National Probate Calendars Extracts

1850 - 1995

Deceased Date of Death Administration granted to, etc. Related
Ann Lovelock of the "Star and Garter", Putney, Surrey 11 Nov 1850 6 March 1866 Letters of Administration (with the Will annexed) of the personal estate and effects left unadministered by Joseph Hale Lovelock the brother of the deceased were granted to Sarah Hall of 27 Osborne Villas, Cliftonville, Brighton, the sister by the half-blood of the deceased. Former Grant PCC January 1851 Bw*
John Lovelock late of Wherwell, Hants, Coachman 23 Jul 1856 Sarah Lovelock of Wherwell, Widow the Relict Wh
Hannah Lovelock, Spinster of Thatcham, Berks 16 May 1860 William Lovelock of Thatcham, Yeoman and Brother ShD
Joseph Hale Lovelock of 5 Park-terrace, New Brompton, Gillingham, Kent 22 Oct 1860 James Atkinson, Gentleman of 53 Lincoln-street, Bow-road, Middx Bw
Martin Lovelock of Chertsey, Surrey, Sawyer 14 Apr 1861 Joanna Bowman of Chertsey, Widow S-H-W
Frederick Lovelock of 6 Wansford-place, Camden Town, Middx, Oilman 14 Nov 1861 Harriette Elizabeth Lovelock of 6 Wansford-place, Widow the Relict StP-M
George Lovelock formerly of Wawcott, Kintbury, Berks late of Donnington, Berks, Farmer 20 Mar 1862 Charlotte Lovelock, Widow the Relict, John Newman of 6 Montague-place, Newbury Berks, Gentleman, and Richard Lovelock of Woodspeen near Newbury, Berks, Farmer, the Nephew

Thomas Lovelock formerly of Chievely, Berks late of Clay Hill, Thatcham, Berks, Yeoman 4 Jun 1862 Ann Lovelock of Clay Hill, Spinster the daughter ShD
Elizabeth Lovelock, Widow of 81 Hercules-buildings, Lambeth, Surrey 14 Jul 1863 Eliza Ann Thorn, Daughter (wife of Edward Thorn) Is
Emma Lovelock, Spinster of 27a Montpelier-square, Brompton, Middx, 15 Aug 1863 Sarah Hall of 60 Brunswick-road, Brighton, Sussex, Spinster, the sister by the half-blood, one of the Residuary Legatees substituted in the said Will
James Lovelock of Stoke Talmage, Oxon, Farmer 22 Jan 1864 Frederick Lovelock of Watlington, Oxon, Innkeeper, the son, and George Baylis of Sonning, Berks, Farmer
Charles Lovelock of Childrey, Berks 8 Apr 1865 Susanna Lovelock, Widow L-S
Alice Lovelock of Stokenchurch, Oxon, Widow 20 May 1866 Thomas Henry Lovelock of Stokenchurch, Innkeeper, the son W
George Lovelock of Church-street, Stoke Newington, Middx, Licensed Victualler 19 Jul 1866 Harriet Imbrey of Leyton, Essex, widow, daughter CK
William Lovelock of Thatcham, Berks, Yeoman 23 Mar 1868 Mary Lovelock of Thatcham, Berks, Widow the Relict ShD
Charles Lovelock otherwise Shaw of 3 Virginia-row, Bethnal Green, Middx, Ironmonger 8 Oct 1868 Mary Ann Lovelock of 3 Virginia-row, Bethnal Green, Middx, Widow the Relict
Charlotte Lovelock, Widow of London-road, Speen, Berks 21 Nov 1868 Richard Lovelock the Younger of Shaw, Berks, Farmer the Nephew, and William Lovelock of Courage, Berks, Farmer the Brother
Frederick Lovelock of Watlington, Oxon, Innkeeper 18 Oct 1869 Charles Lovelock of Watlington, Oxon, Draper and George Francis Filbee of Shirburn, Oxon, Farmer
George Lovelock of Wallingford, Berks, Butcher 16 Jun 1870 Robert Shearer Whichellow of 56 North-street, Maida Hill, Middx, Builder, and George William Gibbons of Wallingford, Baker
William Lovelock of Wheatley, Oxon, Grocer, Draper and Shopkeeper 1 Jan 1873 Mary Lovelock of Wheatley, Widow the Relict W
Benjamin Lovelock of Byfleet Farm, Byfleet, Surrey 13 July 1873 Mary Lovelock, Widow the Relict and Isaac Lovelock, Farmer the Son, both of Byfleet, Surrey and James Shears of Pyrford, Surrey, Farmer
James Lovelock of Shooter's Hill, Plumstead, Kent, Farm Steward (died at 136 Jamaica-street, Stepney, Middx) 23 Jul 1874 William Thomas Heekes of 60 and 61 New-road, Woolwich, Kent, Butcher and William Henry King of 1 Oxford-Market, Middx, Corn Merchant's Clerk
Mary Ann Lovelock, Widow of 3 Virginia-row, Bethnal Green, Middx 27 Sep 1874 Mary Ann Lovelock of 3 Virginia-row, Bethnal Green, Middx, Daughter BG
Elizabeth Lovelock of Ascot, Berks 9 Dec 1876 George Dyke of Ascot, Yeoman, Father Bu
William Thomas Lovelock of 21 Phillipp St, Kingsland-road, Middx 3 Aug 1877 Mary Ann Lovelock, Widow the Relict F
James Lovelock of St Mary Bourne, Gamekeeper 24 Nov 1884 Proved at Winchester by Sarah Lovelock of Newbury, Widow, the Relict, the sole Executrix
Honor Lovelock of Great Bedwyn, Wilts (wife of James Lovelock) 29 Nov 1887 James Lovelock of Great Bedwyn, Husband and Labourer L
Ann Lovelock of 5 Broken-wharf, Upper-Thames-street, London, but late of 35 Conewood-street, Highbury, Middx (wife of Alfred Lovelock) 6 Jun 1888 Alfred Lovelock of 73 Avenell-road, Highbury, Husband and Whitesmith
Martha Lovelock, Spinster of Oaksey, Wilts 23 Apr 1892 John Lovelock, Carpenter and Mary Ann Lovelock (wife of John Lovelock) Luc
John Lovelock of Oaksey, Wilts, Carpenter 12 Feb 1896 Mary Ann Lovelock, Widow Luc
Mary Ann Lovelock, Widow of Oaksey, Wilts 20 Nov 1898 Olivia Wait, Spinster Luc
Silas Spicer Lovelock of Kintbury, Berks 16 Jan 1904 Robert Butler, Gentleman WR
Sarah Lovelock of Milton Lilbourne, Wilts (wife of William Oliver Lovelock) 22 Jan 1909 William Oliver Lovelock, Husband and Carpenter L
John William Lovelock of Clench, Milton, Wilts, Bricklayer 30 Jan 1910 Harriett Merritt Lovelock, Widow L
George Spicer Lovelock of Leylands Green, Kintbury, Berks 22 Jul 1916 Hannah Spicer Lovelock, Widow WR
Maurice Lovelock of 12 Campbell Road, Salisbury, Wilts 26 May 1917 Herbert Lovelock and Elizabeth Lovelock, Spinster Bu
William Lovelock of 5 Wellington Terrace, High Street, Pewsey 21 May 1918 William Ettwell, Timber Merchant L
Alfred Lovelock of London Road, Stockbridge 24 Sep 1919 Emily Lovelock, Widow Mx
Elizabeth Lovelock of Fairview, Plaistow Green,
Headley, Kingsclere
17 Feb 1921 Thomas Lovelock, Widower K
Francis Lovelock of The Cottage, Curridge, Berks 29 Mar 1921 Ellen Lovelock, Spinster ShD
Ellen Lovelock of The Cottage, Curridge, Berks 15 May 1925 Jane Ellen Lovelock, Spinster ShD
Eliza Lovelock of Craven Road, Inkpen
(died at Laverstock House, Salisbury)
3 Jul 1926 Administration granted to George Lovelock L
David Lovelock of The Holt, Tangley, Hants 9 Nov 1926 Frances Lovelock, Widow,
and Grace Elizabeth Lovelock, Spinster
John Lovelock of Little Common, Inkpen, Berks 21 Apr 1928 George Lovelock, Farmer L
Hannah Spicer Lovelock of Laylands Green, Kintbury, Berks (died at Wallingford, Berks) 1 Jul 1928 Fanny Louise Light (wife of Charles Edward Light)
and Sarah Annie Smith (wife of William John Smith)

Mary Ann Sophia Elizabeth Lovelock of 232 East Grafton, Wilts (wife of Elijah Lovelock) (died at Savernake Hospital, North Savernake, Wilts) 25 Aug 1929 Charles Edwin Lovelock, Stationmaster
Thomas Lovelock of Fair View, Plaistow Green, Headley, Kingsclere, Hants 26 Jun 1936 Walter George Sartain and Henry Foster, Farmers K
Matilda Lovelock of Upper Heddington, Hants 4 Feb 1937 Esther Ferris, wife of Richard Alfred Ferris L
Grace Elizabeth Lovelock of 110 Charlton Road, Andover, Hants 3 Feb 1940 Frances Lovelock, Widow TT
George James Spicer Lovelock
(died at Ashingdon, Essex)
13 Mar 1940 Mary Ellen Spicer Lovelock, Widow WR
Catherine Lovelock, Widow of 18 Copper-row, Cwmavon, Port Talbot, Glam (died at West Glamorgan County Hospital, Neath, Glam) 20 Aug 1940 William Rees Lovelock, Collier
Florence Mary Lovelock, Widow of Fair View, Plaistow Green, Headley, Kingsclere, Hants 19 Nov 1940 Henrietta Dorothy Wilkins (wife of Reginald Arthur Wilkins) K
Henry Lovelock of 6 Hillside-road, Paignton, Devon (died at The District Hospital, Paignton, Devon) 26 Oct 1941 Emily Lovelock, Widow
Alfred Joseph Lovelock of London-road, Stockbridge, Hants 14 Mar 1942 Edgar Albert Lovelock, Butler Mx
Sidney Francis Lovelock of 123 Gibson Gardens, Stoke Newington, London (died at St Giles Hospital, St Giles Street, London 10 Nov 1942
Margaret Josephine Lovelock, widow

Robert Henry Lovelock of 10 Wallisdean Avenue, Portsmouth 5 Feb 1943
Norman Henry Lovelock, draughtsman at The Admiralty                    W-C

Frances Lovelock, Widow of Northfield, Charlton-road, Andover, Hants 15 Feb 1943 Westminster Bank Limited TT
Florence Annie Lovelock of 6 Newton Avenue, Manchester 20, widow (died at 20 Nell Lane, Manchester 20)
22 Mar 1943
Olive Margaret Lovelock, spinster

Frank Lovelock of 28 Lichfield Road, Stone, Staffordshire 1 Apr 1943
Katherine Mary Lovelock and Doris Gertrude Lovelock, spinsters                      W

Thomas Gordon Lovelock of 66 Abercairn-road, Streatham Vale, London (died at St James Hospital, London) 18 Oct 1943 Annie Lovelock, Widow
Robert Cornwall Lovelock of 4 Colliers-row, Cwmavon, Glam (died on war service) 16 Nov 1943 Katie Jane Lovelock, Spinster S-H-W
Annie Esther Lovelock, Widow of 3 Hambrook-road, South Norwood, Surrey (died at the Mayday Hospital, Thornton Heath, Surrey) 28 Feb 1944 Kenneth George William Lovelock of no occupation (grant on 2 Nov 1945)
Norman Harold Lovelock, Motor Body Builder (grant on 24 May 1948)

Annie Lovelock, Widow of 66 Abercairn-road, Streatham Vale, London (died at St James Hospital, Battersea, London) 9 Mar 1944 Frederick John Tickler, Aircraft Engineer
Henry Lovelock of 107 Pemberton-road, London N4 (died at North Middlesex County Hospital, Edmonton, Middx) 3 Apr 1944 Edith Jane Lovelock, Widow D
Frank Gordge (sic) Lovelock of 142 Reading-road, Henley-on-Thames, Oxon (died at Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading) 23 Jun 1944 Elizabeth Lovelock, Widow W
Robert Charles Lovelock of 210 Birkbeck-road, Beckenham, Kent (died on war service) on or since 9 Jul 1944 Frances Elizabeth Lovelock, Widow S-H-W
Dennis Bernard Lovelock of 54 Oakington-avenue, Wembley Park, Middx (died on war service) 8 Aug 1944 Betty Currie Lovelock, Widow
Thomas William Spicer Lovelock of 106 Skypeals-road, Woodford Green, Essex 2 Sep 1944 Ethel Rebecca Lovelock, Widow WR
Herbert Harry Lovelock of 22 Chatsworth-way, West Norwood, London (died at Hurstwood Park Hospital, Haywards Heath, Sussex) 6 Oct 1944 Marjorie Florence Lovelock, Widow
William Lovelock of 80 Didsbury-road, Stockport, Cheshire (died at 59a Shaw Heath, Stockport, Cheshire) 18 Oct 1944 William Lovelock, Civil Servant
Walter Lovelock of 2 Church-street, Alton, Hants 7 Jan 1945 Anna Maria Fishlock, Widow L
Bessie Lovelock of West End, Pewsey, Wilts (wife of James Lovelock) (died at 6 Highworth-road, Stratton St Margaret, Wilts) 20 Jan 1945 James Lovelock, Husband and retired Clerk of Works
Mary Jane Lovelock, Widow of 10 West Hill, Epsom, Surrey 22 Jan 1945 Charles James Dunster, Butcher E
Arthur Stanley Maurice Lovelock otherwise Maurice of 1 Rosebank Gardens, York-road, Acton, Middx (died on war service) 17 Feb 1945 Henry John Sutton, Wages Clerk
George Lovelock of Bay Cottage, Lower Green, Inkpen, Berks 27 Feb 1945 George Lovelock, Farmer,  and Margaret Wyatt (wife of Francis George Wyatt) L
Ellen Lovelock of 138 Goldsworth-road, Woking, Surrey (wife of Charles Lovelock) 15 Apr 1945 Charles Lovelock, Husband and retired Railway Goods Inspector WT
Ellen Lovelock, Widow of 69 Victoria-road, Fenny Stratford, Bucks 14 May 1945 Nellie Mary Clarke (wife of Harry Clarke) ShD
Edgar Albert Lovelock of Fern Cottage, London Road, Stockbridge, Hants (died at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester, Hants) 08 Jun 1945 Alice May Padwick, Spinster
George Joseph Charles Lovelock of 7 Alfred-road, Haydock, Lancs (died on war service) 19 Jun 1945 Elizabeth Lovelock, Widow
Leonard Charles Lovelock of 52 Lymington-avenue, Wood Green, Middx 6 Nov 1945 Edna Elsie Lovelock, Widow D
Leslie Edward Lovelock of 11 Mixbury, Northants
(died at the Achum-Buckeburg Road, Germany)
29 Dec 1945 Phyllis Monique Lovelock, Widow
Doris Edith Lovelock of 114 Grand-avenue, Hassocks, Sussex (wife of Cecil Stewart Lovelock) (died at 193 Upper Shoreham-road, Kingston-by-Sea, Sussex 27 Jan 1946 Cecil Stewart Lovelock, Husband and Company Accountant
Ellen Lovelock of Justa Bungalow, Craven Road, Inkpen, Berks 3 Jun 1946 Thomas Lovelock, farmworker, and Kate Lovelock, Spinster L
Percy Leonard Maurice Lovelock of 20 Roundwood-road, Willesden, Middx (died at The Central Middlesex Hospital, Acton-lane, London) 6 Jun 1946 Louisa Jane Lovelock, Widow
Beatrice Mary Lovelock of 10 Shermanbury-road, Worthing, Sussex (wife of Herbert Lovelock) 12 Jul 1946 Herbert Lovelock, Husband and retired Stationmaster
Elsie May Lovelock of 22 Somerset-road, Southall, Middx (wife of Harry Phillip Lovelock) 2 Aug 1946 Harry Phillip Lovelock, Husband and Carpenter C
Florence May Lovelock, Widow of Hensley Row, East Hill, Tuckingmill, Camborne, Cornwall 10 Aug 1946 Beatrice Lyne Eustace (wife of Joseph Eustace) W-C
John Benjamin Lynden Lovelock of 53 Winsford-gardens, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex 25 Sep 1946 Eric Leslie Lovelock, Architect and Surveyor, and Lyndon Stewart Lovelock, Squadron Leader RAF
Annie Maria Rich Lovelock, Widow of Ivy Cottage, Church Walk, Long Melford, Suffolk 28 Sep 1946 Annie Sophia Charlotte Pearman, wife of William Henry Pearman A
Elizabeth Ann Lovelock, Widow of Highfield House, 36 King-street, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts 31 Oct 1946 Edgar Harold Lovelock, retired Wireless and Radio Engineer A
James Lovelock of Hillcote, 73 Holdenhurst-avenue, Finchley, Middx 11 Jan 1947 Annie McKay Lovelock, Widow and George Grantham Turner, Chartered Accountant K
Kenneth George William Lovelock of 27 Featherbed-lane, Addington, Surrey 23 Jan 1947 Henrietta Lovelock, Widow W
Matilda Sophia Lovelock, Widow of Pewsey, Wilts 23 Jan 1947 Ernest Ralph Coller, retired Dairyman and Walter James Lovelock, Carpenter L
Martha Lovelock, Widow of 38 Wymond-street, Putney, London 4 Jun 1947 Francis Popejoy, retired Carpenter and Joiner and Leslie Ivor Phillip Hunt, Engineer L
Francis Stephen Lovelock of 50 Alexandra-road, Abertillery, Mon (died at The District Hospital, Aberbeeg, Abertillery, Mon) 16 Jul 1947 Harriet Louise Lovelock, Widow
Herbert George Lovelock of Pawleyne-road, Penge, London (died at Farnborough, Kent) 13 Aug 1947 Herbert Victor Lovelock, Commercial Clerk WT
Frank Hibbit Lovelock of Glenthorne, Oxted-road, Godstone, Surrey 30 Aug 1947 Aubrey Halloran, Solicitor W
Helen Lovelock, Widow of Glenthorne, Oxted-road, Godstone, Surrey (died at Cedar Grange, Caterham, Surrey) 19 Sep 1947 David Hubert John Solicitor Attorney of William Henry Pilkington
Hannah Maria Lovelock, Spinster of 11 Sudeley-street, Brighton, Sussex (died at Elm Grove Home, Brighton, Sussex) 4 Oct 1947 William John Carson, Surveyor of Customs and Excise
Harry Herbert Lovelock of 7 Berkshire-road-gardens, Palmers Green, Middx (died at The Wood Green and Southgate Hospital, Bounds Green, Wood Green, Middx) 15 Jan 1948 Elsie Amelia Lovelock, Spinster
William Charles Lovelock of 65 Ravenswood-road, Balham, Surrey (died at The Kings College Hospital, Denmark-hill, London, SE5) 19 Jan 1948 Annie Elizabeth Lovelock, Widow and Elizabeth Betchley, married woman
William Arthur Lovelock of 19 Knightsbridge-gardens, Romford, Essex (died at Rosemary-road, Clacton, Essex) 22 Jan 1948 Maud Mary Lovelock, Widow
Thomas Lovelock of 75 Teilo-crescent, Mayhill, Swansea 31 Jan 1948 Millicent Lovelock, Widow RCD
Clara Lovelock, Spinster of 40 Caversham-road, St Pancras, London (died at Highgate Hospital, London, N19) 12 Feb 1948 Ethel Wheeler, Widow
Tom Lovelock of 22 Whiteman-street, Swindon, Wilts 27 Feb 1948 William Robert Robins, retired Railway Clerk Ly
Henry John Lovelock of 169 Brackley-square, Woodford Green, Essex 24 Apr 1948 Doris Lilian Dickinson, married woman (daughter) Step2
Charles George Lovelock of 29 Grosvenor-avenue, North Harrow, Middx (died at The Redhill County Hospital, Edgware, Middx) 10 May 1948 Rose Ethel Lovelock, Widow
James Robert Lovelock of 52 Reynolds-drive, Edgware, Middx 31 Aug 1948 Frances Lovelock, Widow BG
Ellen Lovelock of 7b Alexandra-road, Clevedon, Somerset (died at The Cottage Hospital, Clevedon, Somerset) (wife of Frederick Charles Lovelock) 11 Oct 1948 Hilda Frances Reed, married woman
Ellen Sarah Lovelock, Widow of 3 Mount-avenue, Chaldon, Caterham, Surrey (died at The District Hospital, Caterham, Surrey) 23 Nov 1948 Francis Thomas Lovelock, Clerk
Louisa Mary Lovelock, Widow of Rosemary, 95 Henwick-lane, Thatcham, Berks 14 Jan 1949 Arthur Charles Lovelock, Beatermans Assistant L
Alice Lovelock, Spinster of Archway Hospital, Archway-road, Highgate, London 23 Jan 1949 Horace Lovelock, Electrical Engineer and Percy Lovelock, Foreman Engineer StP2
Henry James Lovelock of 24 College-road, Kensal Green, Middx 23 Mar 1949 Mary Ellen Lovelock, Widow L
Edward Lovelock of 12 Princes-avenue, Watford, Herts (died at The Peace Memorial Hospital, Watford, Herts) 16 May 1949 Herbert William Lovelock, Railway Clerk
Henry Charles Lovelock of 2a Selly Oak-road, Bournville, Birmingham, Warks 20 May 1949 Matilda Harriett Lovelock, Widow SMD
George Lovelock of 35 Providence-street, Plymouth, Devon (died at The South Devon and East Cornwall Hospital, Freedom Fields, Plymouth, Devon) 2 Jul 1949 Lavinia Josephine Lovelock, Widow
Emily Lovelock, Widow of 6 Hillside-road, Paignton, Devon 15 Jul 1949 Winifred Daisy Woodley (wife of Ernest James Woodley) WR2
Joseph Edgar Lovelock of 72 Nestles-avenue, Hayes, Middx(died at Hillingdon Hospital, Middx) 22 Aug 1949 Catherine Lovelock, Widow
Willie Lovelock of 109 Purfleet-road, Aveley, Essex
[Note: Brother-in-law of Alfreda May Victoria  (17 Jun 1966) and Ada Alice (13 Jul 1994) below]
10 Oct 1949 Elizabeth Mary Florence Lovelock, Widow ?
William Ernest Lovelock of 16 Ditton-road, Surbiton, Surrey (died at The Royal Masonic Hospital, Hammersmith, London) 9 Nov 1949 Ethel May Stacey, Widow and Albert Victor Bosson, Dental Mechanic
Daniel Englefield Lovelock of Glen Lyn, Jail-lane, Biggin Hill, Kent 23 Nov 1949 Elizabeth Harriett Lovelock, Widow Fr
John Edward Lovelock of 203 Marlborough-road, Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA   (this is the athlete from New Zealand known as Jack Lovelock)
28 Dec 1949 Ernest Sirdefield Harston, Solicitor Attorney of Cynthia James Lovelock, Widow and William Gilbert James
Jack L

George James Lovelock of Caistor, Lincs (died at Brigg, Lincs) 1 Jan 1950 John Gorbutt, Draper and Grocer and Clifford Hall, Grocer Ch
William Lovelock of 15 Wilton-road, Pendleton, Lancs (died in an ambulance at the Eccles and Patricroft Hospital, Eccles, Lancs) 16 Jan 1950 Phyllis Doreen Cooper, Widow
Elijah Lovelock of 115 East Sands, Burbage, Marlborough, Wilts 1 Mar 1950 Bernard Thomas Ford, Solicitor L
Edith Annice Lovelock, otherwise Edith, of Billingborough near Sleaford, Lincs (wife of George Lovelock) 18 Apr 1950 George Lovelock, Husband and Police Constable
Isabel Nina Neville Lovelock of Oak House, Wallingford, Berks (died at The Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading, Berks) (wife of Harold Lovelock) 3 May 1950 Harold Lovelock, Husband and Motor Trader
Alfred John Lovelock of 49 Belmore-avenue, Hayes, Middx (died at St Bernards Hospital, Southall, Middx) 5 May 1950 Augusta Budd, married woman
Pamela Mary Lovelock, Spinster of 30 Bassingham-road, Wembley, Middx 7 May 1950 Harry Lovelock, Journeyman L-S
Mary Charlotte Lovelock, otherwise Mary, of 28 Gloucester-road, Edmonton, Middx, wife of George Lovelock (died at The North Middlesex County Hospital, Edmonton, Middx) 6 Jul 1950 George Lovelock, Husband and Steward
Charles Ernest Lovelock of 17 Byron-road, Harrow, Middx 30 Sep 1950 Emma Mary Lovelock, Widow K
Amelia Sarah Lovelock, Widow of 32 Grosvenor-avenue, Islington, London (died at The Bethnal Green Hospital, London E2) 8 Oct 1950 Albert Lewis Montague, retired Porter
Arthur Lovelock of 70 Manchester-road, Swindon, Wilts 18 Oct 1950 Jennie Ida Lovelock, Widow Ly
Charles Lovelock of 25 Montrose-road, Wealdstone, Harrow, Middx 13 Nov 1950 H M Treasury Solicitor StP2
James Daniel Lovelock of 97 Evesham-road, New Southgate, London, N11 29 Nov 1950 Florence Beatrice Lovelock, Widow StP2
Albert Lovelock of 90 Rutland-gardens, Harringay, London 4 Jan 1951 Florence Mary Lovelock, Widow StP2
Ethel Emily Lovelock, Spinster of 1 St Matthews-gardens, St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex (died at Woodmancote, Woodland, Vale-road, Hastings, Sussex) 11 Jan 1951 Ethel Mary Lovelock, Spinster and Frank Ballinger Linnett, Accountant
Annie Mackay Lovelock, Widow of 34 Princes-avenue, Finchley, London (died at 81 Torrington Park, London, N12) 17 Jan 1951 George Grantham Turner, Accountant
Henry Lovelock of Little Horton, Devizes, Wilts (died at The District Hospital, Devizes, Wilts) 25 Jan 1951 Agnes Ellen Trimnell (wife of Ernest George Trimnell) and Ella Blanche Harris (wife of Edward Harris)
Love Emily Lovelock, Spinster of Stratford Lodge, Stratford-road, Watford, Herts (died at 43 Clarendon-road, Watford, Herts) 26 Jan 1951 Geoffrey Victor Engert, Engineer and George Grantham Turner, Accountant
Amelia Lovelock of 4 Tydeman-street, Swindon, Wilts (wife of Albert Edward Lovelock) 4 Feb 1951 Albert Edward Lovelock, Husband and retired Painter
William James Lovelock of Keynsham, St Helens-road, Hedge End, Hants 26 Feb 1951 Ellen Lovelock, Widow and George James Spicer, Contractor WT
Alfred Charles Lovelock of 87 Cumberland-road, Reading, Berks 28 Feb 1951 May Lovelock, Spinster L-S
Elizabeth Lovelock, Spinster of 12 Campbell-road, Salisbury, Wilts (died at The Cedars Nursing Home, Salisbury, Wilts) 2 May 1951 Harry Herbert Neville, Clerk, and Herbert Edmund Jackson, Solicitor
George Ernest Lovelock of 28 Upper Town-road, Greenford, Middx 25 May 1951 Hilda Margaret Lovelock, Widow and Edward George Willis, Coachbuilder C
William Lovelock of 21 Thornton-road, Hardway, Gosport, Hants (died at St Marys Hospital, Portsmouth, Hants) 26 Jun 1951 William Charles Lovelock, Welder and Henry Thomas Lovelock, Fitter
Matilda Esther Lovelock of 40 Hall-street, Stockport, Cheshire (died at The Parkside Hospital, Macclesfield, Cheshire) (wife of Arthur Lovelock) 5 Aug 1951 Arthur Lovelock, Husband and Railway Guard
Jessie Winifred Lovelock of Anne Orchard, Streatley-on-Thames, Berks (wife of Harold Lovelock) 13 Aug 1951 Kathleen Irene Slader, Spinster
George James Lovelock of 18 Pillans-road, Rosebank, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa 22 Oct 1951 Norman Charles Levermore, Secretary Attorney of Lionel Howard Twentyman Jones and William Dennis Hawson
Herbert Lovelock of 19 Avondale-road, Edgeley, Stockport, Cheshire 3 Dec 1951 Annie Lovelock, Widow B
John James Lovelock of 49 St Dunstans-road, Hanwell, Middx 6 Dec 1951 Bessie Bowden Lovelock, Widow C
Emily Lovelock, Widow of 42 Church-end, Lyneham, Wilts 18 Dec 1951 Gladys Mary Lovelock, Spinster Ly
Marian Emily Lovelock of Church End, Braughing, Herts (wife of Albert Edward Lovelock) 31 Jan 1952 Albert Edward Lovelock, Husband and Ledger Clerk StP2
Harry Lovelock of 158 Woodsmoor-lane, Stockport, Cheshire (died at Broad Green Hospital, Liverpool, Lancs) 17 Feb 1952 Hilda Lovelock, Widow
James Lovelock of Buckby Wharf, Norton Locks, Norton, Northants 1 Jul 1952 National Provincial Bank Limited WT
Amelia Lovelock, Widow of Meadow View, The Grove, Carshalton, Surrey (died at Coignafearn Nursing Home, Lampisford-road, Croydon, Surrey) 24 Jul 1952 James Griffiths, Local Government Officer and Frederick Edward Gordon Stanford, Estate Agent and Surveyor
Thomas Lovelock of Woodside, Craven-road, Inkpen, Berks 29 Aug 1952 Kate Lovelock, Spinster L
William Oliver Lovelock of Clench, Wootton Rivers, Wilts 7 Sep 1952 Cyril Lovelock, Motor Mechanic and Herbert Ian Lovelock, Agricultural Worker L
William Henry Lovelock of 16 Radnor-road, Weybridge, Surrey 8 Oct 1952 Ellen Eliza Bertha Plumridge (wife of William Ronald Plumridge) ShD
Frederick George Lovelock of 171 Firs-lane, Winchmore Hill, Middx 31 Oct 1952 Rose Maude Quinn and Dorothy Elizabeth Nicholls, married women WT
Annie Lovelock, Spinster of Middlesex House, Pitsford, Northants 31 Dec 1952 Annie Miriam Pickthorn, Spinster WT
Eliza Lovelock of 37 Church-street, Buckden, St Neots, Hunts (wife of William Lovelock) 18 Jan 1953 William Lovelock, Husband and retired Publican TT
Alexander George Lovelock of 26 Connaught-avenue, East Barnet, Herts 21 Jan 1953 Elsie Frances Lovelock, Widow StP2
William Lovelock of 34 Middle-street, Southampton, Hants 7 Apr 1953 Reginald Lovelock, Baker's Labourer C
Albert Lovelock of 32 Hyde Close, Winchester, Hants (died at The Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester, Hants) 10 May 1953 May Elizabeth Lovelock, Widow
Albert Lovelock of 22 Chandos-road, Eastcote, Middx 20 May 1953 Charles Stanley Lovelock, Electrical Engineer and Ronald Rae Lovelock, Transport Board Executive
Sarah Lovelock, Widow of 40 Colwyn House, Cosser-street, London, SE1 (died at Lambeth Hospital, London) 18 Jun 1953 William Henry Lovelock, Warehouseman and George James Lovelock, Newspaper Motor Driver
Stephen Lovelock of 117 Southgate-road, Islington, London, N1 (died at Metropolitan Hospital, Hackney, London, E8) 27 Jun 1953 William Henry Frost, Insurance Agent and John William Eldridge, Fitter
Charles Lovelock of 52 St Philips-road, Upper Stratton, Swindon, Wilts (died at The General Hospital, Longfleet-road, Poole, Dorset) 10 Sep 1953 Lily Lovelock, Widow
Charles James William Lovelock of 74 Bells Hill, Barnet, Herts (died at 17 Wellhouse-lane, Barnet, Herts) 11 Sep 1953 Frederick Thomas Ryan, Works Manager and Edward Hilliard, Telegraphist
George Herbert Lovelock of 16 Selsdon-road, New Haw, Weybridge, Surrey (died at St Peters Hospital, Chertsey, Surrey) 14 Sep 1953 William George Howard Lovelock, Motor Engineer
James Lovelock of 152 Hydethorpe-road, Balham, London, SW12 9 Oct 1953 Charles James Lovelock, Civil Servant Fr
Emily Anna Lovelock, Widow of 54 Blandford-road, Beckenham, Kent (died at Woodcote Nursing Home, Westgate-road, Beckenham, Kent) 13 Oct 1953 Leslie Arthur Bennett, Estate Agent and Ivor William Clemence, Chartered Accountant
Edith Harriet Lovelock, Widow of 152 Hydethorpe-road, Balham, London, SW12 (died at St James Hospital, Balham, London) 8 Jan 1954 Charles James Lovelock, Civil Servant
Charles Thomas Lovelock of 42 Woodstock-road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 27 Feb 1954 Mary Ann Lovelock, Widow D
Albert Henry Lovelock of Fernhill Bungalow, Efflinch-lane, Barton-under-Needwood, Staffs (died at The Infirmary, Burton-upon-Trent, Staffs) 19 Mar 1954 Nellie Lovelock, Widow and Albert Stanley Dunwell, retired Brewery Employee
Thomas John Lovelock of 5 Lionel-terrace, Rhydyfelin, Pontypridd, Glam 30 Mar 1954 Ruth Lovelock, Widow Ly
William Lovelock of 40 Hampden-road, Hitchin, Herts (died at Three Counties Hospital, Arlesey, Beds) 7 May 1954 Louisa Taylor, Widow
Ada Ellen Eliza Lovelock, Widow of Laurels, Lower Sheering-road, Sawbridgeworth, Herts (died at St Margarets Hospital, Epping, Essex) 21 May 1954 Thomas Edward Leslie Lovelock, Insurance Agent
Thomas Edward Lovelock of 4 Park Mead Park, Crescent-terrace, Brighton, Sussex 29 May 1954 Louisa Caroline Lovelock, Widow C
Louisa Hannah Lovelock of 23 Addison-road, Guildford, Surrey (died at St Lukes Hospital, Guildford, Surrey) (wife of Edwin John Lovelock) 29 Jun 1954 Edwin John Lovelock, Husband and Jobbing Gardener
Florence Annie Lovelock of 66 Burton-road, Branston, Tutbury, Staffs (wife of Harold Thomas Lovelock) 5 Oct 1954 Harold Thomas Lovelock, Military Headdress Viewer
Harriett Ann Lovelock of 28 Birrell-road, Nottingham, Notts (wife of William Lovelock) 4 Dec 1954 William Lovelock, Husband and retired Civil Servant TT
George Lovelock of 20 Norbreck-close, Great Barr, Birmingham, Warks 18 Jan 1955 Josephine Lovelock, Widow L
Miriam Elizabeth Lovelock, Widow of 22 Chandos-road, Eastcote, Middx (died at Hillingdon Hospital, Middx) 27 Jan 1955 Albert John Lovelock, Railway Inspector and Charles Stanley Lovelock, Electrical Contractor
Elizabeth Emmeline Lovelock, Widow of Normandene, Horseshoe-crescent, Beaconsfield, Bucks (died at Rosslyn Nursing Home, Beaconsfield, Bucks) 4 Apr 1955 Herbert Robert Stanley Dean, of no occupation
David Kenneth Lovelock of Ard-na-Coille, Newtonmore, Inverness-shire (died at Loch Insh, Inverness-shire) 28 Jul 1955 Confirmation of Arthur Osborne Lovelock and Arthur Reginald Lovelock
Henry Charles Lovelock of Rose Lea, Wepre Lane, Connahs Quay, Flintshire 3 Aug 1955 Henry Charles Lovelock, Main Engine Attendant L
Sarah Jane Lovelock of 84 Jubilee Street, Great Bedwyn Wilts (died at Savernake Hospital, Wilts) 6 Sep 1955 Gertrude Whale ( wife of Frederick Percival Charles Whale)
Charles Lovelock of Pamber, 138 Goldsworth-road, Woking, Surrey 9 Sep 1955 Sydney  Charles Lovelock, Foreman House Decorator and William Brynmor Davies, Solicitor
Alice Mary Lovelock of 72 Casino-avenue, Herne Hill, London SE24 (wife of William Lovelock) 5 Nov 1955 William Lovelock, Husband and retired Tram Driver L
Arthur Henry Lovelock of 15 Ongar-road, Addlestone, Surrey 5 Nov 1955 Dennis Arthur Lovelock, Carpenter and Joiner and Eric CharlesLovelock, Toolmaker RCD
Matilda Lovelock, Widow of 2a Selly Oak-road, Bournville, Birmingham, Warks (died at Selly Oak Hospital, Selly Oak, Birmingham, Warks) 30 Nov 1955 Matilda May Bourne (wife of Leonard Bourne)
Cecil Stewart Lovelock of 15 Flexbury Park-road, Bude, Cornwall (died at The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Exeter, Devon) 7 Dec 1955 Leonard Lovelock, retired Civil Servant
Martha Ann Lovelock of 46 St Martins, Marlborough, Wilts (died at St James Hospital, Devizes, Wilts) (wife of Frederick Arthur Cecil Lovelock) 11 Jan 1956 Midland Bank Executor and Trustee Company Limited
Mary Ann Lovelock, Widow of 42 Woodstock-road, Hornsey, London, N4 6 Mar 1956 Frank Roland Earle, Solicitor D
Susannah Maria Bess Lovelock, otherwise Susannah Marie Bess,Widow of 27 Farrer-road, Hornsey, London, N8 (died at Withington Hospital, St Marys Wing, Highgate Hill, Islington, London) 3 Apr 1956 Jeanette Bellhouse, Married Woman

Alice Emily Lovelock, Widow of 46 Ebberns-road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts 23 Mar 1956 William Thomas Butler, retired Brushmaker D
Alice Harriet Lovelock, Married Woman of 88 Erskine-road, Walthamstow, London (died at Blakebrook Hospital, Kidderminster, Worcs) 26 July 1956 Ada Rosina Harding, Married Woman
Edward Mafeking Lovelock, otherwise Edward Mafiking, of 94 Elmgrove-crescent, Harrow, Middx 2 Aug 1956 Ethel Annie Lovelock, Widow
Constance Emily Lovelock, otherwise Constance, Spinster of 55 Cornwall-road, Walmer, Kent 9 Sep 1956 John Hamilton Lovelock, of no occupation
Elizabeth Ellen Lovelock, Widow of 55 Cornwall-road, Walmer, Kent (died at Channel View Nursing Home, Deal, Kent) 10 Sep 1956 John Hamilton Lovelock, of no occupation
Sidney Alfred Jeffery Lovelock of 157 Cranbury-road, Reading, Berks (died at Battle Hospital, Reading, Berks) 12 Oct 1956 Nellie Victoria Lovelock, Widow
Annie Victoria Lovelock of The Caravan, care of Greenacres, Great Hallingbury, Bishop Stortford, Herts (wife of David Charles Lovelock) 16 Oct 1956 David Charles Lovelock, Husband and retired Master Tailor
Jennie Ida Lovelock, Widow of 70 Manchester-road, Swindon, Wilts (died at Cheriton Nursing Home, Westlecott-road, Swindon, Wilts) 28 Oct 1956 Charles Hodges Smith, retired Railway Engineer
Kate Lovelock of Cuckfield Hospital, Cuckfield, Sussex 6 Nov 1956 Hilda Margaret Granger, Married Woman ?
Albert Edward Lovelock of Church End, Braughing, Ware, Herts (died at The Hospital, Hertford, Herts) 29 Jan 1957 Woodland Ronald Harry Watson, Solicitor and Reginald John Burn, Hairdresser
George Lovelock of 136 Earlsfield-road, Wandsworth, London (died at St James Hospital, Balham, London) 4 Feb 1957 Elsie Lovelock, Widow
Tom Arthur Lovelock of 3 The Meadway, Chelsfield, Kent 12 Feb 1957 Nellie Anne Elizabeth Lovelock, Widow RCD
Lilly Maud Lovelock, Spinster of 42 Lyneham, Wilts (died at GWR Hospital, Swindon, Wilts) 20 Mar 1957 Ernest William Lovelock, retired Male Nurse Ly
George Henry Lovelock of 27 Achilles-street, London, SE14 23 Jun 1957 Lilian Ethel Lovelock, Widow L
Herbert Lovelock of 37 Rectory-road, Worthing, Sussex (died at 1 Parkfield-road, Worthing, Sussex) 3 July 1957 Hilda Gertrude Lovelock, Widow and Richard Valentine Stapleton, Solicitor
Minnie Lovelock, Widow of 21 Wakehurst-road, Battersea, Surrey (died at 38 Palace-road, Streatham, Surrey) 21 Aug 1957 Barclays Bank Limited
Annie Lovelock, Widow of 38 Palace-road, Streatham, London 22 Aug 1957 Barclays Bank Limited W
Rachel Elizabeth Lovelock of 10 Bagshot, Shalbourne, Wilts (wife of Sydney George Lovelock) 13 Oct 1957 Sydney George Lovelock, Husband and Gardener
Olive Margaret Lovelock, Spinster of 14 Appleby Lodge, Manchester 14 (died at Baguley Hospital, Baguley, Manchester 23) 12 Dec 1957 Edward John Russell Lovelock, Merchant
Alice Maud Lovelock, Spinster of 26 Greencourt Avenue, Edgware, Middx (died at Edgware General Hospital, Hendon, Middx) 16 Dec 1957 Hilda Marjorie Grace Lovelock, Spinster
Frederick Lovelock of 28 George Street, Elworth, Sandbach, Cheshire 4 Feb 1958 Frederick Jones, Civil Servant B
Rose Winifred Lovelock of 32 West Town Lane, Brislington, Bristol (died at The General Hospital, Redcliffe, Bristol) (wife of Leonard Charles Lovelock) 10 Mar 1958 Leonard Charles Lovelock, Husband and Insurance Company District Superintendent
Ada Rose Lovelock of 33 Oakhampton Road, Mill Hill, Middx (wife of Frederick Nelson Lovelock) 7 Apr 1958 Frederick Nelson Lovelock, Husband and Civil Servant
Albert Charles Lovelock of Woodlands, King Street, Mortimer, Berks 8 May 1958 Gladys Mary Challis, Married Woman and John Childs, Civil Servant A
Ernest Edward Walter Lovelock of Briarcourt, Western Crescent, Bitterne, Hants (died at St Judes Nursing Home, West End Road, Bitterne, Hants) 18 May 1958 John Charles Haydn Lovelock, Diesel Sales Manager
Ada Minnie Ashton Lovelock, Spinster of The Hill, Leigh Road, Knutsford, Cheshire (died at Cranford Lodge Hospital, Knutsford, Cheshire) 30 May 1958 Edward John Russell Lovelock, Chemical Merchant
Ellen Eliza Lovelock, Widow of 144 Connaught Road, Brookwood, Surrey 3 Jun 1958 John Oliver Lovelock, Golf Professional and Ronald Percival Lovelock, Police Telephonist S-H-W
Leonard William Lovelock of White Lane, Hannington, Hants (died at Hannington to Ibworth Road) 20 Jun 1958 Thomas Woodhouse Lovelock, Gardener
William Lovelock of 72 Shuttleworth Road, London, SW11 23 Jun 1958 Victor George Bayliss, Accountant A
Clara Edith Lovelock, Widow of Kingscote, Tripp Hill, Fittleworth, Sussex (died at Oakhurst Nursing Home, Midhurst, Sussex) 1 July 1958 Oliver Francis Lovelock, Accountant and Catherine Margaret Lovelock, Spinster Is
Percy Walter Lovelock of 83 Wentworth Crescent, Hayes, Middx (died at Middlesex Hospital, St Marylebone, London) 19 Jul 1958 Elizabeth Sarah Lovelock, Widow
Jesse David Lovelock of 19 Oak Way, Northgate, Crawley, Sussex (died at Redhill County Hospital, Redhill, Surrey) 2 Aug 1958 Gladys Georgette Lovelock, Widow
Charles Herbert Lovelock of 26 Greencourt Avenue, Edgware, Middx (died at Shenley Hospital, Shenley, Herts) 11 Sep 1958 Joseph George Carter, Organ Builder
Charles William Lovelock of 72 Airthrie Road, Goodmayes, Essex 18 Sep 1958 Edith Agnes Lovelock, Widow StP2
Anna Isabel Lovelock, Widow of 39a New Park Street, Devizes, Wilts 25 Oct 1958 Eliza Taylor, Widow L
Hannah Eliza Lovelock, otherwise Hannah Elizabeth, Widow of 28 George Street, Elworth, Sandbach, Cheshire 15 Nov 1958 Frederick William Lovelock, Bricklayer and Frederick Jones, Clerical Officer
Jessie Sophia Lovelock, Widow of 37 Corporation Road, Newport, Mon 15 Nov 1958 Arthur Eric Lovelock, Builder Ly
Owen Frank Lovelock of 1015 Christchurch Road, Boscombe, East Bournemouth, Hants (died at Christchurch Hospital, Hants) 22 Dec 1958 Ada Annie Lovelock, Widow
Julia Eleanor Lovelock, Spinster of 16 Nithsdale Road, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset (died at 2 Clarence Road, North Weston-super-Mare, Somerset) 25 Dec 1958 Maurice George Meade-King, Solicitor
Frederick Lovelock of 31 Epirus Road, Fulham, London, SW6 (died at St Stephens Hospital, Chelsea, London) 12 Jan 1959 Lucy Ethel Wall, Married Woman
WR2 ?
Elsie May Lovelock of 26 Raymond Avenue, Great Barr, Birmingham, Warks (died at Little Bromwich Hospital, Birmingham, Warks) (wife of James Henry Lovelock) 13 Jan 1959 James Henry Lovelock, Husband and Builder's Manager
Annie Jane Lovelock, Widow of 19 Broxton Road, Wallasey, Cheshire 25 Feb 1959 Pearce Trewhella Lovelock, District Manager ?
Charles Henry Lovelock of 64 Gurnard Road, Cosham Portsmouth, Hants (died at The Infectious Diseases Hospital, Milton, Portsmouth, Hants) 10 Mar 1959 Edith Maud Lovelock, Widow
Lily Ethel Lovelock of 33 Wingate Road, London, W6 (wife of John Alfred George Lovelock) 21 April 1959 John Alfred George Lovelock, Husband and retired Disinfecting Officer HtoH
Alice Emma Lovelock of Holm-Lea, Oaks Road, Willington, Derbyshire (wife of William Herbert Lovelock) 23 May 1959 William Herbert Lovelock, Husband and retired Pattern Maker
Frank Lovelock of 10 Fore Street, Troon, Camborne, Cornwall (died at Tehidy Chest Hospital, Camborne, Cornwall) 3 Jun 1959 Alfred Lovelock, retired Manufacturer
Frederick Lovelock of 178 Mays Lane, Barnet, Herts (died at The General Hospital, Barnet, Herts) 19 Jul 1959 Dorothy May Lovelock, Widow
Francis Edward Lovelock of 14 Goldsmith Road, Acton, London, W3 6 Aug 1959 Esther Annie Lovelock, Widow StP-M
Albert Lovelock of 55 Maybank Road, Woodford, Essex 1 Oct 1959 Violet Emma Elizabeth Lovelock, Widow F
Frederick George Lovelock of 16 Uxbridge Road, Hampton Hill, Middx 29 Oct 1959 Doris Lovelock, Widow and Frederick Phineas Maddison, International Accountant
Jane Elizabeth Lovelock of 44 Sheldon Road, Edmonton, London, N18 (died at 24 Keswick Road, Bexleyheath, Kent) (wife of Herbert Charles Lovelock) 29 Nov 1959 Betty Harrison, Married Woman
Sidney James Lovelock of 13 Ordnance Road, Southampton, Hants betw 30 Oct 1959 and 12 Nov 1959 Charles James Lovelock, retired Gardener L
Edwin John Lovelock BEM of Westward Ho, Chapel Lane, Pirbright, Surrey (died at St Peters Hospital, Chertsey, Surrey) 6 Jan 1960 Ada Alice Maud Lovelock, Widow and Reginald John Fifield, Production Director
Frederick William Lovelock of Oldington House, Oldington, Kidderminster, Worcs 12 Jan 1960 Ada Harriet Selina Deering, Married Woman RCD
Ida Queenie Isabel Lovelock, Widow of Rose Villa, 97 Wheatley Lane, Ben Rhydding, Ilkley, Yorks (died at The Hospital for Women, Leeds, Yorks) 21 Feb 1960 Dennis Whitehead Briggs, Engineering Draughtsman, Beatrice Elvira Gibbs, Married Woman and John Kennedy, Solicitor
Alfred John Lovelock of 12 Enslin Road, London, SE9 (died at The Railway Station, Ilkley, Yorkshire) 6 Apr 1960 Wilfred Edward Smith, Insurance Official
Francis Frederick Lovelock of 44 Manor Road, Richmond, Surrey (died at Banstead Hospital, Surrey) 24 Apr 1960 Agnes Noble Lovelock, Widow
David Charles Lovelock of The Caravan, Green Acres, Great Hallingbury, Essex (died at The Herts and Essex General Hospital, Bishops Stortford, Essex) 14 July 1960 David Charles Lovelock, Fruit Farmer
William Lovelock of 72 Casino Avenue, Herne Hill, London, SE24 15 Jul 1960 Leonard William James Lovelock, Representative L
Sidney George Lovelock of 9 Queens Gardens, Cranham, Upminster, Essex (died at Woolacombe, Mortehoe, Devon) 29 Jul 1960 Doris May Lovelock, Widow
Ellen Lovelock of Bay Cottage, Lower Green, Inkpen, Berks (died at Churchill Hospital, Headington, Oxfordshire) 12 Aug 1960 George Lovelock, Farmer and Margaret Wyatt (wife of Francis George Wyatt)
Sarah Alice Lovelock, Widow of 63 Clarendon Road, South Tottenham, Middx (died at St Anns General Hospital, South Tottenham, Middx) 17 Aug 1960 Richard Gadd, Newsman Driver
Charles William Lovelock of St Augustines Hospital, Chartham Down, Canterbury, Kent 26 Sep 1960 Alice Lovelock, Widow ?
Albert William Lovelock of Cresta Nugents Park, Hatch End, Pinner, Middx 7 Oct 1960 Westminster Bank Limited StP-M
Arthur Charles Lovelock of 117 Southgate Road, London, N1 (died at The German Hospital, Dalston, London) 3 Jan 1961 Susannah Lovelock, Widow
Ernest Charles Lovelock of 213 Evering Road, Upper Clapton, London E5 7 Jan 1961 Annie Florence Lovelock L
Alan Morris Lovelock of 83 Goodhart Way, West Wickham, Kent (died at Farnborough Hospital, Kent) 7 Feb 1961 Lottie Lillian Lovelock, Widow
Mary Ellen Lovelock, Widow of 24 College Road, Willesden, Middx (died at Hammersmith Hospital, London) 8 Apr 1961 Kathleen Gwendoline Millicent Bryant, Spinster and Mary Eileen Frances Wright, Married Woman
Rhoda Louisa Healey Lovelock, Married Woman of 7 Morton Gardens, Wallington Surrey (died at Cornfield Terrace, Eastbourne, Sussex) 26 Apr 1961 Arthur Robert Lovelock, Accountant
Thomas Woodhouse Lovelock of White Lane, Hannington, Hants 13 May 1961 Ada Mary Lovelock, Widow K
Minnie Louise Lovelock, Widow of 2 Garden Village, Mitcham, Surrey (died at Wandle Valley Hospital, Carshalton, Surrey) 30 May 1961 Maud Isabel Brett, Spinster
Herbert Sydney Lovelock of Winterbourne, Lower Buckland Road, Lymington, Hants 4 Jun 1961 The Midland Bank Executor and Trustee Company Limited Ly
Alice May Lovelock, Spinster of Coneybury Wood, Reigate, Surrey (died at Kent and Sussex Hospital, Tunbridge Wells) 20 Aug 1961 Marie Ellen Brown (wife of Cecil Howard Brown)
Alfred Joseph Herbert Lovelock of 33 Alric Avenue, London, NW10 27 Sep 1961 Rose Violet Hedgecock, Married Woman Br
Ernest Henry Lovelock of 19 Ranston Street, Marylebone, London, NW1 (died at Middlesex Hospital, Mortimer Street, London, W1) 6 Oct 1961 John Lovelock, Engineer
George Lovelock of Southways, Billingborough, Lincs 2 Nov 1961 Reginald Frank Lovelock, Municipal Treasurer and Accountant C
Alfred John Lovelock of 39A New Park Street, Devizes, Wilts 5 Nov 1961 Isabel Kate Barratt (wife of Arthur Barratt) L
Grace Millicent Lovelock of Burnaly, Lower Buckland Road, Lymington, Hants (died at The National Hospital, Queen Square, Holborn, London) (wife of Edward James Lovelock) 22 Nov 1961 Edward James Lovelock, Husband and Engineers Foreman
Beatrice Annie Kate Lovelock of 25 Holdcroft Close, Blunsdon, Wilts (wife of Alan Richard Lovelock) 9 Jan 1962 Alan Richard Lovelock, retired Metal Machinist
Richard George Lovelock of 8 Westcote Road, Streatham, London (died at St Georges Hospital, Tooting, London) 30 Jan 1962 Edith Beatrice Alice Lovelock, Widow
Edith Lovelock, Widow of 22 The Grove, Horsell, Surrey
(died at 43 The Broadway, Knaphill, Woking)
28 Feb 1962 Albert Ernest Beale, Police Inspector and William Brynmor Daines, Solicitor
George William Lovelock of 108 Lyneham, Wilts
(died at Roundway Hospital, Devizes, Wilts)
21 Mar 1962 Annie Louisa Lovelock, Widow Ly2
Emily Daisy Lovelock of 389 Clay Hill Road, Kingswood, Essex (died at St Andrews Hospital, Billericay, Essex) 23 May 1962 Lucy Mabel Parker (nee Lovelock) and Kathleen Daisy Freeman (nee Lovelock)
Louisa Lovelock of 57 Wigan House, Clapton, London 18 Jun 1962 Doris May Cubbadge, Widow (nee Lovelock) L
Lillie Lovelock of Ashleigh, Dyserth, Flintshire (wife of William Lovelock) 1 Jul 1962 William Lovelock, Husband of no occupation, John Gilbert Lovelock, Rent Collector and George Percival Edwards, Solicitor
Reginald Francis Frederick Lovelock of 1 The Platt, Dormansland, Surrey 2 Jul 1962 Winifred Lillian Lovelock, Widow D
Kate Lovelock, Spinster of Woodside, Craven Road, Inkpen, Berks 8 Aug 1962 John Marshal, Solicitor and Clifford Audley, Solicitors Managing Clerk K
Mary Ann Lovelock of 115 East Sands, Burbage, Wilts
(died at Savernake Hospital, Marlborough, Wilts)
12 Aug 1962 Bernard Thomas Ford, Solicitor
Elizabeth Lovelock of 72 Shuttleworth Road, Battersea, London, SW11 17 Oct 1962 Victor George Bayliss A
Frederick Richard Lovelock of 52 Allens Road, Enfield, Middx (died at St Michaels Hospital, Enfield, Middx) 24 Nov 1962 Eileen Magaret Henrietta O'Kane, Single Woman
Jessie Barbara Lovelock, Widow of 22 Kingswall, Malmesbury, Wilts (died at Roundway Hospital, Devizes, Wilts) 6 Dec 1962 Eleanor Martha Annie Wirdnam, Married Woman
Maria Lavinia Lovelock, Widow of 10 Aylett Road, South Norwood, London, SE25 (died at St Francis Hospital, East Dulwich, London) 30 Jan 1963 William George Whittington, Instrument Maker
Josephine Lovelock, Widow of 88 North Road, Torpoint, Cornwall 1 Feb 1963 George Lovelock, Internal Accountant L
Annie Lovelock, Widow of 19 Avondale Road, Bageley, Stockport, Cheshire 3 Feb 1963 Williams Deacons Bank Limited and George Gee, retired Butcher B
Isabel Sophia Lovelock, otherwise Isabella Sophia, Widow of 19 Warnham Court, Carshalton Beeches, Surrey (died at 49 Mulgrave Road, Sutton, Surrey) 7 Feb 1963 Robert William Lovelock, Bank Officer and Raymond Colin Oswald Lovelock, Schoolteacher
John Lovelock of 21 Hoylake Crescent, Ickenham, Middx (died on the way to Hillingdon Hospital, Middx) 7 Feb 1963 Louisa Lovelock, Widow
Florence Mary Lovelock, Widow of 90 Rutland Gardens, Harringay, London (died at St Anns General Hospital, Tottenham, London) 25 Feb 1963 Richard George Simmins, Solicitor
Eleanor Lovelock, Widow of 3 Rossiter Road, Lancing, Sussex (died at 9 College Lane, Chichester, Sussex) 7 Mar 1963 Rita Broadhurst, Married Woman and Norman Lewis Holt, Solicitor
Ethel Lovelock of 10 Kinsey House, Kingswood Estate, London, SE21 (wife of Arthur Lovelock) 29 Mar 1963 Arthur Lovelock, Husband and retired Shunter L
Percy Lovelock of 54 Morley Crescent, West Stanmore, Middx (died at Edgware General Hospital, Hendon, Middx) 10 Apr 1963 Daisy Alice Lovelock, Widow
Blodwen Lovelock of 12 Alpha Street, Pontypridd, Glam (wife of Alfred Gamble Lovelock) 11 Apr 1963 Alfred Gamble Lovelock, Husband and retired Labourer
William Henry Lovelock of 1 Suffield House, Berryfield Road, London, SE17 (died at Lambeth Hospital, London) 28 Apr 1963 Grace Jane Elizabeth Lovelock, Widow
Richard Henry Lovelock of 74 Alma Street, Sheerness, Kent (died at Keycol Hospital, Bobbing, Sittingbourne, Kent) 4 Jun 1963 Monica Mary Lovelock, Widow
Bernard Victor Lovelock of 21 Myrtle Grove, Copnor, Portsmouth, Hants 6 Jun 1963 Florence Lovelock, Widow W-C
Harold Thomas Lovelock of 66 Burton Road, Burton-on-Trent, Staffs 3 Jul 1963 Harold George Lovelock, Credit Salesman StP-M
Emily Helen Lovelock of 6 Welbeck Road, East Ham , London (died at East Ham Memorial Hospital, London) (wife of William James Lovelock) 11 Jul 1963 William James Lovelock, Husband and retired Maintenance Engineer
Arthur Lovelock of 7 Morton Gardens, Wallington, Surrey (died at The General Hospital, Brighton, Sussex) 16 Sep 1963 Arthur Robert Lovelock, Accountant W
Kathleen Winifred Lovelock, otherwise Katherine Winifred, Widow of 78 Monmouth Road, North End, Portsmouth, Hants (died at St Marys Hospital, Portsmouth, Hants) 27 Oct 1963 Edward Owen James Gates, Bricklayer
Frederick Lovelock of 80 Selworthy Road, London, SE6 (died at St Johns Hospital, Lewisham, London) 7 Nov 1963 Florence Maud Lovelock, Widow
Amy Lovelock, Widow of 18 Emmanuel Road, London, SW12 (died at St Benedicts Hospital, London, SW17) 21 Nov 1963 Violet Amy Blackshaw, Married Woman
Hilda Gertrude Lovelock, Widow of 56 Woodlea Road, Worthing, Sussex (died on the way to Worthing Hospital) 11 Dec 1963 Barclays Bank Limited
Louisa Valentine Lovelock of 8 Malcolm House, Regan Way, London 18 Dec 1963 George Lovelock, retired Packer GPO TT
Frederick Lovelock of 49 The Broadway, Thatcham, Berks (died at Battle Hospital, Reading, Berks) 9 Jan 1964 Edith Alice Lovelock, Widow
Rose Ethel Lovelock, Widow of 83 South Park Road, Maidstone, Kent (died at West Kent General Hospital, Maidstone, Kent) 28 Jan 1964 William Lovelock, Groundsman
Hubert Leslie Lovelock of 49 Steeds Road, London, N10 (died at The Royal Marsden Hospital, London, W3) 27 Mar 1964 Christina Elsie Lovelock, Widow
James John Lovelock of 148 Warren Avenue, Shirley, Hants 21 Apr 1964 Frederick George Lovelock, Grocery Manager PT
Elsie Gertrude Lovelock, Widow of 148 Warren Avenue, Shirley, Hants 1 May 1964 Frederick George Lovelock, Grocery Manager PT
Charles Lovelock of 2 Church Cottages, Taplow, Bucks (died at Upton Hospital, Slough, Bucks) 6 May 1964 Eva Jane Lovelock, Widow L
Edith Annie Lovelock, Widow of 7 Bagshot Slype, Hungerford, Berks (died at Savernake Hospital, Wilts) 23 May 1964 Trevor Thomas Bignell, Bricklayer's Labourer
Edwin John Lovelock of 23 Addison Road, Guildford, Surrey 21 Jun 1964 Leonard Lovelock, Builder and Nora Lovelock, Spinster K
Frederick Oscar Lovelock of 5 Block Cottages, Hope under Dinmore, Herefordshire 18 Jul 1964 Rhoda Mary Lovelock, Widow HtoH
Frances May Lovelock of Grabridge, Station Road, Horsmonden, Tonbridge, Kent (wife of Charles William Henry Lovelock) 20 Aug 1964 Charles William Henry Lovelock, Husband and Insurance Agent
Charlie Lovelock of 25 The Paddocks, Chippenham, Wilts (died at Chippenham District Hospital, Chippenham, Wilts) 19 Sep 1964 Dorothy Emily Lovelock, Widow
Frederick Victor Lovelock of 73 Millfields Road, London, E5 25 Sep 1964 Mary Lovelock, Widow StP2
John Charles Haydn Lovelock of Pantiles, Fernhill Close, Hook Heath, Woking, Surrey (died at St Bartholomews Hospital, London, EC2) 7 Oct 1964 Dorothy May Lovelock, Widow and Cradock James Preston, Export Sales Engineer
Wilfrid Morley Lovelock of 10 West Hill, Epsom, Surrey 18 Oct 1964 Keith Lomas, Solicitor E
Marie Madeline Lovelock of 35 Draycott Avenue, Kenton, Harrow, Middx (died at Fulham Hospital, London) 31 Dec 1964 Marie Madeline Rivers, Married Woman StP-M
Leonard Lovelock of 1 Station Terrace, Peterston-Super-Ely, Glam (died at The Royal Infirmary, Cardiff, Glam) 15 Apr 1965 Ronald Mark Balston, Solicitors Managing Clerk Ly
Violet Emma Elizabeth Lovelock, otherwise Violet Emma Elizebeth, otherwise Violet, otherwise Violet Emma, of 55 Maybank Rd, London, E18 (died on the way to Whipps Cross Hospital, London, E11) 21 May 1965 Albert Charles Lovelock, Motor Driver

William Lovelock of 28 Birrell Road, Nottingham, Notts (died at Basford Hospital, Hucknall Road, Nottingham, Notts) 24 Jun 1965 Charles David Lovelock, Omnibus Conductor
George Jacob Lovelock of 25 Parkfield, Chippenham, Wilts (died at St Martins Hospital, Bath, Somerset) 28 Jun 1965 LLoyds Bank Limited
Diana (sic) Jean Lovelock of 22 Worseley Close, Shackleton Close, Forest Hill, London (died at Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, Camberwell, London) 20 Oct 1965 Frederick Walter Lovelock, Meter Reader
Ernest Leslie Lovelock of 39 Guilsborough Road, London, NW10 18 Jan 1966 Margaret Cecilia Lovelock, Widow L
Archibald Lovelock of 28 Upper Poole Road, Dursley, Glos 25 Jan 1966 Stanley Henry Lovelock, Pattern Maker CK
Albert Lovelock of 53 Park Avenue, Flint, Flintshire (died at Cottage Hospital, Flint, Flintshire) 13 Feb 1966 Lilian Maud Lovelock, Widow
Stanley James Lovelock of 39 Richmond Crescent, Highams Park, London, E4 (died at Connaught Hospital, Walthamstow, London) 28 Feb 1966 Barclays Bank Limited
Ethel Amelia Marie Lovelock of 10 West Hill, Epsom, Surrey (died at Epsom and Ewell Cottage Hospital, Epsom, Surrey) 5 Apr 1966 Jack Donald Jefferies, Civil Servant and Brenda Mavis Jefferies, Married Woman
Louisa Lovelock of 173 Herkomer Road, Bushey, Herts (died at Bushey and District Hospital, Herts) 9 May 1966 Betty Alice Ellis, Married Woman
John George Douglas Lovelock of 59A Willian Way, Letchworth, Herts 10 Jun 1966 Margaret Ivy Lovelock, Widow L
Ellen Alice Lovelock of 16 Uxbridge Road, Hampton, Middx 13 Jun 1966 William John Lovelock and Ronald James Lovelock, Nurserymen RCD
Alfreda May Victoria Lovelock of 38 Penrose Street, North Road, Plymouth, Devon (died at 34 Redfield Hill, Oldland Common, Bitton, Glos)
[Note: see entry for Willie Lovelock died 10 Oct 1949 above]
17 Jun 1966 Gerald Adolphus Full, Draughtsman
Elizabeth Jane Lovelock of Lynwood Rise Road, Sunninghill, Berks 7 Jul 1966 Cradock James Preston, Overseas Representative HtoH
Edith Agnes Lovelock of 72 Airthrie Road, Goodmayes, Essex (died at Chadwell Heath Hospital, London) 4 Sep 1966 Eric Arthur Wall, Representative
Arthur George Charles Lovelock of 59 Stockwell Road, London, SW 9 died at St Thomas Hospital, Lambeth 27 Sep 1966 Florence Lovelock, widow and John Michael Lovelock, printing engineer
Ernest William Lovelock of 9 Albert Terrace, Penzance, Cornwall (died at Princess Margaret Hospital, Swindon, Wilts) 8 Oct 1966 Evelyn West Lovelock, Widow
John Rowland Lovelock of 24 Brummell Road, Newbury, Berkshire died at Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading 3 Dec 1966 Kathleen Joyce Lovelock, widow
Elizabeth Anne Lovelock of 85 Lyneham, Chippenham, Wiltshire 13 Jan 1967 Henry Bruce Lovelock, retired sub-postmaster Ly
John Douglas Lovelock of Pantile House, Pantile Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex 24 Jan 1967 Sylvia Gladys Basinger, married woman L
Ada Dorothy Lovelock of 1 Winchester Gardens, Andover, Hampshire died at St Pauls Hospital, Winchester 11 Feb 1967 John Durnford Barker, Solicitor, and Oliver Charles Porter, legal executive
Harry Lovelock of 30 Bassingham Road, Wembley, London 20 Feb 1967 Barclays Bank Limited
Stephen Lovelock of 132 Aldershot Road, Fleet, Hampshire died at St Lukes Hospital, Guildford, Surrey 14 Mar 1967 Annie Elizabeth Lovelock, widow
Nellie Victoria Lovelock of Laburnum House, Southend Road, Bradfield, Reading, Berkshire 2 Jun 1967 Miriam Olive West, spinster, and Joan Kathleen Cook, married woman
Cecil Thomas Lovelock of 14 Tudor Road, Hampton, Middlesex died at St Marys Hospital, Paddington 19 Jul 1967 Isabel Elizabeth Lovelock, widow
Elsie Lovelock of 2 High Street, Great Bedwyn, Marlborough, Wiltshire died at Savernake Hospital, Savernake, Marlborough 27 Jul 1967 Ernest Leslie Burgess, assistant engineer
Emma Sarah Lovelock of 55 Russell-Scott Buildings, Cherry Garden Street, Bermondsey, London 2 Oct 1967 George Edward Cowell, retired book warehouseman and Edward William Medlycott, retired railway clerk
John Cave Lovelock of Newlands High Street, Findon, sussex 11 Oct 1967 Harold Bradley, insurance official Ly
Dorothy Helen Lovelock of 138A Farndale Avenue, Palmers Green, London died at North Middlesex Hospital, London, N9 8 Nov 1967 Mary Helen Davies, married woman
Martha Gertrude Lovelock of 55 Cornwall Road, Walmer, Deal, Kent 16 Dec 1967   WT
William Lovelock of Ashleigh, Dyserth, Flintshire 23 Dec 1967  
Ethel Clara Amelia Lovelock of Horsell Lodge, Kettlewell Hill, Woking 12 Jan 1968  
Charles Henry Lovelock of 24 Rowditch La, Wandsworth, London 24 May 1968  
George Lovelock of 8 Malcolm House, Regan Way, London, N1 20 Jun 1968  
Kathleen Margery Lovelock of 54 Bloomfield Road, Gloucester 23 Jun 1968  
Emily Lovelock of Cofford, Dawlish Road, Teignmouth, Devon 29 Jul 1968  
Sydney William Lovelock of 54 Lowden Road, London, SE24 9 Aug 1968  
George Charles Lovelock of 65 Brunswick Court, St Johns, London, EC1 2 Sep 1968  
Kathleen Margaret Lovelock of 9 Lower Oakfield, Pitlochry, Scotland 21 Oct 1968  
William James Lovelock of 6 Welbeck Road, East Ham, London 16 Dec 1968  
William Herbert Lovelock of 7 Oaks Road, Willington, Derbyshire 13 Jan 1969   SMD
Laura Lovelock of 4 Oaklands Road, Hanwell, London 20 Jan 1969  
Alec Charles Lovelock of 9 Jesus Terrace, Cambridge 31 Jan 1969  
Stanley Victor Spicer-Lovelock of 43 Beckhampton Street, Swindon, Wiltshire 31 Jan 1969   WR
Annie Lovelock of 3 Buckland Road, Lymington, Hants 8 Feb 1969  
Clifford Edward Lovelock of Sweetleaxe, Stoke St Michael, Bath, Somerset 18 Mar 1969   L
Annie Lovelock of 27 Marlow Road, London, SE20 26 Apr 1969  
Ivy Hudson Lovelock of 10 Brambletyne Av, Saltdean, Sussex 20 Jun 1969  
Harry Phillip Lovelock of 22 Somerset Road, Southall, Middlesex 29 Jul 1969   C
Ethel Priscilla Lovelock of 9 Minster Court, York Road, Camberley, Surrey 12 Aug 1969   W
Arthur Reginald Lovelock of 9 Lower Oakfield, Pitlochry, Scotland 11 Oct 1969   Is
Leonard Maurice Lovelock of Flat 5, 20 Roundwood Road, London, NW10 9 Nov 1969   L
Audrey Frances Lovelock of Bickleigh Mill, Bickleigh, Tiverton, Devon 1 Dec 1969   WR
Arthur Thomas William Lovelock of 41B St Phillips Street, London SW8 25 Dec 1969   ?
Helena Beatrice Lovelock of 88 Little Ilford La, London, E12 25 Dec 1969   StP-M
Elsie May Lovelock of 144 Saxton Road, Abingdon, Berkshire 1 Jan 1970   ?
Frederick Arthur John Lovelock of 106 Gaer Park Road, Newport, Monmouthshire 5 Jan 1970   WT
Arabella Margaret Montgomery Lovelock of 83 Electric Avenue, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex 3 Mar 1970   Is
John William Lovelock of 28 Newlands, Dawlish, Devon 9 Mar 1970   RCD
Charles Henry Richard Lovelock of 33 West Street, Southwick, Fareham, Hampshire 24 Mar 1970   L
Leslie Thomas Lovelock of 53/55 Lower Road, Chinnor, Oxfordshire 14 May 1970   L
Leonard Lovelock of 138a Farndale Avenue, London, N13 28 May 1970  
Margaret Annie Lovelock of 115 Weyhill Road, Andover, Hampshire 6 Jul 1970  
Alice Lovelock of 5 Iverna Gardens, Kensington, London 7 Jul 1970  
Mabel Kate Lovelock of 34 Hillfield Road, Selsey, Sussex 20 July 1970  
Ethel Mary Lovelock of 3 Jacksons La, Highgate, London 21 Jul 1970  
Henry Thomas Lovelock of 47 Nobes Avenue, Bridgemary, Gosport, Hampshire 26 Jul 1970  
William Sydney Lovelock of 54A Granleigh Road, London, E11 24 Sep 1970  
Maurice Leonard Lovelock of 3 Milton Road, Pewsey, Wiltshire 25 Oct 1970   L
Mary Ellen Spicer Lovelock of 357 Ashingdon Road, Rochford, Essex 3 Dec 1970  
Olga Lovelock of 12 Wellington Crescent, New Malden, Surrey 10 Jan 1971  
Arthur David Charles Lovelock of 147 Roxeth Green Avenue, South Harrow, Middlesex 19 Jan 1971   RCD
John William Lovelock of 7 Broad Acre, Bricket Wood, St Albans, Hertfordshire 2 Feb 1971  
Edward James Lovelock of 3 Lower Buckland Road, Lymington, Hampshire 3 Feb 1971  
Harold Frederick Lovelock of 10 Venetian Road, London, SE5 5 Mar 1971  
Lily Lovelock of 12 Snowdon Place, Upper Stratton, Swindon, Wiltshire 10 Apr 1971  
Seiriol Lovelock of 150 Kings Road, Canton, Cardiff 9 May 1971  
Albert Edward Lovelock of 64 Stephens Firs, Mortimer, Reading, Berkshire 21 May 1971  
Charles William Henry Lovelock of Grabridge, Station Road, Horsmonden, Kent 31 May 1971  
Sarah Dorothy Lovelock of 12 South Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire 29 Jun 1971  
Edward Arthur Lovelock of 104 Upper Backway, Shrewton, Wiltshire 6 Sep 1971     Sh
Frances Lovelock of 25 Treyford Close, Ifield, Crawley, Sussex 20 Oct 1971  
Alice Maude Lovelock of Murray Cottage, St Johns Road, Crowborough, Sussex 31 Jan 1972  
Harry Lovelock of Holly Bank, Broad Layings, Woolton Hill, Newbury, Berkshire 13 Feb 1972  
Thomas Robert Joseph Lovelock of 127 Hartington Road, London SW8 28 Feb 1972   H-S
Frances May Lovelock of 349 Foxhill Road, Carlton, Nottinghamshire 25 Mar 1972  
Harriet Lovelock of Ellesmere Hospital, Walton on Thames, Surrey 20 Apr 1972  
Stanley Edward Cannings Lovelock of 25 Poplar Court, Old Ruislip Road, Northolt, Middlesex 7 Aug 1972  
Herbert William Lovelock of 34 Beech Tree Avenue, Coventry, Warwickshire 13 Aug 1972  
Harold David George Lovelock of 8 Wootton Rivers, Marlborough, Wiltshire 22 Jan 1973       L
Frederick Lovelock of 3 Cunliffe Street, Mold, Flintshire 7 Feb 1973      L
Louisa Caroline Lovelock of Pinewood, Station Road, Withdean, Brighton, Sussex 24 Feb 1973  
Wallace Henry Lovelock of 34 Hillfield Road, Selsey, Sussex 24 Feb 1973  
Charlotte Lovelock of 138 Mayes Road, London, N22 5 Mar 1973  
Henry Lovelock of 138 Mayes Road, London, N22 14 Mar 1973  
Edward Lovelock of 37 Old Palace Road, Weybridge, Surrey 15 Mar 1973  
Frederick Charles Lovelock of 13 Hawthorne Grove, London, NW9 23 Mar 1973  
Annie Gwendoline Lovelock of 7 Havory, Bath, Somerset 5 May 1973  
Richard George Lovelock of 96 Pennethorne House, Wye Street, London, SW11 14 May 1973   RCD
Marjorie Helen Lovelock of 8 Waterbeach Road, Slough, Buckinghamshire 17 Jun 1973    S-H-W
Edgar Harold Lovelock of 59 Winsham Grove, London SW11 25 Jun 1973   A
Alfred Leonard Lovelock of 5 Farm Lane, Great Bedwyn, Wiltshire 8 Jul 1973   L
Janet Sybil Lovelock of Shenley Hospital, Shenley, Hertfordshire 12 Jul 1973  
Winifred Flora Lovelock of 57 Orchard Street, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset 27 Jul 1973  
Eunice Mary Lovelock of 2 Queens Road, Horley, Surrey 7 Aug 1973  
Francis Charles Lovelock of 94 Piccots End, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire 28 Aug 1973   W
Elizabeth Jane Lovelock of 7 Kingstone Court, Shorncliffe Road, Folkestone, Kent 6 Sep 1973  
Rose Ethel Lovelock of 29 Grosvenor Avenue, North Harrow, Middlesex 17 Oct 1973   SMD
Edward John Russell Lovelock of The Kennels over Peover, Knutsford, Cheshire 11 Nov 1973   Stray
Charles Terence Lovelock of 9 Baldwin Rd, Minster on Sheppey, Sheerness, Kent 30 Nov 1973   H-S
Harold Lovelock of 79 Sydner Road, Hackney, London, N16 6 Dec 1973  
Alfred George Lovelock of 13 Jordan Road, Perivale, Greenford, Ealing 8 Dec 1973  
Mary Ellen Lovelock of Minffordd Farm, Sychtyn, Mold, Flintshire 2 Jan 1974  
William John Lovelock of 14 Sherringham Avenue, Feltham, Middlesex 4 Jan 1974  
Lydia Elsie Lovelock of 1 Mount Close, Weeke, Winchester, Hampshire 2 Mar 1974   WT
George Henry Lovelock of 2 Dunstans Road, London SE22 4 Apr 1974  
Emily Elizabeth Lovelock of 27 Cunningham Crescent, Birchington, Kent 18 Apr 1974  
Henry Bruce Lovelock of The Post Office, Lyneham, Wiltshire 30 Apr 1974   Ly
Alan John Lovelock of 10 Durnford House, Bromley Road, London, SE6 28 Jun 1974  
Annie Louisa Lovelock of 108 Lyneham, Chippenham, Wiltshire 26 Jul 1974   Ly2
Irene May Lovelock of 152 Brudenell Road, London, SW17 9 Aug 1974  
Amy Ethel Lovelock of Ashley Holt, Bentworth, Alton, Hampshire 12 Aug 1974  
Frederick Arthur Lovelock of Waverley House, Leominster, Herefordshire 17 Aug 1974  
Albert George Lovelock of 12 Queens Cottages, Sidmouth Street, Reading, Berkshire 5 Sep 1974  
William Lovelock of 25 Terminus Drive, Beltinge, Werne Bay, Kent 6 Sep 1974  
Charles James Lovelock of 1 Sydney Cottage, Bartley, Southampton, Hampshire 8 Sep 1974   C
Benjamin Avery Lovelock of 3 Roffeyhurst, Forest Road, Horsham, Sussex 18 Sep 1974   SHW
Thomas Alfred Lovelock of 205 Wigan House, London, E5 30 Oct 1974   L
Walter James Lovelock of Pol Bungalow, Dursdens La, Pewsey, Wiltshire 22 Nov 1974   L
Doris Frances Clara Lovelock of Troodos, Sherfield on Loddon, Basingstoke, Hampshire 8 Apr 1975   StP-M
Emily Lovelock of 3 Moseley Street, Southend-on-Sea, Essex 18 Feb 1975  
Hugo John Lovelock of 10 Pickard Street, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire 22 Feb 1975      L
Florence Angelina Lovelock or Florence Helen Angelina Green of 101 Kimberley Avenue, London, SE15 27 Feb 1975  
Stanley Charles Lovelock of 29 Grosvenor Avenue, North Harrow, Middlesex 18 Mar 1975   SMD
Cecil Lester Lovelock of 53 Lyndhurst Avenue, Twickenham, Middlesex 10 July 1975   StP2
Maud Sarah Lovelock of Flat 4, 5 Hemstal Road, London, NW6 12 Jul 1975  
Melitine Anne Marie Lovelock of 36 Milton Road, Southampton, Hampshire 23 Jul 1975  
William Ernest Alfred Lovelock of Priory Hospital, Wells, Somerset 23 Aug 1975   L
Gertrude Mary Lovelock of 18 The Knapp, Dursley, Gloucestershire 5 Oct 1975  
Sarah Lovelock of 151 Bramhall La, South Bramhall, Cheshire 31 Oct 1975  
Agnes Mary Lovelock of Pol Bungalow, Dursdens La, Pewsey, Wiltshire 27 Nov 1975   L
William John Lovelock of 10 Horsford Road, London, SW2 18 Dec 1975  
Dorothy May Lovelock of 10 Haig Road, Stanmore, Middlesex 23 Dec 1975  
Jennet May Lovelock of 18 Middleton Crescent, Leeds, Yorkshire 12 Jan 1976  

Doris Gertrude Lovelock of 28 Lichfield Street, Stone, Staffordshire 16 Jan 1976  
Wilfred Lovelock of 121 Princess Avenue, Buckley, Clwyd 21 Feb 1976  
William Lovelock of 101 Kimberley Avenue, London, SE15 14 Mar 1976  
Albert Charles Lovelock of 98 Colne Drive, Harold Hill, Romford, Essex 5 May 1976  
Sidney Charles Lovelock of 8 Somerset Avenue, Luton, Bedfordshire 17 May 1976  
Kathleen Rose Lovelock of Eastern Hospital, Homerton Grove, London, E9 27 May 1976  
Rose Ellen Lovelock of 24 Leigh Court, Byron Hill Road, Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex 8 Jun 1976  
Harold Lovelock of Greystones, 10 de Maulham Road, Swanage, Dorset 20 Sep 1976  
Clara Gertrude Lovelock of 324 Tolladine Road, Worcester, Worcestershire 25 Sep 1976  
Herbert William Lovelock of 91 Eastbury Road, Watford, Hertfordshire 17 Jan 1977  
Rosetta Elizabeth Lovelock of 12 Queens Cottages, Sidmouth Street, Reading, Berkshire 23 Jan 1977  
Irene Lovelock of Newholme, London Road, Soughton, Mold, Clwyd 7 Feb 1977  
Louisa Jane Lovelock of Flat 1, 20 Roundwood Road, London, NW10 9 Feb 1977  
Horace Lovelock of Bradstowe Lodge, 22 Victoria Parade, Broadstairs, Kent 5 Mar 1977    StP2
Elsie Frances Lovelock of 26 Connaught Avenue, East Barnet, London 8 Mar 1977  
Albert Edward Lovelock of 32 Tavistock Avenue, Didcot, Oxfordshire 27 Apr 1977  
Charles Edwin Lovelock of 2 Alexandra Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex 31 May 1977  
Henry Charles Lovelock of 329 Chester Road, Flint, Clwyd 9 Jun 1977  
Eileen Clara Lovelock of 17 Morton Road, London, N1 25 Jun 1977  
Mildred Mary Lovelock of 2 Alexandra Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex 8 Sep 1977  
James Henry Baden Lovelock of 79 Darnick Road, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire 21 Sep 1977  
William Stephen Lovelock of 49 Netherfield Gardens, Barking, Essex 24 Sep 1977  
Charlotte Isabella Lovelock of 49 Netherfield Gardens, Barking, Essex 21 Oct 1977  
Elizabeth Josephine Lovelock of 43 Sistova Road, London, SW12 31 Oct 1977  
Albert George Lovelock of 8 Waterbeach Road, Slough, Buckinghamshire 19 Dec 1977  
Alfred Gamble Lovelock of 12 Alpha Street, Pontypridd, Mid Glamorganshire 1 Jan 1978  
May Elizabeth Lovelock of Morton House, Church Lane, Kings Worthy, Winchester, Hampshire 16 Feb 1978  
James Pretoria Lovelock of 12 North Road, Surbiton, Surrey 17 Feb 1978  
Ada Alice Maud Lovelock of Hale End, Hook Heath Road, Woking, Surrey 14 Mar 1978  
Katherine Mary Lovelock of 28 Lichfield Road, Stone, Staffordshire 12 May 1978  
Nellie Lovelock of Braybrook, Burton Joyce, Nottinghamshire 13 May 1978  
Albert James Lovelock otherwise Albert of 31 President House, King Square Estate, Goswell Road, London, EC1 29 May 1978  
Albert James Lovelock of 44 Cottesmore Avenue, Barton Seagrave, Kettering, Northamptonshire 9 Jul 1978  
Leonard Charles Lovelock of Nethercott, 6 Towsend, Weston Zoyland, Bridgwater, Somerset 15 Jul 1978  
Alice Ethel Lovelock of 18 West Drive, Brighton, Sussex 15 Aug 1978  
Minnie Elizabeth Lovelock of 72 Ewart Road, Forest Hill, London, SE23 25 Aug 1978  
David Charles Lovelock of Green Acres, Anvil Cross, Great Halingbury, Essex 20 Nov 1978  
Ella Louisa Lovelock of 76 Cottimore Avenue, Walton on Thames, Surrey 10 Dec 1978  
Catherine Lovelock of 74 Black Rod Close, Hayes, Middlesex 14 Dec 1978  
Robin Geoffrey Lovelock of 54 Bloomfield Road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire 9 Mar 1979  
Alfred George Lovelock of Carbery, Church Hill, Hythe, Kent 5 May 1979  
Denis Charles Lovelock of 62 Stoneleigh Avenue, Worcester Park, Surrey 3 Aug 1979  
Frederick Charles Lovelock of Wilcott, Fairfield, Upavon, Wiltshire 2 Sep 1979  
Florence Lily Lovelock of Villa 4, Basingstoke District Hospital, Basingstoke, Hampshire 20 Oct 1979   Ly2
Mary Ann Lovelock of 22 Somerset Road, Southall, Middlesex 24 Dec 1979  
Stanley Jesse Lovelock of 69 Station Road, Thatcham, Berkshire 25 Dec 1979  
Edwin James Lovelock of 9 K Block, Peabody Estate, Stamford Street, London, SE1 27 Jan 1980  
Mary Heathilla otherwise Mary Herthilla Lovelock of 188 Turney Road, London, SE21 17 Feb 1980  
Charles James Lovelock of Brightside, 54 Wardrew Road, Exeter, Devon 5 Mar 1981  
Elsie May Lovelock of 39 Church Street, Calne, Wiltshire 14 Mar 1980   Ly2
Winifred Lillian Lovelock of Laurelle, Seaway Crescent, St Mary's Bay, Dymchurch, Kent 19 Mar 1980   D
Evelyn West Lovelock of Penpeth, Higher Moresk, Truro, Cornwall 1 May 1980  
Frederick Thomas Lovelock of 38 Gordon Road, Thatcham, Berkshire 19 May 1980  
Henry William Lovelock of 18 Kendal Rise, Broadstairs, Kent 20 May 1980  
Esther Annie Lovelock of 24 Rugby Avenue, Greenford, Middlesex 29 Jul 1980  
Cyril Henry Lovelock of 657 Lordship Lane, London, N22 8 Aug 1980  
Nellie Anne Elizabeth Lovelock of Poclington Rise, George Lane, Plymouth, Devon 23 Aug 1980  
Ernest Charles Lovelock of 91 Portway, Didcot, Oxfordshire 29 Aug 1980  
Frank Lovelock of 2 Turnberry Drive, Abergele, Clwyd 16 Dec 1980  
Richard George Lovelock of 213 St Margaret's Road, Twickenham, Middlesex 14 Feb 1981  
Reginald Lovelock of 85 Harrison Road, Swaythling, Southampton, Hampshire 31 Mar 1981  
George Henry Lovelock of 23 Priors Wood Road, Takely, Essex 2 May 1981  
William Charles Lovelock of 64 Souldern Street, Watford, Hertfordshire 14 May 1981  
Richard Edward John Lovelock of 324 Tolladine Road, Worcester, Worcestershire 17 May 1981  
George Lovelock of Bay Cottage, Lower Green, Inkpen, Newbury, Berkshire 11 Jul 1981  
James Lovelock of 64 Newton Road, Troon, Camborne, Cornwall 18 Jul 1981  
Gwendoline Winifred Lovelock of 62 Stoneleigh Avenue, Worcester Park, Surrey 2 Aug 1981  
Graham John Lovelock of 30 Trajan Road, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon, Wiltshire 6 Sep 1981  
Katherine Alexandra Lovelock of 88 Singleton Crescent, Goring-by-Sea, Worthing, Sussex 7 Sep 1981  
Eileen Amy Lovelock of 39 St Clements Court, Close Lane, Bockings Elm, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex 22 Nov 1981  
Gertrude Daisy Lovelock of 38 Potter Street, Northwood, Middlesex 5 Jan 1982  
Frederick William Lovelock of 4 Newall Avenue, Sandbach, Cheshire 6 Feb 1982  
Olive Ethel Lovelock of Keynsham Hospital, Keynsham, Bristol 9 Feb 1982  
Charles Percival Lovelock of 98 Reynoldson Street, Hull, Yorkshire 18 Feb 1982  
Edward James Bissett Lovelock of 39 Taunton Avenue, London, SW20 22 Feb 1982  
William John Lovelock of 132 Dukes Avenue, Muswell Hill Broadway, Muswell Hill, London 11 Mar 1982  
Edith Louisa Lovelock of 24 Stanhope Road, Sidcup, Kent 12 May 1982  
Colin Richard Henry Lovelock of 48 Eastcotes, Tile Hill, Coventry, Warwickshire 22 May 1982  
William James Lovelock of 5 Stoneham House, 13 Queens Road, Richmond, Surrey 8 Jun 1982  
Arthur Robert Lovelock of 76 Cottismore Avenue, Walton on Thames, Surrey 14 Jun 1982   L-Aus
May Lovelock of 87 Camberland Road, Reading, Berkshire 18 Jun 1982  
Olive Mary otherwise Olive Lovelock of 368 Godstone Road, Whyteleafe, Surrey 13 Aug 1982  
Walter Herbert Lovelock of 69 Trent Gardens, London, N14 23 Aug 1982  
Francis Patrick Lovelock of 36 Nelson Avenue, Portchester, Hampshire 9 Sep 1982   RCD
Charles Bernard Lovelock of 26 Mongleath Avenue, Falmouth, Cornwall 30 Sep 1982   W-C
Lilian Margaret otherwise Lilian Marguerite Lovelock of Sheridan House, 449 Green Lane, Palmers Freen, London, N13 23 Oct 1982  
Rose Elizabeth Lovelock of 29 Chelford Road, Bromley, Kent 27 Dec 1982  
Hilda Lovelock of 11 Alexandra Court, Skegness, Lincolnshire 29 Dec 1982  
Edith Beatrice Alice Lovelock of 8 Westcote Road, Streatham, London, SW16 19 Feb 1983
Albert John Lovelock of 83 Orchard Grove, Kenton, Harrow, Middlesex 20 Feb 1983  
Norman Henry Lovelock of 7 Havory, Larkhall, Bath, Somerset 28 Mar 1983   W-C
George Lovelock of Crowtree House, Crowtree Lane, Louth, Lincolnshire 5 May 1983  
Henry Clifford Lovelock of 73 Ridgeway Hill, Newport, Gwent 15 Jun 1983   L
Charles Wilfred Lovelock of 5 Farm Lane, Great Bedwyn, Marlborough, Wiltshire 28 Jul 1983   L
Irene Kathleen Lovelock of 265A Albert Road, Alexandra Park, Wood Green, London, N22 27 Aug 1983  
William Edward Lovelock of 63 The Hollands Park Road, Hanworth, Middlesex 2 Oct 1983    ?
Edith Lovelock of 76 Whiteman Street, Swindon, Wiltshire 5 Oct 1983   L
Lyndon Stewart Lovelock of 11 Podsbrook House, Guithavon, St Witham, Essex 11 Oct 1983   WT
William Lawrence Lovelock of 284 Queens Promenade, Bispham, Blackpool, Lancashire 28 Oct 1983    ?
Cyril Augustus Lovelock of 64 Vansittart Road, Forest Gate, London, E7 16 Nov 1983   Step
Florence Lovelock of 23 Marion Road, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire 20 Dec 1983   ?
Ernest James Kenward Lovelock of Danson House, Glynde Road, Bexleyheath, Bexley, Kent 22 Dec 1983   L-S
Ernest Wilfred Lovelock of 1 Woodside House, The Green, London, N21 31 Jan 1984   D
Henry Lovelock of 50 Downsfield Road, Walthamstow, Waltham Forest, London 21 Feb 1984
Arthur Lovelock of 68 Curtis Street, Swindon, Wiltshire 23 Feb 1984   L
Gertrude Lovelock of 18 Walmersley Court, Church Street, Marple, Stockport, Cheshire 14 Apr 1984   ?
Charles William Lovelock of 55 Wicklands Avenue, Saltdean, East Sussex 30 Apr 1984   L
Priscilla Lily Lovelock of 37 Repps Road, Martham, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 21 Jun 1984    K
James Albert Lovelock of 21 The Grove, Sholing, Southampton, Hampshire  24 Jun 1984   PT
Frederick Thomas Lovelock of Hookstead, Goldsmiths Avenue, Crowborough, East Sussex 18 Jul 1984   RCD
George Elgar Emeney Lovelock of 26 Seaway Road, St Marys Bay, Romney Marsh, Kent 19 Jul 1984   ShD
Eric Henry Lovelock of 63 Forest Road, London, E11 15 Aug 1984   Step2
Frederick Henry Lovelock of 68 The Causeway, Pagham, Bognor Regis, Sussex 21 Sep 1984   TT
Isabella Mary Lovelock of 2 Dunstans Road, London SE22 21 Sep 1984   L-S
Isabel Elizabeth Lovelock of Sunbury Nursing Home, Thames Street, Sunbury-on-Thames, Middlesex 29 Oct 1984  
Leslie Allan Lovelock of 44 Countess Close, Eaton Socon, St Neots, Cambridgeshire 10 Nov 1984   ?
Edward Reuben Lovelock of 2 Dunstans Road, London, SE22 28 Nov 1984   L-S
May Hilda Cecile Lovelock of Castle Rock Nursing Home, Mortehoe, Woolacombe, Devon 19 Dec 1984   StP2
Ivy Joan Lovelock of 98 Colne Drive, Harold Hill, Romford, Essex 12 Feb 1985   F
Ellen Elizabeth Lovelock of 22 Cavendish Avenue, Ealing, London, W13 18 Feb 1985   D
Stephen John Lovelock of 27 High Street, Rowledge, Farnham, Surrey 7 Mar 1985   TT
Ada Mary Lovelock of White Lane, Hannington, Hampshire 14 Mar 1985    K
William Joseph Lovelock of Primrose Cottage, Weybeards Farm, Hill End Road, Harefield, Middlesex 20 Apr 1985  
Clifford James Lovelock of 29 Pendell Avenue, Harlington, Hayes, Middlesex 21 May 1985   W
Harry Victor Lovelock of 2 Acacia House, Breakspeare Road, London, SE4 21 Oct 1985    StP-M
Gordon Charles Lovelock of 64 Old Ford View, Barnet, Hertfordshire 2 Nov 1985    L
Eileen Marie Lovelock of 5 Melton Court, Oakwell Close, Dunstable, Bedfordshire 24 Nov 1985   StP2
Alfred Leonard Lovelock of 238 Malpas Road, Newport, Gwent 28 Nov 1985    L
Arthur Charles Lovelock of Henlow Court, Dursley, Gloucestershire 19 Dec 1985    Ch
Edith May Lovelock of 11 Podsbrook House, Guithavon, St Witham, Essex 18 Jan 1986    ?
Frederick Nelson Lovelock of Earlsmead, St Clare Road, Walmer, Deal, Kent 1 Mar 1986    WT
Annie Lovelock of 69 Station Road, Thatcham, Berkshire 21 Mar 1986   ?
Arthur Lovelock of 4 Lincoln Road, Abingdon Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire 15 May 1986    RCD
Anthony Lionel Lovelock of 27 Turner Gardens, Lockleaze, Bristol 20 May 1986    L
Maynard Leonard Lovelock of 229 East Grafton, Marlborough, Wiltshire 21 Jun 1986    L
William Lovelock of Shambles, Whatcote, Shipston on Stour, Warwickshire 26 Jun 1986    ?
Frederick Charles Lovelock of 19 Rutherford Towers, Lovell Roade, Southall, Middlesex 7 Jul 1986   Br
Hubert Rex Hazell Lovelock of 39 Church Street, Calne, Wiltshire 2 Aug 1986   Ly2
Eric Charles Lovelock of 8 Wheatash Road, Addlestone, Surrey 25 Aug 1986   RCD
Mark Lovelock of 17 Orange Grove, Holbrook, Gosport, Hampshire 16 Sep 1986   RCD
Elizabeth Hilda Lovelock of 18 Graham Drive, Booker, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire 19 Sep 1986    W
Arthur Charles Lovelock of 40 Gordon Road, Thatcham, Berkshire 24 Nov 1986   L
Frederick Lovelock of Waters Edge, Preston, Crowmarsh, Oxfordshire 9 Jan 1987   L
Miriam Sabina Lovelock of 151 Old Woking Road, Pyrford, Woking, Surrey 26 Jan 1987    S-H-W
Marjorie Florence Lovelock of 138 Eardley Road, Streatham, London, SW16 2 Mar 1987    To
Joyce Anne Lovelock of 31 Pierremont Avenue, Broadstairs, Kent 9 May 1987   L-Aus
Leonard Frank Courtenay otherwise Leonard Frank Lovelock of 26 Gordon Road, Little Paxton, St Neots, Huntingdonshire 10 May 1987    
Winifred May Lovelock of 10 Trevenson Road, Pool, Redruth, Cornwall 23 May 1987    W-C
Roy Lovelock of 34 Glorney Mead, Badshot Lea, Farnham, Surrey 17 Jul 1987   L
Violet Rosina Lovelock of 32 Braemar Crescent, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex 29 Nov 1987    D
Meda Lovelock of 17 Treeside Road, Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire 20 Dec 1987   PT
Leslie Thomas Lovelock of 80 Newtown Road, Newbury, Berkshire 19 Jan 1988   L
Charles David Lovelock of 349 Foxhill Road, West Carlton, Nottinghamshire 29 Feb 1988   TT
Charles James Lovelock of 10 Williamson Way, South Molton, Devon 8 March 1988   HtoH
Evelyn Lovelock of 111 Hurdis Road, Shirley, Solihull, Warwickshire 13 Mar 1988   ?
Doris Mildred Lovelock of 79 Broad Walk, Wilmslow, Cheshire 6 May 1988   W
Leslie Arthur Clare Lovelock of 68 Curtis Street, Swindon, Wiltshire 13 May 1988    L
Thelma Lovelock of 6 Rolls Walk, Mount Pleasant, Rogerstone, Newport, Gwent 21 May 1988   Ly
Robin Walter Tom Lovelock of Amen Cottage, 7 Jubilee Road, Finchampstead, Berkshire 12 Jun 1988    RCD
Nellie Lovelock of Flat 16, Notrees, Kintbury, Newbury, Berkshire 23 Jun 1988   ?
Alice Lovelock of Treveor, 33 Basset Road, Camborne, Cornwall 18 Jul 1988    W-C
Reginald George Lovelock of 11 Aitken Road, Barnet, Hertfordshire 2 Aug 1988    StP2
Agnes Noble Lovelock of 15 Manor Park, Richmond, Surrey 3 Aug 1988    WR2
Margery Annie Lovelock of 46 Rutherwyk Road, Chertsey, Surrey 17 Aug 1988    RCD
Frederick William Charles Lovelock of Tenterden and District Private Nursing Home, Biddenden Road, St Michaels, Tenterden, Kent 28 Sep 1989  
Florence Lovelock of Churchlands, Palmerston Road, Chatham, Kent 28 Nov 1988   ?
Helen Mary Lovelock of Coombe Mill, St Giles in the Heath, Launceston, Cornwall 5 Feb 1989    RCD
George James Lovelock of 4 Crownstone Road, London, SW2 8 Mar 1989    H-S
Arthur Lovelock of 19 Heol Llanbedr, Peterston Super Ely, Cardiff 6 Apr 1989    Ly
Annie Emily Lovelock of 6 Daintry Close, Papworth, Everard, Cambridgeshire 19 May 1989    WR2
Eliza Rhoda Lovelock of 14 Castleton Close, Banstead, Surrey 29 Jun 1989    W
William Henry Lovelock of 32 Broomfield, Hadleigh Befield, Essex 17 Aug 1989   ?
Neville Lovelock of 30 Upper Berringer Walk, Worlds End Estate, London, SW10 20 Aug 1989    ?
Bruce Lyndon Lovelock of 31 Maidment Crescent, Witham, Essex 6 Oct 1989   WT
Albert John Lovelock of 12 Radburn Court, Chiltern Road, Dunstable, Kent 27 Nov 1989    K
Hilda Lucy Lovelock of 16 Herd Street, Marlborough, Wiltshire 14 Dec 1989   WT
William Charles Lovelock of Heathside, 69 Main Road, Gidea Park, Romford, Essex 1 Jan 1990   RCD
William Henry George Lovelock of 40 Homechester House, High West Street, Dorchester, Dorset 11 Jan 1990  
Charles John Lovelock of 42 Oxford Street, Caversham, Reading, Berkshire 1 Feb 1990   TT
Ethel Mary Lovelock of 20 Braidley Road, Bournemouth, Dorset 12 Mar 1990   Is
Geoffrey William Lovelock of 31 Piermont Avenue, Broadstairs, Kent 27 Mar 1990   L-Aus
Hilda Lovelock of 27 High Street, Rowledge, Farnham, Surrey 20 Jun 1990   TT
Peter Anthony Lovelock of 17 St Johns Road, Richmond, Surrey 9 Jul 1990   StP-M
Nelson William Lovelock of 5 Hill Top View, Ashford Hill, Newbury, Berkshire 10 Jul 1990   K
Dora May Lovelock of 84 Mill Hill Road, Acton, London, W3 14 Jul 1990    ?
Sidney Eric Lovelock of Troodos, Sherfield on Loddon, Basingstoke, Hampshire 15 Aug 1990   StP-M
Charles Bonnie Lovelock of 82 Upper Northam Road, Hedge End, Southampton, Hampshire 26 Aug 1990   Irish Fragment
Catherine Mary Lovelock of Farnham Hospital, Farnham, Surrey 28 Sep 1990   TT
Annie Elizabeth Lovelock of 132 Aldershot Road, Fleet, Hampshire 14 Oct 1990    TT
Alan Frederick Lovelock of 5 Brickfield Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey 13 Nov 1990   BG
Trevor Walter Lovelock of 113 Byfield Road, Woodford Halse, Daventry, Northamptonshire 2 Dec 1990    RCD
Thomas John Lovelock of New Holme, London Road, Sychdyn, Mold, Clwyd 7 Jan 1991  
John Arthur Stephen Lovelock of 18 Graham Drive, Booker, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire 9 Jan 1991    
John Lovelock of 1A Jenkins Drive, Parkwood Estate, Maidstone, Kent 5 Feb 1991    Be
Christine Mary Lovelock of 59 Winsham Grove, London 11 Feb 1991   ?
Queenie Doris Lovelock of 94 Piccotts End, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire 10 Mar 1991    W
Stanley William Lovelock of 9 Moulsham Chase, Chelmsford, Essex 30 Mar 1991    F
Elizabeth Rose Lovelock of Cleveland Lodge, Figheldean, Salisbury, Wiltshire 19 Apr 1991    L
Oliver Francis Lovelock of 88 Singleton Crescent, Goring by Sea, West Sussex 6 Jul 1991    Is
Caroline Mary Lovelock of Fisham Lodge Nursing Home, South Road, Hailsham, East Sussex 11 Sep 1991  
Ernest William Lovelock of 4 Oakleigh Mews, 45A Bond Road, Tolworth, Surrey 26 Sep 1991    TT
William Robert Arthur Lovelock of 21 Range Gardens, Sholing, Southampton, Hampshire 26 Sep 1991   ?
Cyril John Lovelock of 72 Oakfield Lodge, Albert Road, Ilford Essex 28 Sep 1991   K
Hildreth Jane Lovelock of St Davids Residential Home, Parsonage Road, Herne Bay, Kent 9 Nov 1991   Be
Henry William Lovelock of 5 Plantagenet House, Leda Road, London, SE18 17 Dec 1991    ?
Dorothy Louise Lovelock of 38 Gordon Road, Thatcham, Berkshire 28 Dec 1991    L
Nellie Lovelock of Moorlands Nursing Home, Macdonald Lane, Lightwater, Surrey 2 Jan 1992    ?
Robert Lovelock of Carleton Lodge, The Marina, Deal, Kent 2 Jan 1992    WT
Muriel Lovelock of 39 Tanton Avenue, Raynes Park, London, SW20 3 Jan 1992    WR2
Maria Mary Lovelock of 23 Boultwood Road, Beckton, London, E16 13 Jan 1992    ?
Violet Lovelock of Primrose Cottage, Waybeards Farm, Hill End Road, Harefield, Middlesex 1 Mar 1992   RCD
Charles Frederick Lovelock of 29 Rushdene Road, Eastcote, Middlesex 2 Apr 1992    RCD
Henry Charles George Lovelock of 21 Eastern Esplanade, Broadstairs, Kent 23 Apr 1992    L
Winifred Lovelock of Moorlands Nursing Home, Macdonald Road, Lightwater, Surrey 20 May 1992   RCD
Edward John Lovelock of 31 Beechmore Gardens, North Cheam, Sutton, Surrey 12 Jun 1992    A
Gladys May Lovelock of The Bungalow, 183 Connaught Road, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey 28 Jun 1992    SHW
Mildred Kate Lovelock of 3 The Bridge, Stoke St Michael, Bath, Somerset 31 Jul 1992    L
Dennis Arthur Lovelock of 46 Rutherwyk Road, Chertsey, Surrey 11 Oct  1992    RCD
Robert Edmund Lovelock of Tre-Few, Porkellis, Helston, Cornwall 22 Nov 1992   W-C
Rose Lovelock of 2 Turnberry Drive, Abergele, Clwyd 7 Dec 1992    B
Henry James Lovelock of 13 Lawrence Place, Poynton, Stockport, Cheshire 12 Dec 1992   K
Jessie Florence Margaret Lovelock of 8 Kean House, Doddington Grove, London 13 Dec 1992    L-S
Phyllis Margery Lovelock of Heathcote, Cecil Road, Swanage, Dorset 23 Dec 1992    Ly
Charles Stanley Lovelock of 24 Chandos Road, Eastcote, Pinnner, Middlesex 10 Feb 1993    K
Raymond Morris Lovelock of 8 South Cottage Drive, Chorleywood, Hertfordshire 10 Feb 1993    WT
Dorothy May Lovelock of Lynwood Nursing Home, Rise Road, Sunninghil, Ascot, Berkshire 18 Feb 1993    HtoH
Douglas George Hazell Lovelock of 31 Luckett Way, Calne, Wiltshire 24 Mar 1993   Ly2
Margaret Edith Lovelock of 1 Walpole Gardens, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, Middlesex 14 May 1993   ?
John Albert Lovelock of 137 Lower Richmond Road, London, SW14 30 May 1993   K
Reginald Alfred Lovelock of 25 Langbury Lane, Ferring, West Sussex 16 Jun 1993    StPM
Dorothy Emily Lovelock of Forest Lane House, Forest Lane, Chippenham, Wiltshire 4 Jul 1993    L
Edith Martha Lovelock of 9 Arthog Road, Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire 20 Jul 1993    W
Eileen Alice Lovelock of Fraleen Rise, The Quarry, Calne, Wiltshire 21 Jul 1993   Ly2
Ethel May Lovelock of The Haven, Northop, Mold, Clwyd 2 Aug 1993    L
Florence Eliza Lovelock of 20 Litchfield Close, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex 14 Aug 1993    TT
Rozalia Ivy Megan Lovelock of 36 Jenner Court, Stavordale Road, Weymouth, Dorset 28 Aug 1993   C
Herbert Cecil Lovelock of 9 Arthog Road, Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire 30 Aug 1993    W
Doris May Lovelock of 61 Northumberland Crescent, Bedfont, Middlesex 7 Sep 1993   RCD
James David Lovelock of 60 The Grove, Moordown, Bournemouth, Dorset 8 Nov 1993    ?
Lisette Elaine Lovelock of 79 Darnick Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands 11 Nov 1993    Ly
Doris Grace Lovelock of 53 Lyndhurst Avenue, Whitton, Twickenham, Middlesex 22 Dec 1993   StP-2
Dorothy Hannah Lovelock of 21 Victoria Road, Broad Lane, London, N15 23 Dec 1993    F
Leonard Lovelock of The Haven, Northop, Mold, Clwyd 24 Dec 1993   L
Ivy Lovelock of 2 Richmond Terrace, Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear 1 Mar 1994    ?
Frederick John Lovelock of 68 Newport Road, Newbury, Berkshire 3 Mar 1994   L
Elsie Vera Lovelock of Ashgrove House, 63 Station Road, Purton, Wiltshire 24 Mar 1994   Ly
Patrick Joseph Lovelock of 9 Dashwood Lodge, Banbury, Oxfordshire 19 Apr 1994   W
Eva Martha Lovelock of 7 Wyndham Close, Monkton Park, Chippenham, Wilts 20 Apr 1994   Ly
Laurie Edward Lovelock of 2a Curzon Street, Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire 3 May 1994   K
Joan Margaret Lovelock of Sylvana, Valley View Estate, Lanner, Redruth, Cornwall 8 Jul 1994   W-C
Ada Alice Lovelock of 77 Seabrook Road, Hythe, Kent  [Note: see Willie Lovelock died 10 Oct 1949 above)
13 Jul 1994   ?
Francis Albert William Lovelock of 261 Thorpe Hall Avenue, Thorpe Bay, Essex 24 Aug 1994   StP-M
Grace Muriel Lovelock of Albert Edward Prince of Wales Court, Penylan Av 10 Oct 1994   Ly
Richard John Lovelock of Rose Cottage, White Street, Easterton, Devizes, Wilts 15 Oct 1994   L
Grace May Lovelock of 27 Belconnen Road, Heathwood Estate, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire 18 Nov 1994  
Jack Spicer-Lovelock of 30 Highmoor, Ferrar Quay, Maritime Quarter 14 Jan 1995   WR
Marjorie Lovelock of 8 Wyevale Close, Northwood Hills, Eastcote, Middlesex 19 Mar 1995   ?
Francis George Rex Lovelock of Fraleen Rise, The Quarry, Calne, Wiltshire 17 Apr 1995   Ly2
Montague Joseph Lovelock of 9 Walton Way, Newbury, Berkshire 26 May 1995   K
Francis John Lovelock of 2 Clinton Hill, High Street, Dormansland, Lingfield, Surrey 1 Jul 1995   D
Elsie Florence Lovelock of 35 Kings Drive, Hassocks, West Sussex 17 Sep 1995   StP2
William Christopher Lovelock of 2 Fairfax Avenue, East Ewell, Epsom, Surrey 7 Oct 1995   ?
Clare Lovelock of St Thomas Nursing Home, St Thomas Close, Basingstoke, Hampshire 8 Oct 1995   Is
Leslie Edward Lovelock of 29 Calver Court, South Shields, Tyne and Wear 5 Dec 1995   L
* Legend:      
A        = Aldermaston Tree                                         
B        = Beenham Berks Tree                                      
Luc     = Luckington Tree        
BG      = Bethnal Green Tree                                       
Ly       = Lyneham Line  
Be      = Beckenham, Kent Tree
Ly2      = Second Lyneham Line
Br       = New Brentford Tree                                       
Mx       = Monxton Tree  
Bu      = Bucklebury Fragment PT       = Portsmouth Tree  
Bw      = Bridgwater Fragment                                     
RCD      = Ropley, Crondall, Dogmersfield Tree  
C        = Compton Tree                                              Sh        = Shrewton Tree  
Ch      = Cholderton Tree
ShD      = Shaw cum Donnington Tree
CK      = Collingbourne Kingston Tree                             
SMD     = Shipton Moyne and Derbyshire Tree  
D        = Dowdeswell Tree                                           
Step2   = Second Stepney Tree  
E        = Epsom Fragment                                       StP-M   = St Pancras (Main) Tree  
F        = Farnham Tree                                              
StP2     = Second St Pancras Tree  
Fr       = Froyle Tree                                                 
S-H-W   = Swallowfield-Heckfield-Worplesdon Tree  
H-S    = Hungerford-Shalbourne Tree                  To        = Tonbridge Tree  
HtoH   = Hampshire, Suffolk, Rutland, Herefordshire Tree
TT        = Tangley Tree  
Is       = Islington Tree                                              W         = Wallingford Line  
K        = Kingsclere Line                                            
W-C     = Wiltshire-Cornwall Tree  
L        = Lieflock Line                                                
Wh       = Wherwell Fragment  
L-Aus  = Lambeth-Australia Tree                               
WR       = Wootton Rivers Tree  
L-S     = Lambourn-Sparsholt Tree                                
WR2     = Second Wootton Rivers Tree  
WT       = Wroughton-Tidcombe Tree