London and Middlesex Lovelock Family Trees


This is a collection of trees and fragments which begin in London or Middlesex. Some of them are derived from the original Early Lovelock Fragments compiled by Gwen Eastment and Robert Sterry. The table includes links (in the 'Tree Name' column) to the corresponding Descendant Trees. For each of the trees there is also a link, in the 'Progenitor' column, to the corresponding individual or marriage using the Webtrees tool (LovelockTrees), which allows you to browse the whole tree and provides more information than the corresponding Descendant Tree. There are also links to the corresponding gedcom file.

Note: the gedcom file at LovelockTrees is always our most up-to-date version of a tree so is recommended as your first port of call.

Tree Name
Last Updated
Progenitor(s) Gedcom
Number of Individuals
Total Lovelocks
Bethnal Green 2-May-2020
John Lovelock, father of Charles Lovelock also known as Charles Shaw of Bethnal Green, who died on 8 Oct 1868 Middlesex 77
31-Jan-2021 Thomas and Sarah Lovelock, whose son Edward (1760 - 1843) married Elizabeth Askew on 20 Oct 1782 at St Marylebone, Middlesex Islington
Lambeth and Australia
31-Jan-2021 Stephen and Elizabeth (nee Jones) Lovelock who married on 19 Oct 1800, and lived in Lambeth, London Lambeth
& Australia
St Pancras (main)
Charles Lovelock and Eleanor Cleland, who married in 1786 at St Brides, Fleet Street, London Middlesex 604
2nd St Pancras Tree
31-Jan-2021 Richard LOVELOCK and Mary UNKNOWN
Richard LOVELOCK and Mary COOPER
4-Mar-2020 William Lovelock who was born in 1804 or 1805 in Stepney, and married Hannah Smith on 5 Apr 1830 at Hertford
Stepney 2nd
17-Jun-2020 William Lovelock and Jane Unknown stepney-2

Origins of the Trees

Note: For details of recent updates and modifications to trees, see the What's New page.

Tree for Charles Lovelock (aka Charles Shaw) of Bethnal Green
Submitted by Roger Lovelock. Revised and extended by Graham Lovelock and Roger Lovelock.

Islington Tree
Several of the descendants of the progenitors, Thomas and Sarah, lived in Islington, although the tree also extends into other counties and other countries. This tree was discussed on the former Lovelock Mailing List (with the subject 'A financially connected vicar') by Yann Lovelock, Nigel St C Gerdes and Graham Lovelock in October 2008, and more recently by Nigel and James Loveluck. The tree was originally constructed by James Loveluck based on the information resulting from those discussions. The tree and gedcom file were first added to the web site on 20 September 2011.

Lambeth and Australia Tree for Stephen Lovelock b. abt 1770, London
An initial version of this tree was included in the Early Lovelock Fragments; revised and extended versions included contributions from Mary Pipe, Robert Sterry, Marion Herbert, Diane Snowden and Ken Medlycott, resulting in a version which was included in the Web Site on 11 February 2005.

Middlesex - Tasmania Lovelucks
Initial version provided by Gwen Eastment, "Compiled for Janet Hearle who made it into a book. Copy in Melbourne Genealogical Society Library."
This version includes corrections and additions from Brenda Gregory in emails dated 2 Oct 1999 and 10 Jan 2003
and some further additions concerning the beginnings of the tree in Middlesex, which are described in the Log file entry for 16-Mar-08. [This tree has now been amalgamated with the Hambleden Tree to form the Hambleden-Tasmania Tree.]

New Brentford Tree
This page formerly included a tree which began with a William Lovelock who was buried at New Brentford in Middlesex on 18 Aug 1825, at the age of 38. The initial version of the Tree was constructed by James Loveluck in collaboration with Graham Lovelock, and was first added to the web site on 9-Jul-11. In August 2020 it was realised that William was the son of the progenitors of the Bray-USA Tree in the Berkshire collection, and so the New Brentford Tree was merged with that tree.

St Pancras (main) Tree
Initial version submitted by Graham Lovelock. Revised version incorporates material from Neil Lovelock and Robin Lovelock (Sunninghill, Berks)

A Second St Pancras Tree
Provided by Bill Lovelock and Graham Lovelock, June 2007. Note that the family of Arthur James LOVELOCK in this tree has some features in common with Fragment 5 in The Early Lovelock Fragments, compiled by Robert Sterry and based on the research of Gwen Eastment. However, this fragment has not been substantiated, and it contains a number of incoherencies, which have been documented by Graham Lovelock. This tree was amended on 13 May 2014 to include what had been known as the St Pancras (Piano Makers) Tree, after the Piano Makers progenitor, Charles Lovelock, was identified as a son of Richard Lovelock (the progenitor of the Second St Pancras Tree) and his second wife Mary Cooper.

{This page used also to include a St Pancras Fragment, the initial version of which was provided as an additional piece to the London (mainly St Pancras) Tree. It was first provided by Graham Lovelock on 7 October 2005, and was merged with the St Pancras (main) Tree on 6 February 2011.}

A Stepney tree
This tree was provided by Graham Lovelock. The first version was added to the Web site on 15 May 2008

A Second Stepney tree
This tree was also provided by Graham Lovelock. As in the above tree it starts with a William Lovelock, probably born sometime around 1800, but it seems unlikely that they are one and the same person. First added to the web site on 24 August 2008.