelock. As with the above tree it starts with a William Lovelock, probably born sometime around 1800, but it seems unlikely that they are one and the same person. First added to the web site 24-Aug-08.

A Second London Tree (mainly St Pancras)

Initial version provided by Bill Lovelock and Graham Lovelock, June 2007. Note that the family of Arthur James LOVELOCK in this tree has some features in common with Fragment 5 in The Early Lovelock Fragments, compiled by Robert Sterry and based on the research of Gwen Eastment. However, this fragment has not been substantiated, and it contains a number of inconsistencies, which have been documented by Graham Lovelock. Gedcom file first made available 4-Jun-08.

Shipton Moyne (Glos) and Derbyshire gedcom file

This gedcom file was produced from data contributed mainly by Alan Whitaker, with other contributions from Judy Flack, Steve Tanner and Paul Whitaker. It provides a link between Lovelocks from Shipton Moyne (Gloucestershire) and Derbyshire.

Luckington-Dowdeswell tree

One branch of this tree (descendants of Henry Loveluck b 1781, d Oct-Dec 1863) was previously known as the Shoreditch-Queensland (Aus) tree, an initial version of which was included in the Early Lovelock Fragments, and an expanded version provided by Robert Sterry 10-Nov-2001, compiled by Gwen Eastment based on information provided by Ben Lovelock and Mary Jane Lovelock. It was extended to an earlier generation, with origins in Dowdeswell, Gloucestershire, by Graham Lovelock in April 2009, and later amalgamated with the Wiltshire-based Luckington Tree.

Tonbridge, Kent

Based the Kent Lovelocks descendant tree included in the Early Lovelock Fragments, which was derived from research by Gwen Eastment, with additions by Robert Sterry (in particular from Ancestral File). A gedcom file was produced from the descendant tree in June 2008. This included a new branch provided by Graham Lovelock and Susan Bond, beginning with a William Lovelock (1801-1879). Source references and additional entries were supplied by Graham Lovelock, other contributions from Colin Borrot-Maloney, Nigel Gerdes and Graham Lovelock (NZ). Some female (non-Lovelock) branches of the previous version of the tree have been truncated.

Beckenham, Kent

This tree was provided by Graham Lovelock.
First version appeared on the web site: 19-Jan-11

Hambleden - Tasmania

This tree was produced by James Loveluck. It linked up two earlier trees: the Hambleden Tree and the Middlesex - Tasmania Tree.
First version appeared on the web site: 12-Oct-11