The Early Lovelock Fragments

These notes attempt to describe how the current collection of Trees & Fragments grew out of some earlier collections.

Collected Fragments

Some time ago Gwen Eastment and Robert Sterry produced a compilation of Lovelock family tree fragments which included contributions from Graham Lovelock, Janet Hearle, Richard Dowd and others. The version displayed is essentially that received from Robert Sterry on 21-Jan-1998 apart from the following changes:

As more information was provided by collaborators some of the fragments evolved, some were merged (in particular into the Lieflock Line) and new ones were added. An attempt was made to document this evolution by adding a change history to the (updated) collection of Lovelock family tree fragments. However, as time went by this became increasingly complicated and the collection of fragments included duplicate or inconsistent material. So in Sept/Oct 2004 the new organisation of trees and fragments was established. The fragments in the updated collection of Lovelock family tree fragments were not discarded, but were redistributed as follows:

 Wiltshire Fragments by Parish

Building on an early version of the collection of Lovelocks in Wiltshire a number of Wiltshire parish fragments were constructed. Some of these were later subsumed into the Lieflock Line, the Lyneham Line or other major trees. Here is the original list of fragments together with some indications of what became of them.