Why this Web Site exists

The purpose of this Web Site is to collect together genealogical and historical information concerning families or individuals with the Lovelock surname, and related versions of it such as Loveluck. Such collections of information that are not restricted to a single family surname are often referred to as One Name Studies; however, this Web Site and the names of Lovelock and Loveluck have not been registered with the Guild of One Name Studies.

There are a small number of instances where ‘Lovelock’, strange as it may seem, has been used as a forename, for both men and women, and we have also documented many of those we have discovered.

For those who are interested in how it all began, there is here an overview of the origins and evolution of the Web Site, with an indication of the major contributors in its early stages, and some links to further information.

The Web Site is very much a collective effort, and in the years since it was created on 2 September 1998 many people have made contributions to its contents. As far as possible James has tried over those years to acknowledge the contributions of the individuals concerned, but wherever there have been omissions he apologises.

Contributions and Corrections

We know we are far from infallible so we welcome all additions and corrections to our data. If you can contribute any please send a message to our Discussion Group to advise us of them, or alternatively use one of the contact addresses at the bottom of each page of our Webtrees utility.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Most of the information on this Web Site has been obtained from documents available in published form, either at historical archives or on-line from the Internet. Some of the information has been supplied by private individuals about their own families, but because the privacy of living persons is respected any information about their relatives who may still be alive which contains dates will not be publicly displayed on this Web Site. The note on Site Policy contains a more detailed statement.

Data Structure                               

Our information is presented in the five sections of the menu bar at the top of each page of this Web Site. The What's New page in the 'Home' menu provides details of recent changes to the information on the Web Site and links to logs of changes made in previous years.

Family Trees                                   

We use the webtreesTM web-based genealogy software package to enable detailed browsing of all of the information in the databases corresponding to each family tree or fragment that we have created.

Sources by Country                      

We have an extensive collection of transcriptions of English and Welsh Births, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths and Burials from Parish Registers and online databases, and a large collection of Census entries from England and Wales. We also have more modest but equally varied collections from a small number of other countries.

Sources General                             

There are several other categories of useful information in our data, such as Military, Criminal, Wills, and Emigration and Arrival records, all of which may be accessed through the 'Sources General' menu.

Lovelock Miscellany                      

There are many pages of Lovelock-related material which do not really belong in any of the categories above, so instead they have been collected under the 'Miscellaneous' menu - please do dip in!