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This page contains links to various collections of Lovelock records which are not restricted to a particular county or country:


GRO Records

A large number of Lovelock birth, death and marriage events from the GRO have been provided by Malcolm Lovelock and Robert Sterry. However, not all Lovelock events have been extracted (see below).
Last updated 2-Feb-2002.

Most of the records were extracted directly from the GRO by Malcolm and Robert, but the database also includes information provided by Gwen Eastment, John Dixon, and Alison Turner.

Disclaimer: Although every effort has been made to avoid errors, complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed when transcribing such a large number of extracts from films, some of which were in poor condition.

The records are available as an Access Database, an Excel spreadsheet (with separate worksheets for births, marriages and deaths) or in HTML format as separate pages for:
GRO Lovelock births, GRO Lovelock marriages and GRO Lovelock deaths

A set of tables shows which events have been systematically extracted for which years/quarters by Malcolm and Robert. There is also some data for other events/years/quarters, mostly from other contributors (see above).

FreeBMD: To quote from the FreeBMD web site: "FreeBMD is an ongoing project, the aim of which is to transcribe the Civil Registration index of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales, and to provide free Internet access to the transcribed records." Since the records referred to above were compiled the amount of data available on the FreeBMD Web site has increased enormously, and is continually evolvingSo if you don't find what you're looking for in the files listed above, you should try FreeBMD. In addition, a large number of digital images of the GRO indexes are available on that site.

Currently, record coverage on the FreeBMD web site is increasingly patchy from 1977 onwards, although images for some events are available up to at least Jan-Mar 1981, and some data up to 1983 (Free BMD's planned end-date). There are Lovelock and Loveluck marriage entries until the end of 1983, but no Lovelock birth or death entries at all after Apr-Jun 1982 (true at Mar 2018).

Others: Indexes of GRO records for various periods are also available on the Ancestry subscription web site, on the familyrelatives pay-per-view site, or on the findmypast website on either a subscription or pay-per-view basis.

Military Records

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Overseas Records

Wills and Probate

Details of other Lovelock wills for Berkshire can be found on the Berkshire Sources page.

Other Records