Lovelock Family Trees - an Overview 


Building on The Early Lovelock Fragments we have constructed a number of substantial family trees. The construction of these trees has been very much a collaborative process, and a large number of people have contributed. In addition to the early fragments, we have used various collections of source records, including the 'Lovelocks by Parish' collections for various counties, on-line sources such as FreeBMD, and information contributed by the community of people interested in Lovelock family history.

Exploring the Family Trees

The Lovelock family trees can be explored in a number of ways, such as:

Summary of some of the more Substantial Trees

The following table summarises the most substantial of the Lovelock family trees and includes links (in the 'Tree Name' column) to the corresponding Descendant Trees. There are also links, in the 'Progenitor' column, to the relevant individual using the Webtrees tool, which allows you to browse the whole tree; this not only provides much more information than the corresponding Descendant Tree, such as Source details, supporting Census entries, and possibly photographs, but is always our most up to date information.

Tree Name
No. of Individuals
Lieflock Line
13-Jan-18 Richard Lovelock
(married Mary Head 7 Jul 1706 at Preschute )
wilts-trees1  3270
Glamorgan Lovelucks
(Glamorgan, Wales)
See also the Loveluck Web site
12-Apr-16 John Loveluck
(married Ann John 23 Nov 1765 at Margam, Glamorgan )


Wallingford Berks Line
(Berks, Oxon)
John Lovelock b abt 1740
(married Mary Whitwick 15 Nov 1779 at Wallingford )
berks-lovelocks 1531
Ropley, Crondall, Dogmersfield
(Hants, Berks)
23-Jan-18 Noah Lovelock b. abt. 1701
(married Ann Finden 29 Oct 1730 at Bradley )
ropley-tidcombe 1153 502
Lyneham Line
(Wilts, and Nevada, USA)
Abraham Lovelock
(married Priscilla Greenaway15 Jul 1689 at Wroughton )
wilts-trees2 1074 441
Kingsclere Line
Francis Lovelock (married Ann Payne 8 May 1743 at Kingsclere) kingsclere
Wroughton-Tidcombe 23-Jan-18 John Lovelock (of Woolston)  (married Elizabeth Wilde 14 Oct 1697) ropley-tidcombe 613
Tangley Line
(Hants, Wilts)
13-Jan-18 John Lovelock
(married Elizabeth Cruse 18 May 1761 at Tidcombe, Wilts, )
wilts-trees1 594 288

Note that the figures, which correspond to data as of the date indicated, should always be considered approximate and may change as the tree is modified or added to. The number of individuals can differ significantly from the number of Lovelocks, depending on how many female branches are pursued. Thus, the number of Lovelocks in a tree is probably a better metric than the total number of individuals. The statistics are for descendant trees of the progenitors, which do not include, for example, ancestors of spouses.

There are separate Web pages containing more complete collections of Berkshire Trees, Gloucestershire Trees, Hampshire Trees, Kent Trees, London & Middlesex Trees, Surrey Trees and Wiltshire Trees.

Trees and fragments which do not fit into any of the above collections (e.g. they belong to other counties or countries) are gathered together as Lovelock Trees and Fragments for other Count(r)ies. Some of these are derived from the original Early Lovelock Fragments.